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Get Britain Out
Abbreviation GBO
Formation 1961
Type pressure group
Purpose Withdrawal from the European Union
Headquarters London

Get Britain Out, formerly the Anti-Common Market League (ACML), is a British Eurosceptic organisation. This is a separate organisation to Get Britain Out Ltd. and, which has an active presence throughout the country and online.


The group was set up in 1961, in response to the failed attempt by Britain to enter the European Economic Community the previous year.[1] Led by John Paul and Michael Shay, the group was initially restricted to Conservative Party members.[1]

The Williams Years (1969 to 1984)[edit]

Under the chairmanship of Sir Robin Williams (1969 to 1984) the group became a constituent member of the National Referendum Campaign, an umbrella movement associated with The Spectator that included such disparate groups as the British League of Rights, Ron Leighton's Get Britain Out, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the United Ulster Unionist Party, as well as leading politicians such as Barbara Castle, Michael Foot and Enoch Powell.[2]

Following the demise of this broad coalition, the ACML continued to operate, being particularly vocal in its criticism of the Common Agricultural Policy and moves towards devolution, whilst campaigning for free trade with the world as a whole rather than just the European Union.[1]

Post Thatcher years[edit]

Under the chairmanship of Peter Dul and Presidency of Richard Body, the group has worked closely with the Anti-Maastricht Alliance, and the Campaign for an Independent Britain.[1]

Name change[edit]

The ACML changed its name to Get Britain Out in 2007.[3]

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