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Jiya Jale
Jiya jale.jpg
A promotional logo image of "Jiya Jale".
Created by Big Synergy
Screenplay by Anil Nagpal, Bhavna Vyas, Pinki Shah
Story by Anil Nagpal, Kavita Nagpal
Directed by Arvind Babbal
Starring see below
Opening theme "Jiya Jale" by Shreya Ghoshal
Country of origin India
Producer(s) Siddhartha Basu
Running time approx. 24 minutes
Original network 9X
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
Original release 19 November 2007 – 19 June 2008

Jiya Jale was a popular Hindi TV serial that aired on 9X channel from 19 November 2007 to 19 June 2008, Monday to Thursday at 8:30 pm IND / 9.00pm UK, based on the concept of love story of Sunaina and Chandan.

The show was replaced by Dahhej, another popular show on 9X. The show aired again on 9X in 2009 due to its popularity. The show also aired on Zee Anmol and Zee Lamhee in 2015.


The story is based on the life of an ordinary girl Sunaina, who was brought up in a close and caring family. The story takes off when Sunaina has just fallen in the love with the idea of love, when she meets Chandan. But they are also caught up in the trials and tribulations of hatred, deceit and betrayal—which changes their lives drastically. The question remains that:::Will Sunaina and Chandan be able to hold their love for each other above all these problems?



Sunania gets married to YUG to save Chandan. Chandhan believes that she betrayed him. Will Chandhan find out the truth? will Chandhan and Sunanina will finish the misunderstanding between them? Will YUG and Sunanina be able to live together happily?

Episode recap[edit]

Episode 1

Janamashtami is being celebrated in the Kotak household. Sunaina (Sriti Jha) performs raas leela and everybody is mesmerized. Sunaina wants to participate in the annual dance competition held at the temple but her mother Chandrika Ben forbids her because the next day is her final exam. Her father, Krishnakant (Mahesh Thakur) wants Sunaina to participate and helps Sunaina and Sujata (Tapeshwari Sharma) sneak out of the house for the dance competition but the mother gets to know. She follows them to the temple and gives Sunaina permission to participate. Sunaina suddenly sees a young man’s clothes catch fire. She is caught between winning and saving the man’s life.

Episode 2

While dancing, Sunaina rhythmically picks up the buttermilk handis lying around and pours it over Chandan (Saurabh Pandey). The fire gets extinguished. Sunaina feels she will lose the competition but is surprised when the judge, Ishwari Baa announces her as the winner. Chandan comes to thank Sunaina but is unable to see her face in the dark. Next day as Sunaina is about to leave for her exam, Anupama Chachi (Sushmita Daan) asks her to bring medicine for Chandrika Ben on her way back home. Cops inform Sunaina and Sujata about the bandh in the city. Sunaina goes to buy medicine but her auto is stopped by a mob and she gets hit on the head. Sunaina is about to fall on a wooden plank with nails sticking out when a hand comes and saves her from falling.

Episode 3

Chandan saves Sunaina from the crowd and takes her to the hospital. Chandan pays for Sunaina’s treatment. Chandan leaves once he gets to know that Sunaina is fine. Chandrika Ben gets furious when she gets to know that Sunaina missed her exam because she went to buy medicine for her. Sujata comes and tells her mother that she also did not sit for her exams because she could not bear to sit in the same class as her sister, since she was going to fail. Ishwari Baa calls and offers a proposal from Chandan’s side for Sunaina. Krishna Kant informs that the exams have been postponed due to the riots in the city. Chandrika Ben calls up Ishwari Baa and invites them over. Sunaina is shocked to see Dhanush (Raj Logani) hitting the milkman.

Episode 4

Dhanush gives the milkman some money for his loss as Sunaina watches him. Suraj and Sujata inform Krishna Kant that Sunaina does not like the boy. Dhanush asks if he can talk to Sunaina alone. Everybody agrees. During his conversation with Sunaina, Dhanush gets to know that the Kotaks have mistaken him to be the prospective groom, even though the proposal is for his elder brother- Chandan. Dhanush clears the misunderstanding with the Kotaks. Ishwari Baa shows Chandan's picture to everybody and they are all happy. Sunaina also says yes for marriage.

Episode 5

Sunaina sees the photograph of Chandan and gives her consent for marriage to her parents and the Bhimanis. All are happy. Chandan is oblivious to this. Mohita makes a tarot prediction that a girl will enter Chandan’s life. When Chandan reaches home he is upset to know that his marriage has been fixed. He talks to baa clearly about this. Meanwhile, Kotaks are extremely happy with this alliance. Just then Harsha bua walks in with a proposal for Sunaina.

Episode 6

The Kotaks convince Harsha bua that the proposal from the Bhimanis is good and Chandan would be the ideal match for Sunaina. They are all ready to leave for the Shagun when Chandan arrives at their house. Sunaina is spellbound when she sees him standing in front of her. Chandan tells everyone that he cannot agree to this marriage and leaves everybody stunned. Harsha bua tells Sunaina not to worry as she will get a better proposal for her.

Episode 7

Krishna Kant and Chandrika think there is some misunderstanding with the Bhimanis and decide to call them. Harsha speaks very rudely to Virenda as a result of which he loses his cool. He confronts Chandan and Chandan leaves the house. Meanwhile, Krishna Kant informs his family that he has decided to take them to Dwarka for a short vacation. Sunaina says that she doesn't want to go and asks them to carry on with their plans. Sunaina returns Chandan's money and rebukes him for insulting her family. She says he will have to apologize for what he has done.

Episode 8

Sunaina meets Chandan and asks him to tell her the truth. She says even if he is in love with someone else, he has no right to humiliate others. Chandan is worried and asks Sunaina to accompany him somewhere and understand why he said no to the marriage. Sunaina accompanies him. While crossing the road Chandan saves Sunaina from an accident. They suddenly come really close to each other. All this is witnessed by Harsha bua who is shell shocked.

Episode 9

Harsha bua is furious with Sunaina’s behavior. The entire family is called from their trip. All are waiting for Sunaina to return home. After a long wait, when Sunaina does not return home, they realize that Sunaina is missing. Harsha bua immediately blames Chandan for it. The Kotaks go to the Bhimanis and tell them to call Chandan since only he knows Sunaina’s whereabouts. Chandan swears innocence and says that even though they met, later they both went their separate way. He starts searching for Sunaina along with Aatish, with the help of her photograph. Mohita sees Sunaina’s picture and she is shocked.

Episode 10

Chandan wants to search for Sunaina near Bapu Bazaar. Mohita sees Sunaina's photograph and recalls hitting Sunaina while driving. Afraid of being caught by the Police, Mohita takes Sunaina to Akshay's place. She distorts Sunaina's photograph by dropping it in muddy water. Bua tells the inspector that Chandan might have kidnapped Sunaina. Virendra says that he will not let Chandan get arrested. An inspector comes to arrest Chandan but fails to do so after getting a call forbidding him to do so. While searching for Sunaina, Chandan comes across a beggar girl carrying Sunaina's dupatta.

Episode 12

Chandan pushes Akshay away. Mohita asks Chandan to call for the police while she keeps an eye on Akshay. Mohita panics but Akshay assures her that he will take all the blame and will not let any blame come on her because he loves her. Akshay gets arrested and Chandan rushes Sunaina to the hospital. Doctor informs Chandan that Sunaina is out of danger. Aatish calls up the Kotaks to inform them about Sunaina. Sunaina gets scared when she sees Chandan because she believes that he is the one who tried to kill her. Sunaina again starts to scream when she sees Chandan's photograph. Chandan meets Sunaina in the mandir. Sunaina wants to run away but Chandan makes her recall what took place on the day of the accident.

Episode 13

Sunaina recalls everything and says sorry to Chandan for blaming him. Chandan offers to drop Sunaina home. It starts to rain and Chandan's car breaks down. Sunaina realizes that Chandan has fever. She brings Chandan back to the barsati and goes out to get medicine. Dhanush and Virendra come to bring Chandan back home. An argument takes place between Virendra and Chandan and Virendra ends up breaking Chandan's model. Sunaina nurses Chandan back to health and helps him rebuild his model. Sunaina's parents are worried about her. She returns home and tells them that Chandan is innocent. Harsha passes a nasty comment on Chandan without realising that Chandan is at the door and has heard it all.

Episode 14

Chandan says that he has come to apologize for saying no to marrying Sunaina earlier. Chandan forgets his file at Sunaina’s place and she runs after him to return the file. Chandan says thanks to Sunaina for helping him out. Harsha decides to do something to ruin the friendship between Chandan and Sunaina and their growing fondness for each other. Mohita agrees to make all the arrangements. Aatish surprises Avni and proposes to her with a ring. Chandan gets a call from Dhanush informing him that his project has been short listed. Mohita becomes jealous of the close proximity between Chandan and Sunaina.

Episode 15

Chandan promises Aatish that he will get him married to Avni at any cost. Chandrika Ben presents Avni with a pair of payals. Sunaina takes the responsibility of making all the arrangements for Avni's wedding. Mohita tells Chandan that she has been feeling very lonely of late. Chandan comforts Mohita. Sunaina and Chandan meet to discuss the wedding preparations. Mohita feels jealous to see Chandan with Sunaina. Mohita tells Chandan about her dead ex-boyfriend whom she has been missing. Mohita asks Chandan to accompany her to the park and hugs him the minute she sees Sunaina approaching them. Sunaina is completely heartbroken to see Chandan so close to Mohita.

Episode 16

Sunaina goes back without meeting Chandan. Sunaina tells Anupama that she couldn't meet Chandan as he was busy with some other work. Chandan calls up Sunaina and makes an excuse for not coming on time, since Mohita has asked him to not state the truth. Chandan asks Sunaina to come again for shopping but Sunaina refuses. Suraj feels hurt when his friend walks away with his father instead of playing with Suraj. Ishwari Baa asks Chandan to come back home and informs him about her decision to get Aatish and Avni married from Bhimani House. Suraj refuses to eat while insisting for a father in his life. Anupama tries to make him understand but Suraj refuses to eat. Anupama slaps Suraj. Krishnakant and Chandrika talk about getting Anupama remarried. Avni tells Sunaina about Baa's decision. Baa comes to the Kotak house to extend an invitation for the wedding and for sending Sunaina at Bhimani house. Chandrika convinces Sunaina to go to Bhimani house for the wedding. Harsha Bua calls up Viraj and asks him to come instantly.

