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Gregory M. Erickson
Scientific career
Fields Paleobiology
Institutions Florida State University

Gregory M. Erickson, Ph.D. in paleobiology at Florida State University.

Erickson has published many papers on the ontogeny and growth patterns of alligators and dinosaurus, especially on the theropod Tyrannosaurus rex. Erickson has also been contributing when naming and describing some dinosaur genera, like Guanlong (2006) and Limusaurus (2009). He is also a strong proponent to the idea of a dinosaurian origin of birds.[1]

Erickson has also been featured in BBC’s program The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs, in which he estimates the bite force of Tyrannosaurus rex. He was also featured in an episode of Science Of Sex Appeal (Discovery Channel), which discuss how dinosaurs reproduced.



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