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Gigafactory Europe
Built TBD
Operated TBD
Location European location TBD in 2017
Industry Energy storage, Electric Vehicles
Owner(s) Tesla, Inc.

Tesla Gigafactory Europe is a proposed manufacturing plant for Tesla, Inc. to be located in Europe. It is to be a combined electric battery manufacturing facility and automobile factory.[1][2] In 2016, Tesla was anticipating to announce the factory in 2017.[3][4] The factory was previously referred to as Gigafactory 2 until 22 February 2017, which Tesla began to refer to the SolarCity Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York as Gigafactory 2. The Europe Gigafactory will be named either Gigafactory 3, 4, or 5.[5][6]

Reported locations said to be under consideration are Czech Republic near Prague, with a nearby 330 kilotonne lithium deposit,[7] Portugal, with Europe's biggest lithium reserves and one of the biggest solar centers in the world, Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic.[8] Although Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel has stated that Tesla is in talks with the government over a Gigafactory there, a Tesla spokesperson said in January that the company has no current plan for a battery factory in Germany.[9]

Several countries have campaigned to have the factory located within their jurisdictions.[10][11]


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