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Water velocipede, c. 1877
Man operating water tricycle, probably early 20th Century
A Hydrobike brand hydrocycle

A hydrocycle is a bicycle-like watercraft. The concept was known in the 1870s under the title 'water velocipede' [1] and the name was in use by the late 1890s.[2]

Power is collected from the rider via a crank with pedals, as on a bicycle, and delivered to the water or the air via a propeller.[3] Seating may be upright or recumbent, and multiple riders may be accommodated in tandem or side-by-side.[4]

Buoyancy is provided by two or more pontoons or a single surfboard,[citation needed] and some have hydrofoils that can lift the flotation devices out of the water.[5][6][7]

Brands include Seacycle, Hydrobike, Water Bike, Seahorse (Cross Trek)[8] and itBike. Kits exist to temporarily convert an existing bicycle into a hydrocycle.[9]

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