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ADG Excellence in
Production Design Awards
Awarded for Excellence in production design and art direction by members of the Art Directors Guild
Country  United States
Presented by Art Directors Guild
First awarded 1996

The ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards are awards presented annually by the Art Directors Guild (ADG) to recognize excellence in production design and art direction in the film and television industries. Honorees are presented with an award made by New York firm, Society Awards.


Feature Film (1996-1999)[edit]

Period or Fantasy Film (2000-2005)[edit]

Period Film (2006-present)[edit]

Fantasy Film (2006-present)[edit]

Contemporary Film (2000-present)[edit]


TV Series (1996-1999)[edit]

Single Camera Series (2000-2007)[edit]

One-Hour Single Camera Series (2008-2013)[edit]

One-Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Television Series (2014-present)[edit]

One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Television Series (2014-present)[edit]

  • 2014: True Detective (for "The Locked Room", "Form and Void") by production designer Alex DiGerlando
  • 2015: House of Cards (for "Chapter 29", "Chapter 36") by production designer Steve Arnold
  • 2016: Mr. Robot (for "", "eps2.4_m4ster-slave.aes", "eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z”") by production designer Anastasia White
  • 2017: The Handmaid's Tale (for "Offred", "Birth Day", "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum”") by production designer Julie Berghoff

Half Hour Single-Camera Television Series (2008 to present)[edit]

  • 2008: Weeds (for "Excellent Treasures") by production designer Joseph P. Lucky
  • 2009: Weeds (for "Ducks and Tigers") by production designer Joseph P. Lucky
  • 2010: Modern Family (for "Halloween") by production designer Richard Berg
  • 2011: Modern Family (for "Express Christmas") by production designer Richard Berg
  • 2012: Girls (for "Pilot") by production designer Judy Becker
  • 2013: Veep (for "Helsinki") by production designer Jim Gloster
  • 2014: Silicon Valley (for "Articles of Incorporation", "Signaling Risk", "Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency") by production designer Richard Toyon
  • 2015: The Muppets (for "The Ex-Factor", "Pig's in a Blackout") by production designer Denise Pizzini
  • 2016: Mozart in the Jungle (for "Now I Will Sing") by production designer Tommaso Ortino
  • 2017: GLOW (for "Pilot", "The Wrath of Kuntar", "The Dusty Spur") by production designer Todd Fjelsted

Multi-Camera, Variety, or Unscripted Series (2000-2013)[edit]

Multi-Camera Series (2014-present)[edit]

  • 2014: The Big Bang Theory (for "The Locomotive Manipulation", "The Convention Conundrum", "The Status Quo Combustion") by production designer John Shaffner
  • 2015: The Big Bang Theory (for "The Mystery Date Observation", "The Platonic Permutation", "The Skywalker Incursion") by production designer John Shaffner'
  • 2016: The Great Indoors (for "Pilot") by production designer Glenda Rovello
  • 2017: Will & Grace (for "11 Years Later", "A Gay Olde Christmas") by production designer Glenda Rovello

Variety, Competition, Reality, or Game Show Series (2014-2016)[edit]

Awards Show, Variety, Music, or Non-Fiction Program (1997-2011)[edit]

Awards, Music, or Game Shows (2012-2013)[edit]

Awards or Event Special (2014-2016)[edit]

Variety or Competition Series/Awards or Event Special (2017-present)[edit]

  • 2017: Portlandia (for "Portland Secedes", "Ants", "Fred's Cell Phone Company") by production designer Schuyler Telleen

Television Movie or Limited Series (1997-present)[edit]

Short Format, Live Action Series (2013)[edit]

Commercials, PSA, Promo or Music Videos (2004-present)[edit]



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