Episode 17

Sunaina comes to stay at Bhimani house. Baa tells Virendra and Kunika about her decision for getting Aatish and Avni married from their house. Chandan shows Sunaina her room and tells her the true reason for turning on time for shopping. Dhanush decides to keep an eye on Sunaina and Chandan. Avni wants Sunaina to get barkatwali mehndi for her. Chandrika asks Sunaina to come home in the evening. Chandan accompanies Sunaina for mehndi plucking. On coming back home, Mohita informs Chandan that Choksi has called off the deal because he forgot to turn up for the meeting.

Episode 18

Choksi refuses to sign the contract with Chandan for forgetting the meeting the previous day. He says he is helpless and cannot change his mind. He tells Chandan that he cannot trust him any longer with their future. Sunaina reaches haat bazaar to meet him and personally requests him to give Chandan another chance. She awakens his conscience and at the end of it, Choksi apologises to Chandan and signs the contract. This leaves Mohita upset.

Episode 19

There is pre-wedding celebration happening at the Bhimani house and there is happiness all around. Baa pushes Sunaina to dance with Chandan and all of them dance along with Aatish and Avni. Dhanush is hatching a plan to get the designs with Dholakia.

Episode 20

Everybody is shocked to see Harsha. Baa treats Harsha very royally and does not let her get near Sunaina. Aatish tries to recall if he has met Viraj anytime previously. Viraj tells Harsha that Aatish studied in the same college from where he was thrown out from his job. Gaurav refuses to go away until Krishnakant gives him admission. Mohita instigates Chandan against Sunaina and tells him that Viraj and Sunaina will be getting married soon. Chandan is hurt to hear this.

Episode 21

There is pre-wedding celebration at the Bhimani house. The boys and girls begin to play antakshari and all are having fun. Suddenly Mohita comes running asking for Chandan. Chandan comes and she tells him that his project designs are missing, someone has stolen them. All are very surprised and ask Mohita who she suspects. Mohita hesitantly says that she suspects Sunaina. Everyone is shocked! Mohita says that she saw Sunaina going to Chandan’s room. Chandan wants to retrieve his designs so Aatish gives Sunaina a CD of the initial designs. Sunaina takes the CD to Chandan, however Mohita replaces it with a corrupt CD and Chandan’s laptop crashes, with all his data getting lost.

Episode 22

Mohita and Dhanush join hands as they both wants Sunaina to stay out of Chandan’s life. Sunaina helps Baa in sending sweets to all their relatives on the occasion of Avni and Aatish’s marriage. Mohita keeps a box in Dholakia’s name with the other boxes. Mohita tells Chandan that his project designs are with Dholakia and Sunaina is the culprit who has sent those designs to him. Mohita also gets all the evidence to prove Sunaina guilty. Even Chandan starts believing Mohita. Sunaina decides to prove her innocence.

Episode 23

Sunaina follows Mohita around as she keeps on getting calls from the courier boy. Krishnakant calls up Professor Sinha to enquire about Viraj. Professor Sinha praises Viraj to the hilt. Krishnakant is impressed with whatever he has heard about Viraj. It is then revealed that Viraj made his friend pretend to be Professor Sinha. Sunaina hears Mohita talk to the courier boy and follows her. As Mohita is about to meet the courier boy, somebody informs her about Sunaina's presence. Sunaina tries to get information out of the courier boy. Mohita clicks Sunaina's picture with the courier boy.

Episode 24

Sunaina comes back home and tells Baa and Avni about Mohita. Mohita shows Sunaina's picture with the courier boy to Chandan. Sunaina goes to meet Dholakia and finds Dhanush's name on some documents. Sunaina hears Dhaunsh talking to Dholakia over the phone.

Episode 25

Dhanush makes the false promise to Sunaina that he would return Chandan's designs and apologize to him. Dhanush calls up Dholakia and asks him to meet him with the designs. Dholakia fearing for his life decides to tell Sunaina everything. Sunaina goes with Dholakia in search of the designs. Mohita and Dhanush follow Sunaina and Dholakia. Chandan also comes there. Chandan finds out the truth about Sunaina. Dholakia runs away. Chandan and Sunaina come back to the wedding venue and a happy picture of all is clicked.

Episode 26

Dhanush and Sunaina have a confrontation. Avni’s bidaai is happening and all are seeing her off. Chandan wants to confess his feelings. Sunaina wants to warn Chandan about Dhanush. Chandrika feels a little unwell and leaves from there. Meanwhile, at the college, Gaurav is leaving when principal KK stops him and says he has got the admission. Dhanush and Chandan announce a surprise gift for Aatish and Avni, a honeymoon package. Chandan leaves to drop the newlywed couple. Meanwhile, Sunaina talks to everyone at the Bhimani house and after much persuasion tells them about the real mastermind behind the designs being stolen. Everyone is shocked. Chandan does not believe Sunaina. She is humiliated and asked to leave the house.

Episode 27

Bua is very upset with the entire showdown at the Bhimani house and instigates KK to facilitate Sunaina and Chandan’s marriage. Chandan comes home but all are out barring Harsha bua, so she asks him to leave immediately. Chandan is missing Sunaina and Sunaina too can feel the pain of separation. Meanwhile, Chandan gets the news that his model and project have been approved. Dhanush volunteers to fund his project and become his partner. He calls sunaina and tells her that he is the new partner in Chandan’s dream project. Sunaina is shocked!

Episode 28

Sunaina is very upset with this news of Dhanush’s partnership. Meanwhile, Sujata is very happy to learn that Gaurav has got admission and she will see him in college. At home, all are keen for Sunaina and Viraj to tie the knot soon. Both of them go out to a restaurant and Chandan is also present there. Viraj plays dirty between the two and creates more misunderstanding. Chandrika is feeling unwell and Sunaina is compelled to say yes to her marriage with Viraj.

Episode 29

Sunaina agrees to marry Viraj. Chandan comes to meet Sunaina but leaves without meeting her as he overhears Sunaina agreeing to marry Viraj. Chandan is heartbroken on hearing this. Eshwari baa is also sad when Chandan tells her about Sunaina’s decision to marry Viraj. Sunaina’s mother informs all her family members that the auspicious day for marriage according to Panditji would be next week. Dhanush takes Chandan to a restaurant and tries to instigate him against Sunaina. Later Dhanush suggests him to have wine to help him feel better. While leaving the restaurant Chandan overhears Viraj telling his friend that he is marrying Sunaina just for the sake of money. Chandan is shocked and furious on hearing this.

Episode 30

Chandan tells Viraj that he is not doing the right thing by marrying Sunaina for her money. He reaches home drunk with Dhanush. Next morning baa tells him to gather courage and go and confess his feelings to Sunaina. Meanwhile, at the Kotak house an old student of KK’s called Manav comes with some money that he owed KK and returns the amount to him. Sunaina keeps the money in the safe which also has the exam papers. Vaishali is pursuing Viraj to return her money. Viraj buys some time. Chandan reaches the temple and tells Sunaina that he is in love with her and warns her from marrying Viraj. Sunaina tells Chandan that her decision is final and she will marry Viraj.

Episode 31

Chandan tries to explain Avni to ask Sunaina to postpone the engagement. Avni talks to Sunaina. Viraj manages to steal the exam papers without anyone knowing. All are preparing for her engagement at home. Sunaina contemplates postponing the engagement. Avni informs Chandan about Sunaina’s decision. Meanwhile, Dhanush hears this and calls up Sunaina to say that Chandan is playing dirty with her and his motive is to call-off Sunaina’s wedding. Sunaina vows that she will marry Viraj and nothing will stop her.

Episode 32

Sunaina and her family are ready for the engagement. Chandan and Aatish are trying their best to salvage the situation and stop Sunaina from marrying Viraj. Sunaina is adamant about this alliance. Just at the time of the engagement ceremony the police come in to arrest KK. They have a warrant against him for leaking the university exam papers. All are shocked.

Episode 33

The doctors say that KK’s condition is stable yet he is under observation. Sunaina and Viraj go the college to get some leads. Chandan is already there, carrying on his investigations. They come face to face and Aatish says that Viraj was a conman during their college days. Chandan alerts Sunaina and asks her to stay away from Viraj. Chandan and Viraj have a fist fight. Sunaina refuses to believe Chandan and she leaves with Viraj.

Episode 34

Chandan is disheartened that Sunaina does not believe him and trusts Viraj. Meanwhile, Chandan manages to track Manav’s cell number and asks him to reach the hospital explaining him the situation. He does not disclose his name and says he is a well-wisher. He reaches Sunaina’s house and finds her asleep. He leaves a note behind saying that he is contacted Manav and everything will be alright. Viraj reads the letter and puts his name instead of Chandan’s. Viraj and Sunaina reach the hospital and find Manav there. She is very happy when Manav gives a statement to the police explaining KK is innocent. All are relieved and they all thank Viraj for the tracking Manav.

Episode 35

Everyone is very impressed with Viraj as he helped them a lot to prove Krishnakant innocent. Viraj gets a call from Vaishali and she asks him to meet urgently. Avni overhears his talks and informs Chandan. Chandan follows Viraj and comes to know that he is the culprit who leaked the University papers. As Chandrika voices her concern over unexpected turn of events, Harsha bua fixes Sunaina and Viraj’s marriage date after 3 days. Even Sunaina and her parents approve of it. Sunaina calls up Chandan to meet. Chandan is heartbroken when Sunaina tells him that she is getting married after 3 days. Chandan pleads her to give him a last chance to prove that Viraj is a wicked guy. But Sunaina refuses.

