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Balasaheb Vikhe Patil
Former MP
Constituency Kopargaon
Personal details
Born (1932-04-10) 10 April 1932 (age 83)
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Political party INC
Spouse(s) Sindhutai Eknath Rao Patil
Children 3 sons and 2 daughters
Residence Ahmednagar
Religion Hinduism
As of 22 June 2010

Eknathrao alias Balasaheb Vikhe Patil (Marathi: एकनाथराव उर्फ़ बाळासाहेब विखे पाटिल) (born 10 April 1932), popularly known as Balasaheb Vikhe Patil was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha of India. He represented the Kopargaon constituency of Maharashtra and is a member of the Indian National Congress (INC) political party. He is eldest son of the late legendary Padmashree Vithalrao Vikhe Patil, who started Asia's first co-operative sugar factory at Loni in Maharashtra. Balasaheb is awarded with prestigious civilian award Padma Bhushan at the auspicious hands of President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil on 31 March 2010 for his outstanding work in the field of Social Work.[1]

Key Accomplishments[edit]

Following are some for key accomplishment of Balasaheb Vikhe Patil[2]

Reforms in education[edit]

  • Introduced a plethora of educational opportunities to the villagers, women, landless labourers and socially backward classes.
  • Launched several education institutions offering primary, secondary and higher education, mainly in the rural areas of the state.
  • Provided amenities for technical, medical and vocational education for rural industrial development & self-employment and health awareness.
  • Generated employment opportunities to 2750 teachers and non-teachers, with the enrolment of over 40000 students for different courses.
  • Enabled over 5000 students to avail an opportunity to secure good academic qualification through novel educational schemes.
  • Accredited for launch of Pravara Public School- rural India's first Public School housing over 1375 students with membership of Indian Public School Conference, New Delhi.

Reforms in Cooperation of Rural Development[edit]

  • Propagated the spirit of self-help and mutual help which pervaded every area of development activities, thereby helping farmers of Maharashtra.
  • Addressed the problems of unemployment, poverty, ignorance and illiteracy in the new global environment.
  • Promoted several cooperative sugar factories in different areas of Maharashtra and was instrumental in the launch of various cooperative institutions like agricultural credit, agricultural marketing, agro-processing, rural banking etc.
  • Partook in international Sugar Technologist's Conference at Brazil, Cuba and Havana, thereby exposing farmers to new techniques of sugarcane production.
  • Undertook village development, illiteracy eradication program and facilities for health.
  • Introduced key agro-processing and agriculture marketing initiatives through cooperative.

Agricultural Reforms[edit]

  • Impetus provided to rural development was recognised by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi, resulting in the sanction of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) during 1992.
  • Spearcheaded a technological revolution in the KVK, benefiting over 1000000 small and marginal farmers in Ahmednagar District and also initiated community radio project like facilities of video conferencing.
  • Promoted integrated rural development through the medium of Information Technology, The Pravara Pragati IT network, a key initiative in this direction, connected 12 Pravara institutions with the rural community in 20 villages, encompassing 85000 rural families. The Project was the first successful model providing connectivity through VSAT Technology, implementing sophisticated technologies like video conferencing in villages.
  • Propelled technological growth in Indian agriculture through expediting the modernisation process with technological inputs of training programmers.
  • Achieved 21% increase during the last 30 years in the use of tractors, 52% oil engines and 52% in Dunlop carts.
  • As Minister of State for Finance in the Union Government, kickstarted the process of strengthening insurance for agriculture, small farmers and farm workers.

Reforms in the Finance Sector[edit]

  • Launched Pravara Cooperative Bank under the system of urban banks, in 1975, with a meager share capital of Rs. 200,000 deposit of Only Rs. 5000/-and 400 members. The has now been identified as Scheduled Bank by the RBI from 2003. At present share capital has grown to Rs. 299 lacks and the deposit amounts to about Rs. 24716 laks.
  • The Bank financially assisted education for marginal income group, for housing to schedule caste and tribe, low income group people, to promote rural development and co-operation, to promote village industries, motivate young technically qualified persons to start their own industries in the area and to promote dairy development.

Health reforms[edit]

  • Established Pravara Rural Hospital in 1972, which has emerged as an ultra modern, 750 bedded well equipped hospitals with expert doctors. The hospital undertakes comprehensive community health care of the villages and provides health services at affordable rates, now the help of surperspeciality.
  • The institution has been serving the underserved tribal and hilly people of 500 villages at the doorsteps through various innovatives and empowerment of Female Health Volunteers.
  • Introduced Pravara Rural Medical College- one of the few colleges in the country conducting community oriented medical education program having international collaborations for exchange of staff, students and collaborative research work in Maastricht, the Netherland University of Limburg, the University of Pecs, Hungary and University of Linkoping, Sweden. Now it has been recognised as a Deemed University, which houses superspeciality training programmes. *Priority for enrolment given to the student from local area & rural areas.

