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Chickatawbut was the sachem, or leader, of a large group of indigenous people of what is now eastern Massachusetts, United States known as the Massachusett tribe, during the initial period of English settlement in the region in the early seventeenth century.[1] Specifically, his home base was Conihasset, near modern Scituate.[2] The sachem's name had many variant spellings in early Massachusetts records. Some argue that he had an alternate name, Oktabiest [3] He maintained a base at a small hill on Quincy Bay in Boston Harbor known as Moswetuset Hummock. He was met there by Plymouth Colony commander Myles Standish and Tisquantum, a Patuxet guide, in 1621.[4][5] Chickatawbut's son, Wompatuck, was the leader of the Mattakeesett tribe and an early friend of the English settlers. Chickatawbut Road, one of the Blue Hills Reservation Parkways, and Chickatawbut Hill, at 517 feet (158 m) the highest point in Quincy, Massachusetts, are named for him.[6]


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