Episode 36

Sunaina is getting ready for the haldi ceremony with Viraj. Chandan tried everything to convince Sunaina that he is the wrong guy. She does not believe him. Everyone at home is happy with Sunaina’s decision. Chandan and Aatish are still trying to get in touch with Vaishali and get some leads onto the case. Meanwhile, the haldi ceremony is happening at the Kotak’s house. Sunaina is glum and so is Chandan. Suddenly police arrives at the Kotak house to take Viraj to the police station to interrogate him in the case, they want to question him. KK is surprised that why Viraj is asked to accompany the cops? Police tells them that Chandan Bhimani called them. Sunaina is stunned and goes to meet Chandan.

Episode 37

Sunaina begs Chandan to not interfere in her life anymore and requests him not to try to create a scene during her marriage. The Police leave Viraj as they didn’t have any evidence against him. Chandan calls up Vaishali to instigate her against Viraj. Vaishali is furious after finding a copy of the question papers in her house which were leaked out by her. The question papers were secretly planted in Vaishali’s house by one of Chandan’s associates. As planned Chandan forces Sunaina to come with him where Viraj and Vaishali meet to clear the confusion between them. Sunaina overhears the truth about the leaked papers and the property from Viraj himself. Sunaina is flabbergasted on hearing this and slaps Viraj.

Episode 38

Sunaina is very upset with Viraj’s revelation and gives him a piece of her mind. At the Kotak house there is chaos as Sunaina is missing. Avni tells them that she is with Chandan and all reach the spot. They are flabbergasted to see Viraj under arrest and are even more upset on knowing about his evil designs and his crime. KK and Chandrika thank Chandan, Chandan leaves from there. Sunaina is eager to meet him and is guilty to have suspected him. Avni calls Chandan and asks him to come to her house immediately. Sunaina and Chandan come face to face after a long time and are drawn towards one another.

Episode 39

Sunaina meets Chandan thanking and apologizing to him for all that he had done for her. All differences are sorted out and both Sunaina and Chandan back together again. Sunaina’s family is pleased and wants to thank Chandan for their help. They invite Chandan for lunch at their place. Chandan’s dad is unhappy with the business and wants Chandan to help him out. Soham is worried about Sunaina and Chandan getting back again and is furious over his father’s decision to take Chandan’s help in business matters.

Episode 40

Chandan and Sunaina are very excited as they are meeting for their first date. Both take time to dress up and get ready. They meet and Chandan gives her a necklace with a heart pendant, Sunaina is delighted. Meanwhile, Kunika decides that the bad blood between the two families should end. Its Baa’s birthday tomorrow and she decides to invite the Kotak’s to a picnic. She visits the Kotak house and extends the invitation. All are happy and are looking forward to the picnic.

Episode 41

Virendra Bhimani asks Chandan about joining the business but he refuses again. Baa assures Virendra that Sunaina will somehow manage to convince Chandan. Kunika asks Virendra to give another chance to Dhanush to prove himself again as Chandan is not interested in joining the business. On Baa’s request Sunaina talks to Chandan about joining his father’s business. Chandan gets furious. Kunika wants to invite the Kotak family to celebrate Baa’s birthday at the farmhouse mainly to bury the hatchet. Kotak family accepts their invitation. Chandan also accompany’s her mother to Kotak house so that he can apologize to Sunaina for his behaviour. Sujata is caught by Harsha Bua while talking to Gaurav on the phone.

Episode 42

The Bhimani’s and Kotak’s are out on a picnic. All are playing various games and enjoying themselves. Dhanush and Kunika are planning to bump off Sunaina and set everything up to ensure that she is out of their way forever. Sunaina meanwhile convinces Chandan to join his father’s business and he consents to do so. While others are playing Sunaina goes to a cliff to get some flowers for Chandan and slips. Chandan attempts to save her but while managing to save her, he falls from the cliff.

Episode 43

Chandan has fallen off the cliff and is very seriously injured. Everyone tries to revive him as he is unconscious. Dhanush calls for the ambulance and everyone rushes to the hospital. The doctor says that Chandan is critically injured and nothing can be said. Sunaina is shocked.

Episode 44

Kunika does not allow Sunaina to meet Chandan. Sunaina waits in the hospital while her family members go home. KK and Chandrika back home get very worried about Sunaina. They call Kunika and ask her to take care of Sunaina. Kunika ignores. The doctors say that Chandan’s state is deteriorating and they need blood very fast. However Chandan’s blood group is out of stock. So, Sunaina goes to another hospital, there when she gets the blood group, another lady with 2 kids begs her for the blood group. Sunaina gives her the blood, goes to another hospital to get blood. She gets it and rushes to the hospital. But when she reaches there, the doctors say it’s too late. All are stunned!

Episode 45

Chandan is revived and the doctors say this as a miracle. Sunaina is relieved. Outside the room, Dhanush takes off on Sunaina and taunts her. Chandrika and Anupama cannot take it anymore and Chandrika blasts Dhanush. She takes Sunaina away from there. Sunaina reaches home with a heavy heart. KK talks to her. Meanwhile, Chandan regains slight consciousness and murmurs Sunaina’s name. Kunika calls Chandrika and apologizes for her behavior, and requests Chandrika to send Sunaina to the hospital, Chandrika agrees. At the hospital Kunika says that she wants to do the maha mritunjay parikrama for Chandan but her diabetes doesn’t allow her to do so. Sunaina agrees to do the parikrama for her.

Episode 46

Sunaina goes to the mandir to do the maha mritunjay parikrama. The pandit cautions her about how tough it is going to be. Chandrika and Anupama go to the hospital and realize that their girl is at the mandir and rush there to stop her. She does not listen to them and continues doing the parikrama. Meanwhile, Chandan is getting better at the hospital. Sunaina’s condition is getting bad to worse. She completes the parikrama and rushes to the hospital to give Chandan the Prasad. Kunika stops her and says that before giving the Prasad to Chandan, she has to fulfill her condition of not meeting Chandan ever again. Sunaina cries silent tears and agrees.

Episode 47

Sunaina returns home and is in a state of trance. Aatish reaches hospital and finds that Chandan is calling out for Sunaina. He runs to Sunaina’s house and asks her to come with him, she denies and shuts the door on his face. Next morning Chandrika sends Sunaina to college with Sujata’s notes that she had forgotten at home, to bring some change in Sunaina’s life. While passing the corridor, Gaurav remarks to his friends that how Sujata has fallen for him and what is his big game plan. Sunaina tries to call Chandan from a PCO but hangs up remembering the promise she made to Kunika. Chandan requests Aatish to take him to Sunaina.

Episode 48

Chandan begs Aatish to take him to Sunaina. Aatish takes him to Sunaina. Everyone at the Kotak’s is aghast seeing Chandan come to her in that critical state. Sunains yells at Aatish for bringing him here in that condition. Aatish shows his helplessness. KK calls for the doctor. Chandan asks Sunaina and gives her his swear as to why didn’t she come to meet him? He pressurizes her to tell him the truth as to what stopped her from meeting him and being with him when he needed her the most. Sunaina is in a dilemma. She is torn between her love and the promise she made to Kunika.

Episode 49

Chandan insists Sunaina to tell him the reason as to why was she avoiding him. Kunika fears that Sunaina might tell him the truth and spill the beans. She herself comes ahead and tells Chandan that some panditji told her that Sunina and Chandan cannot stay together, their kundli does not match and Sunaina is inauspicious for her. Kunika tells Chandan that if he married Sunaina he will not survive. Sunaina’s family is shocked listening to this. Chandrika decides that she will not let Sunaina meet Chandan henceforth as she does not want Sunaina to be blamed for any reason. Kunika is very happy at Chandrika’s decision. At the same time Sunaina and Chandan are depressed. Sujata plans to take tuitions from Gaurav as it would help him monetarily. Kunika tells Ishwari Baa about it and Baa goes to Kotak house to convince Chandrika to change her decision. She promises the Kotak family that Sunaina will be her responsibility and gives shagun to Sunaina accepting her as the Bhimani bahu. Chandrika accepts her proposal.

Episode 50

Chandan is sad as everybody is against his marriage to Sunaina. Eshwari Baa brings Sunaina to her home and asks everybody to accept Sunaina into the family. Chandan’s father is very happy while Kunika and Dhanush are irritated at Ishwari Baa’s decision. Sunaina and Chandan are elated to be together back again. Kunika is insulted by Chandan’s dad in presence of an employee and refuses to share the business responsibilities with Dhanush. Harsha this time fails to incite Sunaina’s family against Chandan’s family members. Sunaina warns Sujata about Gaurav’s character as she sees’s Gaurav and Sujata fooling with each other. Kunika again tries to plot a plan against Sunaina with the help of her relative Chirag Desai.

Episode 51

Dhanush makes Chandan feel that he is disabled and Chandan gets very upset hearing this. Sunaina motivates Chandan to face the challenges. Sujata is worried listening to Sunaina’s views about Gaurav. Gaurav gets angry on Sujata saying she does not trust him. Kunika tells Chirag all about Chandan and Sunaina and tells him to convince Virendra to appoint Dhanush as a chairperson instead of Chandan. Chirag smartly convinces Virendra but Sunaina interrupts saying Chandan must be given a fair chance to prove himself. She asks Virendra to give her 15 days to make Chandan stand back on his feet. Chandan is miffed with Sunaina for committing 15 days to everyone. However, later both feel guilty for arguing with each other. Krishnkant gives Sunaina the responsibility to organise Saraswati puja like every year. Sujata calls Gaurav to meet her. Gaurav asks her to make a choice between Sunaina and him. Sujata chooses him. Meanwhile, Chirag decides to play some havoc in their lives!

Episode 52

Sunaina gets late in reaching Chandan’s house at 9 am as she Is busy preparing things for the Saraswati Pooja at home. Chandan is waiting for her, without having his medicine or breakfast. When Sunaina reaches him, he is upset with her for not being there on time. Sunaina tries to explain but he refuses to listen. Eventually both end up getting angry with each other. Finally they put their complaints aside and get busy with their usual core. Sunaina tells him that she will be unable to participate in the pooja. Chirag tells Chandan that he must encourage her to participate in the play and the pooja, and since Sunaina cannot leave him alone, he suggests that Chandan can stay with her at the Kotak house.

