Fluid secretion, pancreatic duct
Fluid secretion, pancreatic duct
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Primary biliary cirrhosis
Primary biliary cirrhosis
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Primary biliary cirrhosis (Medical Condition)
Primary biliary cirrhosis (Medical Condition)
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Shotgun Histology Pancreas
Shotgun Histology Pancreas
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Intralobular duct
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An intralobular duct is the portion of an exocrine gland inside a lobule, leading directly from acinus to interlobular duct. It is composed of two subdivisions, the intercalated duct and the striated duct.

In the human mammary gland, the intralobular duct is a part of the glandular system that resides within the lobules. Lobules contain clusters of ducts whose secretory alveolies are drained by the intralobular duct. The intralobular ducts are usually lined with simple cuboidal epithelial cells that are lined by myoepithelial cells as well.

The intralobular ducts of the lobules drain into the interlobular ducts between lobules.

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