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This is a list of virtual reality headsets, which are head-mounted displays used to present virtual reality environments.

Main list[edit]

Name Release Date (Y-M-D) Head tracking Positional tracking Display Resolution (per eye) Refresh rate Field of view Processor Weight Price Type (System) Other
Forte VFX1 1995 Pitch & roll: 70º
No Dual 0.7" LCDs 263x230 45° Diagonal $599
IIS VFX3D 2000 Pitch & roll: ±70°
Yaw: 360°
No Dual 0.7" LCDs ~380x337
Oculus Rift 2016-3-28 Accelerometer,
Yes OLED 1080x1200[1] 90 Hz 110° ~ 470 g $399*[2] PC 6DoF dual controllers
HTC Vive 2016-4-5 Accelerometer,
structured light[3]
Yes OLED 1080x1200[1] 90 Hz 110° ~ 555 g $599*[4] PC (Steam VR) 6DoF dual controllers
HTC Vive Pro[5] 2018-4-5 Accelerometer,
structured light[3]
Yes OLED 1440x1600[1] 90 Hz 110° € 879 PC (Steam VR) 6DoF dual controllers. Built-in headphones and two frontal cameras.
PlayStation VR 2016-10-1 Accelerometer,
Yes 5.7" RGB OLED 960x1080[1] 120 Hz 100° ~ 610 g $299 Console 6DoF dual controllers
Samsung Gear VR 2015-11-1 Accelerometer,
proximity sensor[6]
No Super AMOLED** 1280x1440[6]** 96º ~ 318 g $99[6][7] Mobile (Oculus)
Razer OSVR HDK 1.4 Accelerometer,
5.5" OLED[8] 960x1080 90 Hz
Razer OSVR HDK 2 Accelerometer,
5.5" OLED[8] 1080x1200[8] 90 Hz $399[8] PC
Fove VR 5.7" OLED 1280x1440 ~400 g[9] $599[9] PC Eye-tracking
StarBreeze StarVR 2016-8-1 (Initial)[10]

2017-10-1 (Mass)[11]


(External optical sensor with fiducial markers)

Dual 5.5" LCDs 2560x1440 90 Hz 210° Horizontal

130° Vertical

N/A 380 g[12] PC
Avegant Glyph 1280x720[13] 434 g[13] $699[7][13]
Pimax 4K[14] 2017-1-1 gyroscopes,
light sensor
No LCD 1920×2160 60 Hz 110º 620 g ~$300 PC (Steam VR)
Pimax 8K[15] Under Development Accelerometer
structured light
Yes Dual LCDs 3840x2160 90 Hz 200º Horizontal

120° Vertical

~$800 PC (Steam VR) 6DoF dual controllers
Deepoon VR E3[16] 2017-3-1 Yes Yes (360º laser room-scale positioning) AMOLED 1280x1440 110º AMD Ryzen 7 297 g $336 (Basic) or

$731 (with positioning)

PC (Steam VR and own platform) Eye-tracking
LG Steam VR Headset[17] TBA Accelerometer
structured light
Yes OLED 1440x1280 90 Hz 110º PC (Steam VR) 6DoF dual controllers
Dell Visor[18][19] 2017-10-1 Gyroscope
Yes (inside-out) LCD (RGB subpixel) 1440x1440 90 Hz 110º $350 ($450 with controllers) PC (Windows MR / Steam VR) VR & AR
Asus MR[20] TBA Yes Yes (inside-out) 1440x1440 90 Hz 95º 400 g $449 (controllers included) PC (Windows MR / Steam VR) VR & AR
Lenovo Explorer[21] 2017-10-4 Yes Yes (inside-out) LCD 1440x1440 90 Hz 110º 380 g $349 ($449 with controllers) PC (Windows MR / Steam VR) VR & AR
Samsung Odyssey[22] 2017-11-7 Yes Yes (inside-out) OLED 1440x1600 90 Hz 110º 644 g $500 PC (Windows MR / Steam VR) VR & AR
Varjo Alpha Proto[23] Under Development Yes Yes OLED 3000 ppi on fovea area (human-eye resolution) 90 Hz 100º PC (Steam VR) Eye-tracking. VR & AR
Microsoft Hololens 2016-10-12 Yes Yes (inside-out) Intel 32-bit (1GHz) 579 g $3000 (developers)

$5000 (enterprise)

Standalone (Windows MR) AR.

Gesture commands.

