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Chad Everett Myers is an American meteorologist and the severe weather expert for CNN. Myers earned a bachelor's degree in Meteorology from the University of Nebraska.[1]

Myers, a native of Buffalo, New York, joined CNN in October 1999, moving up from working as the Morning Meteorologist at WXYZ-TV in Detroit. He has received Peabody Awards for contributing to the Gulf War coverage, and for scientific explanations of the BP oil spill and its subsequent capping in the Gulf of Mexico. He recently covered the 2011 Japan tsunami and the nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors.

He was spoofed on Late Night with David Letterman after climbing into a mock-up of the Chilean miners' rescue capsule. The producers of the show shot him into the sun after showing him climbing into the mock-up.

In 2005 Chad had an on air argument with anchorman Carol Costello, when she kept interrupting him during a broadcast. He yelled "Let me talk, Carol!" after she kept calling him by name, trying to understand his weather report. Later on, he threw his papers to the floor.

His coverage of Hurricane Irene drew compliments from as far away as the Middle East.[citation needed] As most networks focused on New York City, Myers continually addressed the potential of devastating flooding inland from the eye's landfall. Piers Morgan, as well as Wolf Blitzer, called him the best in the business for covering severe weather.[citation needed]


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