Episode 53

Sunaina acts on Chirag’s suggestion of taking Chandan to her place so that she can give time for the puja at home. Harsha bua tries to create a hindrance but Sunaina’s mom agrees to take care of Chandan. Chirag also shifts in with Chandan to execute his plan of separating Sunaina and Chandan. Chirag makes Chandan feel incapable and dependant on Sunaina for everything. He also puts a fear in Chandan’s mind that Sunaina might eventually get fed up of taking care of him. Harsha Bua takes advantage of the rift between Sujata and Sunaina and tries to provoke Sujata against her sister and parents. Chandan helps Sunaina direct a play to be performed before the puja. To rehearse for the play they clear the hall and place the swing on the first floor. Chirag notices Chandan sitting right below the swing and plans to harm him by unscrewing the balcony railing against which the swing is placed.

Episode 54

Chirag unscrews the corridor railing on which the swing’s plank was placed. The railing and the wooden plank are about to fall on Chandan but Chirag himself saves him. Chirag does this to get close to Sunaina. Sunaina spots Gaurav hugging a girl in the middle of the road. Sujata does not believe Sunaina when she narrates the Gaurav incident. Chirag tries to disrupt the skit by threatening one of the guys who was supposed to participate in the skit. When Sujata confronts Gaurav about the girl, he informs Sujata that the girl was his sister. Sujata is relieved to hear that and is very furious with Sunaina for trying to create a rift between her and Gaurav. Panditji reveals that according to his horoscope Chandan still might have to face some rough time.

Episode 55

Harsha bua catches Chirag peeping into Sunaina’s room. Harsha bua gets suspicious about Chirag’s motives. Sunaina pleads Chirag to enact the role of the king in the skit. Chandan gets uncomfortable when Chirag and Sunaina enact an embracing scene. Chirag confesses his love to Sunaina. Chirag asks Sunaina to garland him with red flowers if she is interested in him otherwise with white flowers. Chandan is very disturbed when he overhears this. While the play is enacted after the pooja Sunaina picks up the garland of red flowers instead of the white flowers. Chandan turns away as he sees Sunaina picking up the red garland of flowers and moving towards Chirag.

Episode 56

Chandan turns away as he sees Sunaina picking up the red garland of flowers and moving towards Chirag. But Sunaina had actually picked the red garland for Chandan. Chirag feels like a loser in front of Sunaina. Chirag misbehaves with Sunaina for not accepting his proposal. Sunaina slaps him and asks him to leave their house. She decides to stay back home with Chandan when her whole family is going to the temple. Chirag gets drunk and comes back to take revenge from Sunaina. He again tries to molest Sunaina. She calls Chandan for help but he is helpless being a handicapped and is not able to help Sunaina. She is on the verge of being raped.

Episode 57

Chirag tries to molest Sunaina but Kunika comes and saves her. She slaps Chirag and asks him to leave. Kunika and Sunaina find Chandan lying unconscious on the floor. Harsha bua overhears Kunika’s conversation when she is talking to Chirag. Kunika sympathizes with Sunaina but also asks her not to disclose anything to anyone. Sunaina is unsure when Kunika convinces her by saying that Chandan will feel humiliated as he was incapable in saving her. Sunaina lies to her parents, when Chandan spills the beans. Her parents are aghast & want to inform the cops when Kunika stops them by saying that she will handle Chirag. Doctors examine Chandan and draw a conclusion that he will never be able to walk again.

Episode 58

All are startled with doctors’ verdict of Chandan’s state that he will never be able to walk again. Family gives him hope but Chandan is shattered. Sunaina tells Virendra to have faith in her. KK also tries to boost him but to no avail. Harsha is leaving no stone unturned to make Chandan feel humiliated. Sujata meets Gaurav and tells him that she can also give up her family to be with him. Krishnakant’s ex-student Nikki comes to meet him who was expelled from college for indecent behavior. She tells him that the rules that he lives by will now come in his way, warning him. Sunaina recognizes Nikki who was once seen with Gaurav and senses that Sujata might be in trouble.

Episode 59

Sujata kisses Gaurav in the midst of the college crowd. Sunaina and Krishnakant are shocked and ashamed to see them. Gaurav’s sister Nikki reveals that it was their plan to humiliate Krishnakant and avenge take vengeance as he had expelled Nikki from college under similar circumstances. Harsha Bua taunts Chandan for not being able to walk and be a support for Sunaina. Chandan asks Sunaina to part ways and end their relationship. Krishnakant and Chandrika are dejected and ashamed of Sujata’s behaviour. Sunaina tries to change Chandan’s mind regarding their relationship but Chandan is adamant about his decision.

Episode 60

Chandan is furious over Sunaina as she tries to change Chandan’s mind about their relationship. Ishwari Baa tries to coax Chandan but he is firm on his decision to end his relationship with Sunaina. Krishnakant expels Sujata and Gaurav from the college for their indecent behaviour. Gaurav tricks Sujata into believing that he loves her and had taken revenge for the sake of his sister. Harsha bua incites Sujata against her parents. Chandan accuses Sunaina’s parents to be greedy after his money when they try to persuade him to change his mind. Everybody is shocked to hear this from Chandan.

Episode 61

Chandan accuses Sunaina for his bad condition. Sunaina and her parents feel very hurt by the accusations of Chandan. Sujata and Sunaina quarrel as Sunaina tries to tell her to forget Gaurav. Gaurav tries to mislead Sujata by telling her to marry him. Harsha bua incites Sujata against her parents. Chandan is worried for Sunaina as he feels she might take a drastic step which might prove fatal. Harsha bua is very happy to see Sujata elope from the house. Harsha bua and Kunika talk about Chandan and Sunaina’s troubled relationship.

Episode 62

Kotak family is very hurt by the accusations made by Chandan. Harsha Bua gets a marriage proposal for Sunaina. Krishnakant refuses her proposal saying that she should not bother Sunaina’s life anymore. Sujata elopes from the house to be with Gaurav. Chandan criticizes Sunaina for showing fake concern for him. Sunaina is very upset with this. Baa comes to know about Chandan’s behaviour and asks Sunaina to be firm with her decision and not give up so soon. Suraj finds the letter that Sujata had left to inform her family members that she has decided to be with Gaurav. Kotak family is shattered knowing about Sujata. Sunaina tells Chandan about Sujata who shows least interest in it. Gaurav tricks Suajta and tells her that he wants to marry her only after her families consent. Gaurav and Sujata come back home. Gaurav tells them that he tricked to take revenge from Krishnakant. Sujata is shocked to know this. Chandan accuses Sunaina’s parents to be money crazy who didn't discipline their child. Sunaina declares that she wants to end her relation with Chandan.

Episode 63

Sunaina consents for the marriage to an NRI boy who visits them and his family and likes Sunaina. They say that they need to return to the US in 3 days and therefore the marriage should be done fast within these 3 days. The Kotak’s agree. Sunaina walks up to Chandan and says that finally she is out of his life. Chandan says that he is happy for her and it’s about time that he returns home. She insists that if he is so happy for her, then he should witness her marriage.

Episode 64

Kunika regrets Chandan’s decision to break his relationship with Sunaina in front of Chandrika. Sunaina tells her Chachi that she is purposely forced Chandan to stay back till her marriage so that seeing her marrying someone else might disturb him and he will again confess his love. She also tells her that this was all planned by Baa. Kunika overhears this conversation and takes Chandan to their farmhouse, without telling anyone. Sunaina finds out that Chandan has left the house. She informs Baa about this. Baa tries to ask Kunika about Chandan who refuses to tell her anything. Aatish comes to know that Chandan is at their farm house. Sunaina goes to meet him tries to coax Chandan to change his mind informing him about her marriage to Maulik but Chandan is firm on his decision.

Episode 65

Sunaina comes back home disheartened as Chandan ends the relationship with her. She tells Baa about this who feels guilty as it was her plan to ask Sunaina to marry someone else. Sunaina is ready to marry Maulik. Anu and Sujata try to convince her but she does not listen to them. Sunaina is still waiting for Chandan to come and stop her marriage. Chandan feels guilty for his behavior. He tries to move from his bed and manages to reach Sunaina’s place and stop her marriage. He apologizes for his behavior. Sunaina’s dupatta catches fire and nobody is able to save her. Seeing Sunaina in trouble Chandan tries to walk and is able to save Sunaina. Everyone is happy to see Chandan walking on his feet after his injury. Sunaina’s marriage to Maulik is called off.

Episode 66

Everyone is happy as Sunaina’s marriage with Maulik is called off and she is back with Chandan. Krishnakant and Chandrika are upset with Sujata due to her behavior. Sujata feels dejected as Chandrika ignores her. Anu tries to talk to Sujata and console her but in vain. Dhanush and Kunika again plan a plot to separate Sunaina and Chandan.

Episode 67

Sunaina and Chandan are very happy as they are back together. Sujata feels humiliated when taunted by everyone every time for eloping. Anu asks Krishnakant and Chandrika that Sujata should be given a chance to improve herself. Sujata apologizes to her parents for her mistakes. Sujata’s feels dejected when her friends ignore her. Sujata walks on the street to commit suicide and is saved by Mohita when a vehicle hits her.

Episode 68

Mohita saves Sujata from committing suicide. Sujata is apologetic about her action. All at home also comfort her and get emotional. Sunaina meets Chandan but appears very disturbed with Sujata's attempt and discusses this with Chandan. Chandan tries to pep her up and change her mood. Meanwhile, investors are willing to invest in the project only if Chandan takes the seat and they give a deadline of 15 March 2008. Sunaina takes up on her and gets Chandan back on his feet. The Bhimanis are amazed. Virubhai is ecstatic and announces a party on this occasion. Lakhan kaka, the servant makes an anonymous call to a lady; this mysterious lady appears before Virubhai's picture and strikes it out.

Episode 69

The Bhimani family is disturbed as they see that someone has struck on Virendra’s photograph. Harsha bua comes back with her husband who is an alcoholic. Virendra is tensed to see an envelope containing a photograph of a woman in his bedroom. One of the servants who is an accomplice of the mysterious woman keeps informing her about the activities of the Bhimani family. Everybody prepares for the party. Virendra announces Chandan’s marriage to Sunaina in the party. The mysterious lady lands up at the party to create a scene and disrupts the party.

