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Achakzai (Pashto: اڅکزی‎), pronounced a.t͡sak.zai in Pashto, is a Pashtun tribe that resides on both sides of current Pakistan Afghanistan border, centered on Killa Abdullah District with some clans as far away as Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province.[citation needed]


The Achakzai is a section of the larger Zirak Durrani tribe.[1] Their name comes from the fact that they trace agnatic (patrilineal) descent from Achak Khan - the paternal grandson of Barak Khan, from whom are descended the Barakzai tribe of Pashtuns; thus, the Achakzai are a branch or sept of the Barakzai, who are themselves a branch of the Zirak Durrani tribe.[citation needed]

They are divided into two sub-tribes, namely:[2]

  • Gujanzai (whose branches are Hameedzai, khawajazai, Ashezai, Nusratzai, Malezai, Usmanzai) (Masazai)
  • Badinzai (whose branches are Yonus, Ghabizai, Kakozai, Shamshozai, Panizai, Piralizai Shabozai, (Badizai)

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