Reforms in socio-economic development[edit]

  • Steered the socio economic development in Ahmednagar District. Appended Pravara Institute of Research and Education in Natural and Social Sciences (PIRENS) an NGO to the portfolio of institutions, with an impetus to economic alleviation programs, thereby generating employment for rural masses. The institution has been doing commendable work for the lot of patients through its vast network of health camps, helping couple of lacks beneficiaries in the process.
  • Architect of the launch of the first I.T.I in Maharashtra for Women and the first Polytechnic for girls for acquiring technical skills.
  • Undertook social upliftment of women through the launch of PIRENS programmes.
  • Piloted key initiatives to address water scarcity through the launch of an NGO, "Maharashtra Pani Parishad". Which suggested various programmes harvesting of water with various means.

Political Affiliations/Representations[edit]

Following are some of Political Affiliations and Representations of Balasaheb Vikhe Patil[3]

  • Member of Lok Sabha, Kopargaon Parliamentary Constituency, 1971–1991.
  • Member of Lok Sabha, Ahmednagar Parliamentary Constituency, 1998–1999.
  • Member of Lok Sabha, Kopargaon Parliamentary Constituency, 1999–2004.
  • Minister of State for Finance (Expenditure, Banking & Insurance) Govt. of India, New Delhi-1999-2002.
  • Minister of Industry (Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises) Govt. of India, New Delhi-2002-2003.
  • Member of 14th Lok Sabha, Kopargaon Parliamentary Constituency, May,2004.
  • President, Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Karkhana Sangh Ltd., Mumbai, 1981–1984.
  • President, Maharashtra State Distilleries Association, 1977–1982.
  • President, Friends of Soviet Union (Maharashtra State) Since1980.
  • President, Maharashtra Granthpal Sangh Since 1982.
  • President, Maharashtra Samajawadi Congress, 1977–1979.
  • President, Founder Executive President of Maharashtra Pani Parishand, Loni, Dist. Ahmednagar (M.S.) from 1995.
  • President, India Water Partnership, New Delhi from 29 November 2003.
  • Vice-President, Friends of Soviet Union (Maharashtra State), 1975–1980.
  • Vice-President, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, 1980–1984.
  • Vice-President, Ahmednagar Zilha Parishad, 1962–1971.
  • Vice-President, Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Sangh Ltd., Bombay, 1980–1981.
  • Chairman, Committee on Petitions Lok Sabha (1987 to 1989)
  • Chairman, Committee on Agriculture Lok Sabha 1989 & 1991.
  • Chairman, State Level accounts committee, Maharashtra State in 1988.
  • Chairman, State Level Committee appointed by Government of Maharashtra to suggest minimum wages for Agricultural labours 1987–1988.
  • Chairman, Education and Public Works Committee Ahmednagar Zilha Parishad, 1962–1967.
  • Chairman, Agricultural Committee & Public Works Committee, Ahmednagar Zilha Parishad, 1967–1971.
  • Chairman, Panchayat Samiti, Shrigonda, 1964–1966
  • Chairman, Pravara Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Pravaranagar, 1966–1977, 1978–1981 & 1982–1987.
  • Chairman, Study Team appointed by Govt.of Maharashtra, to study sugarcane yield and recovery in Maharashtra State.
  • Chairman, Committee appointed by State Government to suggest a chapter for the co-operative Societies Act on Co-operative sugar factories.
  • Chairman, Pravara Rural Education Society, since 1981.
  • Chairman of group of Ministers on co-operative restructuring (Sep 2001)
  • Chairman Standing Committee on Defence, 5 Aug.2004.
  • Chairman of the Vigilance & Monitoring Committee for the district of Ahmednagar, Dec.2004.
  • Treasurer, Maharashtra Pradesh Ceongress Committee (I) 1985–1989.
  • Secretary, Ahmednagar district Congress Committee, 1968–1971.
  • Founder, Parner, Co. Operative Sugar Factory, Parner, Dist. Ahmednagar.
  • Founder, Jagdamba, Co. Operative Sugar Factory, Karjat, Dist. Ahmednagar.
  • Founder, Vridheshwar Co. Operative Sugar Factory, Pathardi, Dist. Ahmednagar.
  • Founder, Pravara Sahakari Bank, Ltd. Loni.
  • Founder Trustee, Pravara Institute of Research and Education in Natural and Social Sciences, Pravaranagar.
  • Founder Trustee, Pravara Rural Medical Trust, Loni.
  • Founder Trustee, Pravara Institute of Technology & Engineering, Pravaranagar.
  • Founder Trustee, Dr. Vikhe Patil Patil Foundation, Pune.
  • Founder Trustee, Pravara Co. Operative Dairy Society for 45 Villages.
  • Founder Trustee, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Academy for performing Arts, Pravaranagar.
  • Founder Trustee, Padmashri Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Ahmednagar.
  • Founder Trustee, Padmashri Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Nashik Centre.
  • Founder Trustee, Shirdi Sai Rural Institute, Rahata, since 1997.
  • Chancellor, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed University) Loni, Dist. Ahmednagar. (MS) since 2004.
  • Director, Maharashtra State Farming Corporation Ltd. 1964–1977.
  • Director, Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Sangh Ltd. Mumbai 1966–1988.
  • Director, National Federation of Co. Op. Sugar Factories Ltd. New Delhi, 1976–1990 & Member of Executive Committee, 1982–1986.
  • Director, Indian Sugar Export Corporation, 1979–1988.
  • Director, Pravara Sahakari Bank Ltd. Loni, 1975–1996.
  • Director, Padmashri Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Pravaranagar 1966–1997.
  • Director, Associates a large number of trusts rendering services to community in different areas.
  • Member, Governing Council & Executive Committee, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.
  • Member, National Council of Rural Development, Hyderabad.
  • Member, Governing Council & Executive Committee, Deccan Sugar Institute, Pune, 1975–1985
  • Member, Managing Committee, All India Distilleries Association, New Delhi, 1978–1989.
  • Member, Deccan Sugar technologists Association, Pune Since 1976 to till date.
  • Member, State Irrigation Committee.
  • Member, Advisory Committee on Power and Irrigation, 1975–1978
  • Member, Advisory Committee of Post and Telegraphs
  • Member, State Sugar wage Board, 1966–1971
  • Member, State Agri Price Committee on in 1975
  • Member, State Government Committee on Labour in 1966
  • Member, All India Peace Solidarity organisation Maharashtra State Council
  • Member, Consultative Committee of Ministry of Agr, Industry Irrigation, Civil Supplies and co-operation, Lok Sabha, New Delhi
  • Member, Committee on Sub Ordinate Legislation, Lok Sabha 1980/82
  • Member, Technical Education Committee, appointed by Government of Maharashtra, 1982–1990
  • Member, Committee on Estimates Lok Sabha, 1980–1982
  • Member, Maharashtra Economic Developmenmt Council
  • Member, Maharashtra State Employment & self-employment, High level committee, 1996–1997
  • Member, Pravara Study Circle, Loni, 1994
  • Member, Standing Committee on communication, Lok Sabh, New Delhi, 1998.
  • Member, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Lok Sabha, New Delhi in 1998 and from 5 October 2004
  • Member, informal consultative Committee for the Central Railway & South Central Railway Zone, Lok Sabha, New Delhi, 1998
  • Member, Department related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce, 2003–2004
  • Member, Members of General Purpose Committee from 21 September 2004
  • Senate Member, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri, 1966–1972 and 1974–1979
  • Senate Member, University of Poona, Pune, 1975–1976 & 1985–1986
  • Senate Member, Yeshvantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik, since 1997
  • Managing Trustee, Pravara Medical Trust Loni, with Rural Medical & Dental College and well equipped Rural Hospital, Since 1973
  • Managing Trustee, Shirdi Sai Rural Institute, Pravaranagar, Since 1997
  • Trustee, Padmashri Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation, Ahmednagar