Pico VR Goblin[24][25] 2016 Yes No 1280x1440 70 Hz 90º Snapdragon 820 $269 Standalone (own platform)
Pico VR Neo CV[26][27] 2017-1-1 Yes Yes 1500X1500 90 Hz 102º Snapdragon 820 $239 (Lite)

$540 (Standard)

Standalone (own platform)
Pico VR Neo[28] TBA Yes Yes AMOLED 1440x1600 90 Hz Snapdragon 835 Standalone (own platform) 6DoF hand tracking dual controllers
Qualcomm Snapdragon VR820[29] 2016-9-1 Yes Yes (inside-out) 1440x1440 70 Hz Snapdragon 820 Standalone (Daydream)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 VRDK[30] 2017-2-1 Yes Yes (inside-out) 1440x1440 70 Hz Snapdragon 835 Standalone (Daydream)
Alcatel Vision 2016-9-1 1080x1020 Standalone
Samsung ExynosVR III[31] Under Development Yes 1280x1440 / 4K 90 Hz / 75 Hz M2 Dual 2.5 GHz (GPU: ARM Mali-G71 MP20 GPY) Standalone Eye-tracking, hand-tracking, facial exp. recognition
Woxter Neo VR100[32] 2017-8? Yes No 960x1080 Octacore 2 GHz €180 Standalone (Android / Google Play)
Oculus Go[33] Expected Q1 2018 Yes No LCD 1280x1440 110º $199 Standalone (Gear VR)
Oculus Santa Cruz[34] Under Development Yes Yes (inside-out) 72 Hz [35] Standalone (Oculus) 6DoF dual controllers tracked by HMD
Lenovo Mirage Solo[36] Expected Q2 2018 Yes Yes (inside-out) LCD 1280x1440 110º Snapdragon 835 645 g Standalone (Daydream) 3DoF controller
HTC Daydream Standalone[37][38] Canceled Yes Yes (inside-out) Snapdragon 835 Standalone (Daydream)
HTC Vive Focus[39] 2018-1

(initially only in China)

Yes Yes (inside-out) 1440x1600 75 Hz 110º Snapdragon 835 $599 Standalone (VivePort) 3DoF controller
GameFace LD[40][41] Under Development Yes Yes (inside-out) OLED 2560x1440 120º Tegra chip Standalone (Daydream) and PC (Steam VR)

* Including price of VR touch peripherals.

** Not included in the headset.

PC-based devices[edit]

The following tables compare general and technical information for a selection of retail head-mounted display. See the individual display's articles for further information. Please note that the following table may be missing some information.

General information[edit]

Device Rift Vive OSVR
Manufacturer Oculus VR HTC Razer / Sensics
Status Retail Retail Development kit
US price at launch $399[42] $499[43] $299(Dev Kit)[44]
Latest release Consumer release Consumer release Development Kit 1.4
Shipping Date March 28, 2016 April 5, 2016 September 2015
License Proprietary Proprietary

(open source API to closed library)

License Owner Oculus Valve/ HTC Open
Weight 470g[45][unreliable source] 555g[45][unreliable source] Unknown
PC interface 1x HDMI 1.4+

2xUSB 3.0 (+1 USB 3.0 for touch camera)

1x HDMI 1.4+/DisplayPort 1.2+

1x USB 2.0 or 3.0


1x USB 2.0

Additional optional ports

for accessories/expansion

None 1x USB 3.0 1x USB 3.0 (external)

2x USB 2.0 (internal)

Included input device(s) Xbox One Controller

Oculus Remote

2x SteamVR controllers

with 6DOF tracking

Optional input device (in addition to traditional PC input devices) Oculus Touch controllers with 6DOF tracking (using included extra optical camera) available 2H 2016 price TBD[46] None None
Safety features Guardian system using play area boundary and constellation cameras Chaperone system using play area boundary and front-facing camera None Announced
Additional features None announced Bluetooth connectivity (in Vive link Box[47]) for

communication and calling.

None announced

Optics and audio[edit]

Device Rift Vive OSVR
Display technology OLED OLED OLED
Resolution 1080x1200 per eye 1080x1200 per eye 960 x 1080 per eye[citation needed]
Display elements 2[48] 2 1
Optical design Fresnel/Traditional




Dual aspheric lens
Total resolution 2160x1200 2160x1200 1920x1080
Native display refresh rate 90Hz 90Hz 60Hz
Frame interpolation Asynchronous Timewarp[49] Automatic Interleaved Reprojection[50] Asynchronous Timewarp
Field of view 80°h x 90°v[51][unreliable source] 105°h x 105°v[51][unreliable source] 100°
Audio technology USB DAC with built-in

headphones (no 3.5mm jack)

USB DAC with 3.5mm


USB DAC with 3.5mm jack


Device Rift Vive OSVR
Games supported list list list
Bundled software with pre-order Eve: Valkyrie

Lucky's Tale

Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives

Fantastic Contraption


Primary development kit Oculus PC SDK Steam VR / OpenVR API OSVR SDK
Third-Party SDK Support Unity[52]

Unreal Engine[53]



Unreal Engine[53]

CryEngine (V)[56]

Unity,[57] Unreal Engine, CryEngine


Device Rift Vive OSVR
Tracking technology Camera-based with constellation Scanning laser with photodiodes Camera-based with constellation
Tracking device IR camera 2x "Lighthouse"[58] IR laser emitters IR camera
Tracking device connectivity USB 3.0 Power Only (+ Wireless link

between emitters)

USB 2.0
Positional tracking area TBD 4.5m x 4.5m TBD
Directional tracking 6DOF 6DOF 6DOF

(facing camera)


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