Episode 70

The mystery woman creates a scene in the party and threatens Virendra to destroy him. Everybody is disturbed with the incident. Virendra orders everybody to stay out of this as he would handle the situation. Vijay (Harsha bua’s husband) promises everybody that he would stay away from alcohol henceforth and apologizes to Sunaina for his behavior at the party. Dhanush decides to find out about the motive of the mystery woman himself. Someone poisons the medicine that needs to be given to Chandan.

Episode 71

Sunaina brings along Mohita so that she can apologize to Chandan but he is very furious and refuses to listen to her. Lakhan informs the mystery lady about the adversaries Chandan has in his own house. The mystery lady calls up Sunaina to advise Chandan against joining his father’s business and threatens her about the poisoned medicine. Sunaina rushes to Chandan to stop him and to check, drinks the medicine herself and falls ill. Chandan is livid and calls the lady and threatens her to face the consequences if she tries to disrupt the peace of his family henceforth. Everybody is happy to hear about Vijay’s new job except Harsha. The mystery lady calls Sunaina again and threatens to not let Chandan join his father’s business. Sunaina is petrified and is worried for Chandan.

Episode 72

Sunaina stops Chandan from stepping out from his house as she is petrified after Trishna’s threatening call. Trsihna tells Chandan that Sunaina is being kidnapped and asks him to save her. Chandan rushes to save Sunaina and misses his office meeting. The investors who were waiting for Chandan leave as he does not appear even after a long wait. Trishna warns Chandan and Sunaina that she will destroy them and also Bhimani’s business. Virendra gets worried when Chandan tells him about the incidence. Trishna threatens Virendra Bhimani that she will destroy him completely.

Episode 73

Virendra finds his ex-wife’s photo in his cupboard. Kunika questions him about the photo and Virendra tells him that she is Chandan’s mother and the date mentioned on the photograph is the day when she died. Vijay tries to convince Harsha bua and asks her to accept him back in her life. But Harsha bua refuses. Kunika tells Sunaina that today is Chandan’s mother’s death anniversary. Sunaina keeps a havan for Chandan’a mother. Krishnath talks to Harsha and asks her to give Vijay a chance and accept him. Chandan gets violent when he sees his mother’s photograph and stops the havan.

Episode 74

Chandan gets violent seeing his mother photograph and gets angry at Sunaina for organising the puja. He tells Sunaina that he hates his mother. Trishna enters at the same time and tells Chandan that his mother was not a selfish woman rather it was Virendra who had killed Ragini. She also reveals that Ragini is her sister. Chandan questions Virendra about Ragini but Virendra tells him that she had abandoned her family just to marry a rich person. Sunaina is puzzled as Kunika had encouraged her to organise the puja even though she knew that Chandan would not like it. Harsha tells Vijay that she is ready to give their marriage a second chance but would want to stay at KK’s house. Chandan, Virendra and Dhanush go to the office to meet Mr. Oberoi who is their business colleague and are shocked to see Trishna in the meeting room.

Episode 75

Trishna says that she has repaid Oberoi’s loan and therefore she owns the company till they return her loan, and she strikes a deal with them that till they collect that amount Chandan will have to work for her. Chandan agrees. Bhimani’s are stunned with this deal. Harsha bua keeps a bottle of alcohol to tempt Vijay and just when they are about to leave, he comes drunk. KK tells Harsha to continue staying at his house for how much ever time she wants. Meanwhile, Sunaina confronts Trishna but overhears her conversation with the lawyer, stating that the all her property was in the name of Chandan.

Episode 76

Sunaina is surprised to know that Trishna had transferred all her property in Chandan’s name. Trishna is shocked to see Sunaina in her office looking at the property papers. Trishna reveals to Sunaina that Virendra was responsible for her sister and father’s death. She also reveals, that she wasn’t the one who had poisoned Chandan’s medicine. Vijay is sorry for his behaviour and tells Anu that Harsha had incited him to take to alcohol again. He also reveals Harsha’s motive behind getting Viraj married to Sunaina. Krishnakant decides to seek medical treatment for Vijay’s drinking problem while he stays with them. Trishna rushes to the hospital to find out the truth about her sister’s death. She asks Sunaina to meet her in the hospital the next day so that she can prove her that Chandan’s mother didn’t abandon him but was in fact made insane by Virendra.

Episode 77

Chandan is tensed as he has several questions creeping up in his mind regarding Ragini and Virendra. Trishna coaxes Sunaina to somehow bring Chandan to the hospital so that she can prove that her sister Ragini was innocent. Viraj is released from jail and plans to settle scores with Harsha as she was the one responsible for the upheaval in his life. Viraj befriends Suraj as a part of his plan. The entire Bhimani family along with Chandan and Sunaina go to the hospital where Tirshna is waiting to prove her sister innocent. Trishna is shocked when the doctor informs everybody that Ragini was perfectly normal and, in fact, pretended to be mentally disturbed.

Episode 78

The doctor informs that Ragini was perfectly normal and she acted to be insane so as to disown Chandan. Trishna accuses Virendra to have bribed the doctor. Chandan warns Trishna against making any more allegations and informs her that he won’t be coming to office under any circumstances. Bhimani family holds Sunaina responsible for the entire fracas. Viraj gains Suraj’s confidence. Sunaina rebukes Trishna for insulting and hurting the Bhimani family. Chandan is heartbroken after the whole issue involving his mother Ragini. Virendra bribes the doctor who had lied about Ragini to everybody. The doctor is extremely livid with Virendra as he blackmailed him and forced him to lie.

Episode 79

Sunaina is sad as Chandan is furious with her and has stopped talking to her. Viraj takes Suraj with him to a hideout from his school. The school principal calls up and informs Sunaina about Suraj’s absenteeism from school. Everybody is worried as Anu herself had dropped Suraj to school. Viraj plans to kidnap Suraj to take revenge on Harsha. He later feels sorry and repents for his actions as Suraj saves Viraj from the cops who had come searching for Suraj. Viraj comes to Krishnakant’s house along with Suraj. Everybody is shocked to see Viraj. Harsha is scared to see Viraj as she fears he would reveal everything about her.

Episode 80

Viraj apologises for his deeds and leaves from Kotak house. Suraj tells everyone that he had lost his way while coming back from school. Trishna comes to Bhimani house and tells them that she had brought Bhimani house from the Oberois which was kept as security by Virendra with them. Trishna gives them 24 hours’ notice to vacant their house. Viraj again comes to see Suraj and Anu thanks him for dropping Suraj safely back home. Sunaina goes to talk to Trishna and tries to convince her. Trishna is ready to negotiate with Sunaina. She gives Bhimanis one month’s time to pay back the amount and if Chandan is able to return her money the property will be transferred in Sunaina’s name. Everyone is shocked to know Trishna’s condition. Dhanush and Kunika do not want to sign the deal as the property will be in Sunaina’s name. Virendra goes to meet Trishna to ask her to give them any other option. Trishna tells him that she will return him the property if Virendra is successful to break Suniana and Chandan’s relationship within one month before Chandan repays her the amount. Trishna keeps this condition in front of Bhimani so that she can prove to Chandan that his father is very self-centered.

Episode 81

Virendra is worried after hearing Trishna’s offer to return their property. He asks Dhanush to help Chandan to pay back the loan amount to Trishna. Sunaina motivates Chandan to accept the challenge for paying back the money in one month. Sunaina signs the deal with Trishna. Viraj comes to meet Suraj again and tells him that he will not meet him after this day. Suraj is very upset as he considers Viraj his best friend. Chandan is very happy to see Aatish and Avni again. Chandan is very confident that he will manage to pay the amount back to Trishna. Virendra doubts that Chandan will be able to meet the deadlines. He signs a deal with Trishna to break Sunaina and Chandan’s relationship within one month and get his property back. Kunika comes to Kotak house to fix Sunaina and Chandan’s marriage date. But Virendra refuses for their marriage saying that he wants to clear the property matter first.

Episode 82

Sunaina notices an ad in the newspaper which states that an old factory is on sale at a very low cost. Anu thanks Viraj for being friends with Suraj. Viraj tells her the truth that he was planning to abduct Suraj to take revenge on Kotak family but Suraj’s innocence made him change his mind. Anu gets very angry at this and asks him to stay away from Suraj and her family as he still has some evil plans to destroy Kotak family. Viraj tries to justify himself but Anu refuses to listen. Sunaina and Chandan go to meet Mr. Mittal who had given the ad to sell a factory. Mr. Mittal decides to give them a chance and asks Chandan to present his plan to the management. Chandan and Sunaina are very happy as they marked a beginning to solve their problems. Chandan tells Virendra about his new project. Virendra is not very happy as he does not want Chandan to stay together. Virendra tells Kunika and Dhanush about the agreement that he signed with Trishna to break Suniana and Chandan’s relation. Virendra calls Mr. Mittal and tells him that Chandan does not have any experience running a business and won’t be able to make any profits too. Mr. Mittal refuses to sell the factory to Chandan.

Episode 83

Chandan is very upset as he had lost the business deal. Sunaina tells Anu about Chandan’s deal and Viraj comes to meet Suraj at the same time. Viraj tells Sunaina that he can help Chandan as he has some business plans but Sunaina refuses. Anu assures Sunaina that Viraj has changed and can really help Chandan. Sunaina makes him meet Chandan. Chandan refuses to even talk to him but Baa insists that Viraj should be given a chance. Viraj makes Chandan to meet one of the estate agents who had built a building but is unable to sell any of the flats. He is ready to pay some commission on every flat that Chandan can sell. Everyone is happy as Chandan got another chance to start a business. Sujata feels dejected as everyone rejoices for Chandan and Sunaina’s achievement. Dhanush notices that Sujata’s parents have ignored her while she wanted to share the news that she has passed in her exams.

Episode 84

Dhanush incites Sujata against Sunaina while dropping her to college. Chandan goes to check Gundecha’s building as he was told about ghosts in the building. Chandan chases but fails to catch hold of a person hiding in the building. Dhanush tries his best to stop Chandan from making the blue prints of the changes he wished to make to Gundecha’s building which he had to show to Gundecha next morning. Sujata’s parents acknowledge her good results in her exams. Sujata feels Sunaina is more important to her parents than her and does not talk to Sunaina.

