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1958 Devin SS
1957 Devin MG, now with Chevrolet 283 V8 powertrain

Devin Cars, a company founded by American Bill Devin, produced various racing cars and kit cars in the 1950s and 1960s.


The 1956 SCCA H-Modified National Champion was a Devin[1] powered by a 2-cylinder Panhard engine modified with Manx Norton motorcycle cylinder heads. This may have been the first-ever automotive use of belt-driven (double, in this case) overhead camshafts.[2]


  • Devin Panhard
  • Devin-D (VW or Porsche engine)
  • Devin-SS (283ci Chev V8 powered)
  • Devin-C (Corvair engine)
  • Devin-F (Triumph TR3-based)
  • Devin-GT
  • Devin-MG
  • The Roosevelt Devin
  • Devin bodied Bandini
  • Devin Bodied 1957 Echidna "1986 Bahama Grand Prix" (Kline over Moss )


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