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Golden Mountains
Golden Mountains (film).jpg
Directed by Sergei Yutkevich
Written by Lev Arnshtam
Aleksei Chapygin
Andrei Mikhailovsky
Vladimir Nedobrovo
Sergei Yutkevich
Starring Boris Poslavsky
Music by Dmitri Shostakovich
Cinematography Iosif Martov
Vladimir Rapoport
Release date
6 November 1931
Running time
3,585 meters (95 minutes)
Country Soviet Union
Language Silent film
Russian intertitles

Golden Mountains (Russian: Златые горы, translit. Zlatye gory) is a 1931 Soviet silent drama film directed by Sergei Yutkevich. A re-edited sound version of the film as released in 1936.


The film is set in the year 1914. Having received a large military order, the administration of the St. Petersburg metallurgical plant "Krutilov and Son" is attracting new workers. However at the plant a strike is looming under the influence of a powerful strike movement of the Baku oil workers'.

The engineer, son of the factory owner, tries to bribe the former farmer Pyotr and make him the leader of the newly arrived workers. In this case the engineer is actively helped by the master. Pyotr takes part in the assassination of activist-worker Vasili. As a result of the circumstances the hero is forced to bring home the wounded Bolshevik. Once in the environment of striking workers Pyotr enters into their ranks and engages in class struggle.


  • Boris Poslavsky - Pyotr, the country boy
  • Yuri Korvin-Krukovsky - Industrialist Krutilov
  • Boris Fedosyev - Krutilov's son
  • Ivan Shtraukh - Vasili, Bolshevik organizer
  • Boris Tenin - Windy
  • Nikolai Michurin -Nikolai (foreman)
  • Natalya Razumova -The Girl
  • Konstantin Nazarenko
  • Nikoloz Shengelaya -Man from Baku oil fields
  • Fyodor Slavsky
  • Leonid Kmit
  • Stepan Kayukov
  • Boris Chirkov

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