Episode 85

Viraj arranges a surprise party for Suraj’s birthday. He calls Anu to invite Suraj for the party. Anu finds it inappropriate to inform everybody about the party. She calls and informs Sunaina, Sunaina agrees to come along with her for the party. Dhanush overhears their conversation and sends a cake for Suraj at Krishnakant’s house to disrupt Viraj’s party. Dhanush later drops ink on the blue print of the building to stop Chandan from getting a go ahead for his project by Gundecha. He later takes Chandan for dinner where Chandan is shocked to see Sunaina with Viraj. But Chandan understands the situation avoiding a misunderstanding. Virendra and Dhanush plot against Chandan to stop him succeeding in the project.

Episode 86

Everybody is happy as Chandan strikes a deal with Gundecha. Dhanush clicks a photograph of Viraj and Sunaina while he holds and saves her from falling. Everybody is ecstatic and prepares for the pooja. Dhanush and Virendra plot against Chandan and Sunaina and plan to create differences between them with the photograph that Dhanush had clicked. Suraj sees Viraj while going to school and runs dangerously on a busy street to meet him. Suraj’s mother panics and shouts at Suraj to get off the road. Viraj is shocked to see Suraj running towards him with cars speeding past him.

Episode 87

Viraj saves Suraj and his mother from the speeding traffic. Chandan sees a woman dressed in a sari just like the one he had gifted Sunaina. Virendra and Dhanush try to confuse Chandan’s views against Sunaina by making him feel that Viraj and Sunaina still have feelings for each other. Chandan is shocked to see a photograph of Virendra holding Sunaina. He starts having doubts regarding Sunaina. Virendra and Dhanush do not want Chandan to be successful in his project as it would enable him to take over the business from Trishna. As a result, all the property and business would be transferred in Sunaina’s name. Trishna plans to inform Chandan about Virendra’s plans against him.

Episode 88

Trishna wants to defeat Virendra in his plan to separate Sunaina and Chandan. Chandan is upset with Sunaina and also taunts her but Sunaina is clueless. Viraj confesses his feelings for Anu. Harsha Bua sees Anu and Viraj together. Sunaina gets suspicious when she collects a delivery from Bharat dry cleaner. Chandan gets an idea to change the floor plan of the building and sell them. Sunaina goes to the shop to find out the truth and she comes to know that her saree was delivered to some different address. Trishna asks one of the Bhimani’s servants to get the agreement papers of the deal between her and Virendra. Sunaina goes to the same place and sees Virendra giving money to the same girl who delivered the saree to her.

Episode 89

Sunaina threatens the girl to speak the truth. She tells Sunaina that Virendra had offered her some money to do this act. Sunaina now has all her doubts on Virendra that he wants to separate Chandan and her. Chandan tells Sunaina that his project has been approved and some company is ready to buy all their flats. Sunaina tries to tell him that someone among their family members does not want Chandan to succeed. Sunaina hears Kunika and Virendra talking about some documents. Chandan tries to find out if the ghost really exists in the building. The watchman of the building reveals that some goons had threatened and therefore he tried to scare Chandan with those ghosts. Sunaina asks for Viraj’s help to mislead Virendra so that she can get the files from his cupboard. Sunaina finds the agreement signed between Trishna and Virendra. Virendra sees Sunaina spying on him.

Episode 90

Sunaina is caught by Virendra while she is reading the agreement papers. Virendra notices the keys in Sunaina’s hand and suddenly gets a heart attack. Sunaina gets worried and calls for help. Everyone is worried when they come to know that Virendra has got a heart attack but are relieved when the doctors declare that he is stable now. Virendra appreciates Sunaina and thanks her for helping him. He later informs Kunika that his heart attack was a fake act so that he can get the keys back from Sunaina. Dhanush induces Chandan against Sunaina and tells him that she is getting very close to Viraj. Sunaina goes to Trishna house and questions her about the agreement between her and Virendra. Trishna explains her that she did it all to prove Chandan that his father is the culprit. Harsha bua confronts Anu about Viraj. Sunaina informs Viraj about Virendra’s evil plans and asks for help from him.

Episode 91

Sunaina asks Anupama to convince Chandrika for inviting Chandan’s family for dinner at their place so that Viraj can steal the agreement papers. Chandrika decides to go to Chandan’s house to invite them for dinner. Virendra hires a female to make a call to Sunaina and talk to her in Sujata’s voice. And a same kind of call is made to Viraj informing him that Anupama is in trouble. Sunaina and Viraj land up together in a hotel room after getting those calls and are locked inside the room. They suspect that Virendra and Dhanush are trying to trap. Chandan is furious as Dhanush is not able to get the NOC papers and therefore he loses this deal too. Dhanush gives him the reason that he was distracted due to some issue. He takes Chandan to the same hotel room in which Sunaina and Viraj are locked.

Episode 92

Viraj and Sunaina are called to the same hotel room to create doubts in Chandan’s mind regarding Sunaina. Dhanush brings Chandan to the hotel room and eventually Chandan spots Viraj and Sunaina trying to leave the hotel together. Dhanush bribes the concierge and as a result he lies to Chandan that Viraj and Sunaina had booked a room in the hotel. Chandan is furious and heartbroken. Chandan is surprised to see Sunaina and Viraj in his father’s room trying to hide a file from him. Chandan grabs the file from her to have a look at what the file contained.

Episode 93

Chandan accuses Sunaina of having an affair with Viraj after he sees the file which stated that if Chandan is unable to pay 10 crores then all his family’s property would be transferred to Sunaina’s name. Virendra actually had manipulated the papers so as to create a rift between Sunaina and Chandan. Virendra asks for his company and house documents from Trishna as he had done his job of separating Chandan and Sunaina.

Episode 94

Trishna refuses Virendra to give the documents until the next day. She informs him that she would give the documents tomorrow during a party. Trishna invites Krishnakant’s family for the party. Viraj expresses his feelings for Anu and informs her that he would be leaving the city forever. Sunaina is dejected as Chandan does not give her a chance to explain her side. Chandan is so enraged that he burns off the cheque of 10 crores given to him by Gundecha builders

Episode 95

Chandan decides against doing Gundecha’s project as he does not want all the property to be transferred to Sunaina. Chandan and Sunaina arrive at the party with their families. Trishna announces that the property would be co-owned by Virendra, Chandan and Sunaina. Sunaina tries to clear the confusion but Chandan doesn’t give her chance.

Episode 96

Everyone is shocked to hear Trishna’s decision about Bhimani’s property. Harsha Bua is very thrilled to know that Sunaina might get Bhimani’s property. Baa forces Sunaina and Chandan to dance together in the party. Virendra hears Trishna talking about some CD which will reveal his truth. He finds the CD from Trishna’s room. Sunaina tries to clear the misunderstanding and Chandan is also convinced with her. Trishna tries to snatch the CD from Virendra. He threatens Trishna to kill her if she does not transfer the property in his name. Dhanush warns Sunaina to stay away from Chandan. Sunaina takes a vow that she won’t let anyone come in between Chandan and her relation. Trishna gets a gun and threatens him to give the CD back to her.

Episode 97

Trishna points a gun at Virendra as he tries to steal the CD which has all the evidences against him. Virendra and Trishna struggle for the gun and Virendra accidentally shoots Trishna. Virendra hides in Trishna’s room behind a couch when he hears Sunaina coming. Sunaina is shocked to see Trishna dead. Virendra wipes his finger prints from the gun after Sunaina goes out of the room to call everybody. Everybody in the party is shocked to see Trishna lying in a pool of blood. Police arrives at the scene and investigates the matter. Dhanush blames Sunaina for the murder.

Episode 98

Dhanush explains Chandan that Sunaina is the murderer as all the evidences are against her. Kunika reveals to everybody that Chandan had seen Viraj and Sunaina coming out of a Hotel room. Sunaina accepts that Chandan has ended the relationship with her. The Police arrests Sunaina. Virendra also reveals that they had seen Viraj and Sunaina trying to steal away the property documents from his room. Anu accepts that Viraj actually is in love with her and not Sunaina in order to clear the confusion regarding Sunaina and Viraj. Chandrika is shocked with the comments the people at the party were making against her family.

Episode 99

Anu tells Chandrika that Viraj has feelings for her and not Sunaina. She also tells her that Sunaina took Viraj’s help to get some files from Virendra. Chandrika is very angry with her. She informs Krishnakant about the incidence. Anu calls Chandan to clear the misunderstandings but Chandan does not listen to her. Virendra gets furious over Dhanush when he calls Trishna’s employee to transfer the property in their name. Chandan goes to meet Sunaina in the jail.

Episode 100

Chandan meets Sunaina in jail. He feels that Sunaina is innocent and has been set up by someone. He decides to do everything in his powers to help Sunaina to get out from jail. Virendra is not happy when Chandan informs his family about his decision to help Sunaina. Virendra takes away the agreement documents between Trishna and Sunaina from Chandan’s cupboard when he sleeps.

Episode 101

Virendra takes the agreement documents from Chandan’s cupboard so that Sunaina’s case is weakened in court. Sunaina’s family is relieved to hear from Sunaina that Chandan has patched up with her and has agreed to hire a good lawyer. Chandan confronts Virendra asking him the reason for being against Sunaina. Chandan challenges him that he will see to it that Sunaina is released from jail.

Episode 102

Sunaina’s family waits for Chandan as he had promised to come with a lawyer. Krishnakant is shocked when Virendra holds Sunaina responsible for the murder. He is later surprised to see a lawyer ready to take up the case of Sunaina. Sunaina’s lawyer puts a strong case and is successful in getting bail for Sunaina. Virendra is livid with Chandan for supporting Sunaina.

Episode 103

Sunaina comes home after being granted bail. Sunaina is heart broken when Chandan accuses her of having an affair with Viraj. Chandan informs her that he is only helping her for the sake of the good times spent together and he does not want to leave her alone in such a troubled time. Sunaina is shattered as Chandan does not want to continue with the relationship. Dhanush is elated when Chandan informs him that he has parted ways with Sunaina.