  • Annasaheb Chirmule Award in 2001.
  • Rashtriya Bandhuta Purskar by Rashtriya Bhandhuta Sahitya Parishad & Bandhuta Pratistan, Pune at a function held at Kalidas Mandir, Nashik on 22.2 2004.
  • Saraswati Puraskar by Kailas Math, Nashik on Feb.2006.
  • Sahakar Maharshi Ganpatrao Sathe First State Level Life Time Achievement Award on 11 March 2006.
  • Rashtra Seva Puraskar by Padmashri Dr. Manibhai Desai Pratistan, Pune on 27 April 2006
  • Life Time Achievement Award by University of Pune on 10 February 2008
  • Awarded by Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri on the occasion of Cotton Day on 24 September 2006
  • Awarded by people of Sangamner taluka on the occasion of Amrit Mahostav on 11 November 2006.
  • Vikas Bhushan Puraskar by Kakasaheb Mhaske Pratistan, Ahmednagar on 5 May 2007
  • Padma Bhushan by Government of India on 31 March 2010 for his outstanding work in the field of Social Work.[4]


Countries Visited[edit]

Balasaheb Vikhe Patil has travelled widely in about 16 countries

  • Attended International Sugar Technologists Conferences,
    • Brazil, 1977
    • Cuba, 1982
    • Cuba,-1985
  • International Farmers Conference, Paris, 1984
  • Asian Conference on Rural Health, Beijing, 1988
  • As member of Indian Delegation led by Honble Speaker Lok Sabha visited
    • Moscow
    • Russia, Sept.- Oct. 2003
    • Budapest (Hungary), July 1999 for World Conference on Science


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