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The 1997 College Football All-America Team is composed of the following All-American Teams: Associated Press, Football Writers Association of America, American Football Coaches Association, Walter Camp Foundation, The Sporting News and Football News.

The College Football All-America Team is an honor given annually to the best American college football players at their respective positions. The original usage of the term All-America seems to have been to such a list selected by football pioneer Walter Camp in the 1890s. The NCAA officially recognizes All-Americans selected by the AP, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, and the WCFF to determine Consensus All-Americans.



Running backs[edit]

Wide receivers[edit]

  • Randy Moss, Marshall (AP-1, AFCA-Coaches, FWAA-Writers, Walter Camp, FN)
  • Jacquez Green, Florida (AP-1, FWAA-Writers, Walter Camp)
  • Jerome Pathon, Washington (AFCA-Coaches)
  • Brian Alford, Purdue (AP-2, FN)
  • E. C. Green, Florida State (AP-2)
  • Troy Edwards, Louisiana Tech (AP-3)
  • Bobby Shaw, California (AP-3)

Tight end[edit]

  • Alonzo Mayes, Oklahoma State (AP-1, AFCA-Coaches, FWAA-Writers, Walter Camp, TSN)
  • Jerame Tuman, Michigan (AP-2, FN)
  • Rufus French, Ole Miss (AP-3)





  • Andre Wadsworth, Florida State (AP-1, AFCA-Coaches, Walter Camp, TSN, FN)
  • Grant Wistrom, Nebraska (AP-1, AFCA-Coaches, FWAA-Writers, Walter Camp, TSN)
  • Greg Ellis, North Carolina (AP, AFCA-Coaches, Walter Camp, FN)
  • Jason Peter, Nebraska (AP-1, FWAA-Writers, Walter Camp, TSN)
  • Glen Steele, Michigan (AP-2, AFCA-Coaches)
  • Jeremy Staat, Arizona State (AP-2, FWAA-Writers)
  • Lamanzer Williams, Minnesota (AP-3, FWAA-Writers)
  • Kailee Wong, Stanford (FN)
  • Jared DeVries, Iowa (AP-2)
  • Leonard Little, Tennessee (AP-2)
  • Leon Bender, Washington State (AP-3)
  • Ed Chester, Florida (AP-3)
  • Henry Slay, West Virginia (AP-3)


  • Andy Katzenmoyer, Ohio State (AP-1, AFCA-Coaches, FWAA-Writers, Walter Camp, FN)
  • Sam Cowart, Florida State (AP-1, FWAA-Writers, TSN, FN)
  • Anthony Simmons, Clemson (AP-1, AFCA-Coaches, TSN, FN)
  • Brian Simmons, North Carolina (AP-, Walter Camp)
  • Jamie Duncan, Vanderbilt (AP-2, AFCA-Coaches, FWAA-Writers)
  • Leonard Little, Tennessee (Walter Camp)
  • Takeo Spikes, Auburn (AP-2, TSN)
  • Pat Tillman, Arizona State (AP-2, TSN)
  • Ron Warner, Kansas (FN)
  • Sam Sword, Michigan (AP-2)
  • Daryl Bush, Florida State (AP-3)
  • Kivuusama Mays, North Carolina (AP-3)
  • Ike Reese, Michigan State (AP-3)
  • Chris Gizzi, Air Force (AP-3)


  • Charles Woodson, Michigan (AP-1, AFCA-Coaches, FWAA-Writers, Walter Camp, TSN, FN)
  • Dré Bly, North Carolina (AP-1, FWAA-Writers, Walter Camp, FN)
  • Donovin Darius, Syracuse (AP-1, AFCA-Coaches, TSN)
  • Brian Lee, Wyoming (AP-1,FWAA-Writers, Walter Camp, FN)
  • Fred Weary, Florida (AP-2, AFCA-Coaches, Walter Camp, TSN, FN)
  • Antoine Winfield, Ohio State (AP-2, AFCA-Coaches, FWAA-Writers)
  • Anthony Poindexter, Virginia (TSN)
  • Marcus Ray, Michigan (AP-2)
  • Shaun Williams, UCLA (AP-2)
  • Larry Atkins, UCLA (AP-3)
  • Kevin Williams, Oklahoma State (AP-3)
  • Patrick Surtain, Southern Mississippi (AP-3)
  • Anthony Poindexter, Virginia (AP-3)




All-purpose / kick returners[edit]

  • Tim Dwight, Iowa (AP-All-Purpose-1, AFCA-Coaches, FWAA-Writers, TSN)
  • Quinton Spotwood, Syracuse (AP-All-Purpose-2)
  • Kevin Faulk, LSU (AP-All-Purpose-3)

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