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VW Golf, best selling C-segment European model

C-segment (or medium cars) is a Euro Car Segment; a car classification loosely defined[1] by the European Commission as the third smallest segment (above the A-segment and B-segment) in the European market[2] — in a system that comprises nine overall classes. In 2011, the C-segment had an EU market share of 23%.[3]

As the "segment" terminology became more common in the United States, in 2012 The New York Times described the differences, saying "today's small cars actually span three main segments in the global vehicle market. The tiny A-segment cars include the Chevy Spark and Smart Fortwo. They're extremely short and very light. Slightly larger are B-segment cars like the Ford Fiesta and Chevy Sonic. The A- and B-cars are known as subcompacts. In the C-segment — typically called compacts — are the largest of the small cars."[4]

Top 20 2017 sales in Europe[5]:

Make Model Total
VW Golf 511.342
Škoda Octavia 270.379
Ford Focus 255.810
Opel/Vxh Astra 247.500
Renault Megane 219.380
Audi A3/S3 176.686
Fiat Tipo/Aegea 175.337
Peugeot 308 167.055
Seat Leon 157.432
Mercedes A-Class 147.335
BMW 1-Series 142.661
Toyota Auris 120.239
Skoda Rapid 104.492
Kia Ceed 88.473
BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 86.249
Hyundai I30 80.235
VAZ(Lada) Vesta 79.839
Volvo S40/V50/V40 72.136
Mercedes CLA 67.063
Mercedes B-Class 65.898

Current C-segment cars[edit]

2/3-door models[edit]


Station wagons[edit]

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