Episode 104

Chandan meets his lawyer Mrs. Kapoor to solve the case. The lawyer asks Sunaina some questions. Sunaina recollects that she has seen a keychain in the room after Trishna’s death. Virendra secretly hears their conversation. He realises that the keychain that Sunaina saw in the room belongs to him. Virendra goes to Trishna’s house to get the keychain. Even Chandan, Sunaina and their lawyer head towards Trishna’s house. Virendra sees Chandan’s car on the way. Virendra calls Chandan and tell him that he has met with an accident to mislead him. Virendra searches for the keychain in Trishna’s room. Chandan, Sunaina and their lawyer reach Trishna’s house. Sunaina senses that she saw someone going in Trishna’s room. Virendra finds his keychain and locks the room from inside when Chandan and Sunaina reach there. Sunaina finds the room keys and opens the door.

Episode 105

Chandan, Sunaina and her lawyer search for some evidence against the real murderer at the murder spot. They feel somebody else is also present at the spot. The mysterious person escapes through the window before Chandan could spot him. Virendra brings the key chain from the spot. He reveals to Kunika and Dhanush that he had accidentally killed Trishna. Dhanush later reveals to them that he had seen Virendra wiping off finger prints from the pistol. He also reveals that he had taken the CD away from the spot. Virendra asks Chandan to stop helping Sunaina or else he would have to choose between him and Sunaina. Chandan is confused.

Episode 106

Baa gets an attack when she hears Virendra asking Chandan to choose between him and Sunaina. Baa wants Chandan to never part from each other. Trishna’s manager comes to meet Sunaina and give her a CD. Sunaina is shocked after seeing the CD which has all the evidences against Virendra to prove him guilty. The manager also informs Sunaina that Trishna was supposed to show this CD in the party. The manager tells Sunaina that he suspects Virendra to have murdered Trishna as he knew about this CD. Sunaina does not believe him that Virendra can murder Trishna. Harsha bua sees the CD in Sunaina’s hand with Virendra’s initials. A doctor is called to examine Baa who tells Chandan that Baa’s condition is very critical and she should not have any tension. Baa asks Chandan that she wants to meet Sunaina. Chandan asks Sunaina to visit Baa once. Sunaina is confused whether she should inform Chandan about the CD. Dhanush teases Virendra that he must be feeling guilty whenever he sees Sunaina.

Episode 107

Sunaina hears Dhanush and Virendra talking about some murder. Sunaina is upset seeing Chandan ignoring her. Baa tells Sunaina that she wants her to marry Chandan. She also tells her that she does not like Virendra’s behaviour towards Sunaina. Baa suddenly collapses and Sunaina goes to Kunika’s room in search of Baa’s medicine. She finds the same keychain from Virendra’s cupboard which she had seen in Trishna’s room. Sunaina calls Chandan saying that Baa has suddenly fallen sick again. Chandan rushes back home. Sunaina tries to talk to Chandan about the keychain but is interrupted by Virendra. Kunika insults Sunaina and asks her to leave their house.

Episode 108

Chandan’s family decides to send Baa to Bangalore so that she can rest and also not provide moral support to Sunaina. Sunaina convinces her lawyer against doing anything which brings disrepute to Chandan’s family members.

Episode 109

Sunaina’s lawyer accuses Virendra to be murderer. Virendra is shocked to hear that. Sunaina’s lawyer questions Virendra about the keychain which was spotted at the crime scene. Virendra is absolutely shocked and short of words when asked to explain about his involvement.

Episode 110

Sunaina’s lawyer tries to prove that Virendra is the actual murderer. Virendra is taken in to custody. Chandan is livid with Sunaina. Dhanush and Virendra are worried about the CD provided to the court as evidence. Chandan fires Aparna as he believes that she is trying to frame his father in the case.

Episode 111

Sunaina is devastated when Chandan breaks all ties with her and holds her responsible for putting his father’s life in jeopardy. Sunaina tries to convince her family about Chandan’s intentions and integrity towards her case. Virendra is worried thinking of the rut he has got himself into.

Episode 112

Chandan gives a statement in the court that he has killed Trishna. The judge passes a judgment that Chandan is to be hanged till death. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Virendra feels guilty as Chandan has taken all his blame on himself. Sunaina pleads Chandan to not to punish him for others’ mistakes.

Episode 113

Sunaina pleads Chandan to take his statement back. But Chandan refuses saying that he wants Sunaina to feel guilty for her deeds and he won’t let his father suffer. Virendra is guilty as Chandan takes all the blame on himself. He decides to confess his crime but Dhanush and Tulika stops him. Sunaina comes to Bhimani house and makes Virendra realise that he has been taking advantage of his own son. Virendra decides to confess his crime.

Episode 114

Virendra goes to meet Chandan in the jail and confesses his crime. Dhanush pretends in front of Chandan that Virendra is in shock after his imprisonment and is trying to save him by giving false statements. Chandan also believes that Virendra is trying to save him by taking the blame on himself. Sunaina prays to God for Chandan’s release.

Episode 115

An unknown person wants to help Sunaina when he sees her completely shattered but Sunaina refuses to accept his help in any way. Chandrika and Anu are worried about Sunaina when they see her totally devastated after Chandan’s arrest. Virendra wants to surrender himself to save Chandan. Sunaina goes to meet Aparna and pleads her to save Chandan. Aparna suggests her that they should take Chandan’s case to Supreme Court which might help them to release Chandan. Kunika injects Virendra some drug which makes him dizzy and he dozes off.

Episode 116

The high court’s lawyer advices Sunaina to do things which would force Chandan to hate her immensely. The lawyer informs her that this would help make Chandan sign the documents which would turn Chandan’s previous confession statement null and void. But when Chandan reads the documents he realises the true meaning and the repercussions the document would make on the case. He immediately tears the documents.

Episode 117

On pondering about his behaviour with Sunaina, Chandan realises that Sunaina was only trying to save him from the punishment. Mr. Vaidya refuses to take up Chandan’s case under the circumstances. Dhanush tries to run over Sunaina but she is saved by Yuvi. In the process Yuvi himself gets seriously injured. Sunaina is later shocked to know that doctors had amputated Yuvi’s legs.

Episode 118

Sunaina is furious with Yuvi as he joked that his legs were amputated by the doctors. Virendra is very confused when Dhanush informs that he was given sleeping pills all these days. Dhanush, Virendra and Chandan are furious when all property is given to Sunaina according to Trishna’s will. Chandan is very upset and feels betrayed.

Episode 119

Sunaina is livid after getting all of Trishna’s property as it worsened her relation with Chandan. Sunaina and her parents decide to give all the property back to Chandan. Chandan does not listen to Sunaina when she tells him that she would return him all the property. Trishna’s lawyer suggests a lawyer to Sunaina who could definitely free Chandan but he always asks for exorbitant price to fight a case. Sunaina is ready to hire the lawyer without thinking twice.

Episode 120

Sunaina asks Trishna’s manager to fix her appointment with the lawyer he has suggested. Sunaina is upset when the manager informs her that he could not get the appointment before two weeks. Sunaina decides to meet him personally and gets the appointment. Yuvi tries to stop Sunaina and her dress gets stuck. Sunaina accuses him that he is trying to follow her but later realises her mistake. She tells Yuvi that she wants to meet Yug, a lawyer. Yuvi asks her to visit his club and also tells him that he is a friend of Yug. Sunaina goes to the club to meet Yug and finds out that Yuvi himself is Yug. Yug agrees to help Sunaina and Sunaina agrees to pay him his fees.

Episode 121

Yug Suryavansi assures Sunaina that he will fight for Chandan and prove him innocent. Everyone in Sunaina’s family is thrilled to know that Yug Suryavansi has accepted Chandan’s case. Trishna’s manager insists Sunaina to talk about the charges that Yug will charge for Chandan’s case. Yug and Sunaina go to meet Chandan. Yug decides to hide from Chandan and let Sunaina talk to him as Chandan might not speak in front of him. Chandan gets annoyed seeing Sunaina. He still refuses to change his statement.

Episode 122

Chandan refuses to change his statement in the court. He sees Yuvi hiding and listening to their conversation. Yuvi reveals to him that he is fighting the case in his favour to prove him innocent. Kunika comes back home and gets furious at Dhanush as their entire property is in Sunaina’s name. Yuvi assures Sunaina that at any cost they will win the case. Kunika again tries to give some drug to Virendra and make him unconscious. Virendra refuses to take them as he knows Kunika’s true colours now. Harsha is worried as Sunaina will give away the property if she wins the case and Chandan is proved innocent. Kunika again plans to defeat Sunaina.

Episode 123

Harsha goes to Bhimani house to inform them that Sunaina has hired some new lawyer to fight Chandan’s case. She also expresses her desire to get expensive gifts from them for sharing the news with them. Virendra is happy as Sunaina is trying to release Chandan from jail. Sunaina shares all the details of the evidences that were presented in court related to Trishna’s murder case. She does not tell him much about the CD which was given to her by the manager which revealed the truth about Virendra. Dhanush tries to threaten Sunaina in the court.

Episode 124

Yug puts forth his argument and is successful in convincing the judge to hold the next proceeding at the crime scene. Yug manages to gather everybody who was present in the party on the day of the murder. Yug time and again proves Chandan’s statements wrong and urges him to speak the truth.

Episode 125

Yug tries to prove that Chandan had lied to the court about his involvement in the murder. Virendra is jolted when he sees a lady at the crime scene wearing the same sari as Trishna had worn on that fateful night. Yug proves that Chandan is innocent as his statements do not match the crime scene evidence. Yug asks Sunaina to get married to him as a remuneration of the case.

Episode 126

Sunaina refuses to marry Yug but Yug remains adamant on his demand. Kunika and Dhanush plan to somehow bribe or coax him to prove Chandan guilty. Sunaina is in a dilemma and rushes to Yug to persuade him to accept her decision and save Chandan. Meanwhile, Yug is surprised to see Dhanush at his door step.

Episode 127

Dhanush tries to bribe Yug asking him to lose the case so that Chandan is convicted of the murder. Sunaina is shocked to hear from Dhanush that he wants Chandan to get capital punishment. Yug tries to persuade Sunaina but she refuses to marry to him. Dhanush withdraws from the case and as a result the high court upholds the judgment of the lower court i.e. capital punishment.

