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Cobray Company
Industry firearms
Fate Dissolved
Successor Leinad
Founder Wayne and Sylvia Daniels
Headquarters Westhope, North Dakota, U.S.
Area served
Predominately U.S.
Products Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Automatic Firearms

The Cobray Company was an American developer and manufacturer of sub-machine guns and automatic carbines, handguns and shotguns as well as non-lethal 37 mm launchers. These were manufactured by SWD. In the 1970s and 1980s, Cobray was a counter terrorist training center in addition to being an arms maker under the leadership of Mitch WerBell.[1]

Cobray models[edit]

Legal issues[edit]

A 357 Magnum derringer.

After some legal troubles, the company changed its name to Leinad (Daniel spelled backwards) and produced at least four new models which were designed to conform with the ban on assault weapons that was then in effect.

Leinad models[edit]

Closure of company[edit]

The owners of Leinad chose to change the company name and sell the company to Sylvia's son, Shane Arrington, because of the changes in the gun laws and the divorce of company founders Wayne and Sylvia Daniels. The Cobray Trademark is registered to a privately owned company in the US. They continue to manufacture parts, accessories, as well as multiple firearms.


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