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Archaeological Sites of Great Importance (Serbian: Археолошка налазишта од великог значаjа/Arheološka nalazišta od velikog značaja) are the archaeological sites in the Republic of Serbia that have the second level of the State protection.

Those are part of the Cultural Property of Great Importance protection list.

Photo Site Municipality/City Place, Address Year of inclusion Note
Stari Slankamen, remains of the medieval fortress.jpg Acumincum Inđija Stari Slankamen 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Blaškovina Požega Visibaba 1987
Spomenik Kulture.gif Town Vršac Dupljaja 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Gradac Cave Batočina Gradac 1979
Spomenik Kulture.gif Gradina Beočin Novi Rakovac 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Gradina on Bosut Šid Vašica 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Gradište Kikinda Iđoš 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Drengrad Prokuplje Bregovina 1987
Spomenik Kulture.gif Kalakača Inđija Beška 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Castellum Onagrinum Novi Sad Begeč 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Kulina (Balajnac) Merošina Gradište 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Grgurevci Site Sremska Mitrovica Grgurevci 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Matejski Brod Novi Bečej Novi Bečej 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Mihaljevačka Forest Inđija Čortanovci 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Peres Subotica Hajdukovo 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Risovačka Cave Aranđelovac Aranđelovac 1983
Spomenik Kulture.gif Timacum Minus Knjaževac Ravna 1979
BelaPalankaIskopine.jpg Remesiana Bela Palanka Bela Palanka 1987
Spomenik Kulture.gif Roman Necropolis Prijepolje Kolovrat 1983
Spomenik Kulture.gif Lederata Veliko Gradište Hill near Ram 1987
Spomenik Kulture.gif Turkish Trench Bačka Palanka Bačka Palanka 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Hummock near Varcal's Mill Ruma Ruma 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Humska Čuka Niš Crveni Krst
Spomenik Kulture.gif Crkvine (sr) Kanjiža Horgoš 1991
Spomenik Kulture.gif Čarnok Vrbas Vrbas 1991

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