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Motto: "Freedom for All"
Country  Pakistan
Territory Azad Kashmir
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Dadyal is a small town situated north of the Mangla Dam in the Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The town consists of more than 70 smaller villages. Like much of the Mirpur District, Dadyal has descendants of inhabitants that emigrated to the United Kingdom between the 1950s and 1980s. It is the central business centre in the area of Anderhaal and is used by the of the 70 villages surrounding it. The name Anderhaal (ander meaning "inside" and haal meaning hills) was given to denote the area between the valleys of Jhelum and Poonch surrounding Dadyal.


Mangla Dam[edit]

The history of Dadyal dates back to many years before the construction of the Mangla Dam. The old town existed between the Jhelum and Poonch rivers. The confluence of the two rivers became the exact location of the Mangla Dam, situated near a village called Chaana.

Migration and settlement[edit]

Most people from this region of Azad Kashmir migrated to the United Kingdom after the construction of the Mangla Dam. People from all families joined the army and helped in the war. After the war, these people helped build Britain and so it was decided that they were allowed to stay there. In the 1960s and 1970s families migrated and settled into the United Kingdom. A large proportion of the emigration took place due to the construction of Mangla Dam that flooded certain parts of the area. Most of the families worked on ships and planes. When immigrants were needed to work in Britain they submitted their papers and migrated, subsequently bringing their families too. Since the 1970s, a large number of people have been earning their livelihood there. Due to this, they are today the major foreign exchange earning resource for Pakistan.

Mangla Dam Raising[edit]

Mangla Dam was raised from 1210 to 1250 level and built accordingly. In 2013, the dam was filled from its erstwhile level of 1202 to 1239.70 level and numerous village were submerged including Mohra Malkan, Chapraan and Thanpal. However, the those affected were suitably compensated and given plots in New Town Dadyal and Siakh Town. New Town Dadyal is a new locality which is being populated at a fast pace. It has three sectors: A, B and C. The town is located on main Dadyal Mirpur Road and has been developed by a Chinese company. Presently, families from Mohra Malkan, Thanpal, Mora Kanyaal and other villages are living there.


  • Amb
  • Anderwali
  • Ankara
  • Arra Jattan
  • Bachlakra
  • Bal Peerann
  • Balathi
  • Ballara
  • Ban Sain
  • Banrajghan
  • Bathar
  • Batli
  • Batroi
  • Behari


  • Bhalot
  • Behli
  • Chak Sharaf Shah (near Khadimabad)
  • Challayar
  • Chapraan
  • Chattroh
  • Chumbi
  • Darubla
  • Rajghan.
  • Daruni
  • Dingel
  • Dheri Kasam
  • Ghanair/Rajgan
  • Gora
  • Hille/Bagham
  • Hussain Brotion
  • Jahgla
  • Kalmarpur
  • Kandore
  • Kathar Dilawar Khan
  • Keiri
  • Khadimabad
  • Khery
  • Khurd Piran
  • Makroothi.
  • Chitrow
  • Mohra Balyal
  • Mohra Bangyal
  • Mohra Gujran
  • Mohra Kanyal
  • Mohra Katyal
  • Mohra Nangyal
  • Mohra Malkan
  • Mohra Sher Shah
  • Mohar
  • Nakota
  • Onah Rajgon
  • Pagal Chak
  • Paglian
  • Pallaean
  • Pirnabal
  • Potha Bangash/Sher
    • Aprah Potha
    • Baraa Mohra
    • Borhi
    • Chaprah
    • Chapri
    • Dhoke Lass
    • Gar Mohrah
    • Jamadariya
    • Kasreh
    • Lalariyah Mohra
    • Simbal
  • Pail Bukhshi Moolraj
  • Raipur
  • Rajoa
  • Rakh
  • Ratta.
  • Sadaqabad
  • Sahalia. Sahalia is a village in the Dadyal tehsil of Mirpur District, Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. Like much of Mirpur District, Sahalia has deep connections with the United Kingdom. Many people originally from Sahalia have settled in Reading, London, Birmingham and Manchester. Sahalia is no different from the rest of Mirpur, in the case of the property and house building boom.
  • Sairan
  • sanwla Piran
  • Samlotha. Notable for a number of achievements, including being the first village in the region to have a post office, and the first to have secondary schools.
  • Sandal
  • Siakh. Siakh is modern and has a well carpeted streets sector built by Wapda in 1965 during the Mangla Dam construction. Today, Siakh is part of MDA, Government School Siakh which opened about one century ago. During and after the war in October 1947, only Siakh School was opened and working in Mirpur. Many people originally from Siakh have settled in the United Kingdom, Mirpur, and other parts of Pakistan.
  • Sochani
  • Surakhi
  • Tahla Rajwali Khan
  • Thanpal
  • Thara
  • Thub Jagir/Ghakra

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