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Boston Garden-Arena Corporation
Fate Merged with Storer Broadcasting
Founded 1934
Defunct 1973
Key people
Walter A. Brown, President and General Manager
Weston Adams, Chairman
Weston Adams, Jr., President

The Boston Garden-Arena Corporation was an American corporation that oversaw the operations of the Boston Garden from 1934 to 1973. It was formed when the Boston Arena Corporation gained control of the Boston Garden from the Madison Square Garden Corporation in 1934.[1] From 1946 to 1950 it owned the Boston Celtics.[2] In 1951 it purchased controlling interest in the Boston Bruins from Weston Adams.[3] In 1953 it sold the Boston Arena to Samuel M. Pinsly for $398,000.[4] In 1973, the Boston Garden-Arena Corporation merged with Storer Broadcasting.[5]



General Managers[edit]


Notable directors[edit]


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Preceded by
Boston Celtics principal owner
Succeeded by
Walter A. Brown
Preceded by
Weston Adams
Boston Bruins principal owner
Succeeded by
Storer Broadcasting


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