Episode 128

Yug finds it difficult to defend Chandan and quit the case. Sunaina pleads the judge to consider Chandan’s punishments again as he is innocent. Sunaina pleads in front of Yug and asks him to fight for Chandan. Yug tells her that he will prove him innocent only if Sunaina marry him. Sunaina agrees to marry him so that Chandan can be released. Sunaina also tells Yug that though she will be married to him she will always have feeling for Chandan. Yug proves Sunaina and Trishna’s Manager guilty in the court. Everyone is shocked to hear that.

Episode 129

Yug proves Sunaina as Trishna’s murderer. He also gets some evidence that prove her guilty. Trishna’s manager confesses his crime and also says that Sunaina had planned for Trishna’s murder. Sunaina also confesses that she had murdered Trishna as she thinks that Chandan can be saved if she takes the blame on herself. Later Yug proves that neither Sunaina nor Chandan are guilty. The judge releases Chandan as he is innocent. Everyone is happy. Chandan also thanks Yug for defending him. Chandan searches for Sunaina after winning the case but is not able to find her. Yug reminds Sunaina about her promise of marrying him.

Episode 130

Yug asks Sunaina to marry him on the same day. He also informs her that Chandan will be released only after court formalities are completed. Sunaina is devastated as she is forced to marry Yug. Kunika curses Sunaina for fighting the case for Chandan and proving him innocent. Virendra tells Kunika and Dhanush that he will apologise to Kotak family and convince them for Sunaina and Chandan’s marriage. Chandan is very eager to meet Sunaina.

Episode 131

Krishnakant Kotak gets furious seeing Virendra at their place. Virendra apologises for his mistakes. Virendra also manages to convince Sunaina’s parents for her marriage with Chandan. Virendra and Kotak family are very happy thinking that Sunaina and Chandan will be together again. Later Sunaina declares that she is marrying Yug. Everyone is shocked to hear that.

Episode 132

Sunaina goes to marry Yug against her family’s wish. Kunika and Dhanush are tensed as Sunaina’s marriage to Yug would mean that they would lose most of the property owned by Sunaina. Chandan is shocked to hear about Sunaina’s marriage to Yug.

Episode 133

Dhanush informs Chandan about Sunaina’s decision to marry Yug. Kunika worried about the property threatens the Kotak family with dire consequences if Sunaina is married to Yug ruining Chandan’s life. Chandan escapes from Police custody. Chandan is shot in the arm by Police as he tries to reach the place where Sunaina is supposed to get married. Chandan passes out as he bleeds profusely.

Episode 134

Chandan in spite of being shot tries to stop Sunaina from getting married to Yug. The police are on the lookout for Chandan while Chandan hides in a shop and changes his clothes to mislead the police. Anupama goes for Sunaina’s wedding to support Sunaina. Harsha incites Krishnakant against Anupama. Sunaina is happy to see Chandan at the marriage function.

Episode 135

Sunaina keeps thinking about Chandan while she is about to be married in a short while to Yug. Virendra is shocked to know that Chandan has escaped from Police custody and has been shot as they come in search of Chandan. The police also searches the house of the Kotaks. Harsha incites the Kotak family to rush to Sunaina’s marriage to save Chandan. Sunaina is relieved to see Anupama present at the marriage. Eventually Chandan comes and stops the marriage.

Episode 136

Chandan reaches at the marriage function and stops their wedding. Chandan defeats Yug and take Sunaina along with her. Sunaina goes with him but later realise that Yug can again harm Chandan and send him to jail. She accuses Chandan for not trusting her in their bad times. She also makes him realise that Yug is a rich person who can satisfy all her needs. Chandan slaps her as he feels that Sunaina is marrying Yug for his property. Sunaina breaks her relation with Chandan and goes with Yug. Chandan is shattered.

Episode 137

Chandan is shattered as Sunaina goes with Yug, Eventually Sunaina and Yug get married. Sunaina’s family and Chandan’s family come to Yug’s place searching for Chandan. Sunaina is upset as her parents refuses to give her blessing after her marriage. Chandan gets arrested again as he tries to escape from the police custody. Sunaina runs away as Yug tries to get intimate with her on their first night after marriage.

Episode 138

Chandan gets flashes of Sunaina’s marriage. Krishnakant in unhappy as Sunaina marries Yug and blames Anupama for the same and asks her to leave the house. Anupama refuses to leave the house when Harsha taunts her. Anupama tries to find the reason of Sunaina’s decision to marry Yug. Sunaina stays aloof from Yug and compels him to reveal the reason for marrying her. Sunaina is confused and inquisitive when Yug tells her that he would reveal the reason later.

Episode 139

Baa calls at Sunaina’s house to ask them about Sunaina and Chandan’s marriage. Krishnakanth tells him that Sunaina and Chandan can never get married. Baa gets a heart attack listening to this. The nurse asks Krishnakanth to inform Baa’s family about her heart attack. Krishnakant goes to Bhimani house where he is insulted by Kunika. Virendra immediately rushes to meet Baa after hearing the news. Kunika and Dhanush go to police station to release Chandan. Chandan happens to meet Sunaina near the temple. He gets annoyed seeing her and express his hatred for her.

Episode 140

Virendra pacifies Baa and promises to her that Chandan and Sunaina would get married soon. Sunaina finds a photo album in Yug’s wardrobe where all the photos are half torn. She finds this a deliberate move by Yug to hide his identity. Yug refuses to reveal to Sunaina the reason why he married her. Chandan pleads Sunaina to come with him to see Baa as she had suffered a heart attack.

Episode 141

Sunaina is happy as Yug leaves for Delhi for a couple of days as in the meantime she could meet Baa. Chandan starts doubting Sunaina’s intentions after hearing Dhanush and Virendra. Yug stops Chandan and Sunaina from leaving for Bangalore. Yug allows Sunaina to go on a condition that she would start having a normal relation with him as a husband and wife would have.

Episode 142

Sunaina agrees to Yug’s condition of going on a honeymoon. Baa is thrilled to see Sunaina and Chandan together. She is overjoyed as she mistakes Sunaina to have been married to Chandan. Chandan and Sunaina are worried when Baa suddenly falls sick.

Episode 143

Baa is elated to see Chandan and Sunaina together. Chandan and Sunaina plan to leave early morning before Baa could wake up. But Baa stops them from going while returning from her morning pooja. Sunaina is unhappy with Baa’s plans for a party where she has invited her parents. She does not want to face her parents and is also tensed as Yug would be returning home the next day.

Episode 144

Baa plans for a party where she has invited her parents. Sunaina’s mother informs Krishnakant that Baa has invited them for a party. Krishnakant refuses to attend the party. Anupama tries to convince Krishnakant to attend the party but Krishnakant is adamant on his decision. Entire family gathers for the party. Chandan thanks Sunaina for helping him convince Baa that they are married to each other.

Episode 145

Baa decides to gift Sunaina a necklace and asks Chandan and Sunaina to go the jewellery shop. On reaching the shop some goons enter the shop and hold Sunaina at gunpoint. Chandan somehow manages to save Sunaina. Yug is furious when Baa informs him that Chandan and Sunaina are together. Chandan decides to get Sunaina back in his life at any cost.

Episode 146

Everyone is shocked as Yug reaches Bhimani house. Sunaina asks Yug not to reveal the truth to Baa. Yug is furious with Sunaina and misbehaves with her. Chandan on seeing this tries to assault Yug but is taken away by Virendra. Virendra asks Chandan to stay out of Yug and Sunaina’s life. Sunaina explains to Yug the reason for being with Chandan. Yug asks Sunaina to leave Bhimani house or else he would reveal the truth to Baa. Eventually Yug and Sunaina leave Bhimani house.

Episode 147

Krishnakant is hurt with Sunaina’s decision to marry Yug. Kunika asks Dhanush to keep a tab on Chandan’s plan regarding Sunaina. Chandan goes to Yug’s house to return Sunaina’s baggage which she forgets at Chandan’s house. Yug is furious with Chandan and asks him to leave the house as Chandan expresses to him his love for Sunaina. Chandan tells Yug that he’ll get back Sunaina in his life at any cost.

Episode 148

Yug tells Sunaina that they are leaving for their honeymoon next day and also asks her to not to discuss about this to anybody. Sunaina goes to the temple where she meets Chandrika and Sujata. Sunaina touches chandrika’s feet to get her blessings. Sunaina is very thrilled as she gets her mother’s blessing. She wants to share this with Yug but he does not listen to her. Chandan calls to talk to Sunaina. Yug does not allow Chandan to speak to Sunaina and also informs him that they are leaving for their honeymoon. Chandan is furious to hear that. Chandrika and Sujata tell Anu that they had met Sunaina in the temple and Krishnakant hears their conversation.

Episode 149

Krishnakant is upset with Chandrika as she meets Sunaina and also gives her blessings. Yug and Sunaina reach some hotel at Simla but cannot find any room in the hotel. They wait in the lobby of the hotel where Sunaina sees Chandan and is stunned. Later Chandan comes in front of Sunaina and Yug and pretends that even he is surprised to see them. Later Chandan reveals to Yug how he found his credit card details and cancelled their hotel booking.

Episode 150

Chandan goes behind Yug and Sunaina but pretends it to be a coincident. Chandan challenges Yug for a car race. Yug agrees to it. Chandan fakes that his car has stopped working while making Yug feel that he has won. He later goes to meet Sunaina in Yug’s absence. Sunaina tells Chandan that she does not feel for him anymore but Chandan does not believe her. Yug understands that Chandan has faked his car’s breakdown to meet Sunaina. He gets furious when he sees Sunaina and Chandan together. He later accuses Sunaina for cheating him. Sunaina convinces Yug that she will never go back to Chandan.

Episode 151

Dhanush tells Kunika that Chandan has gone to Simla where even Yug and Sunaina are having their honeymoon. Yug reserves the whole restaurant to have a candlelight dinner with Sunaina. Chandan accidentally reaches the same restaurant. Chandan interrupts them and show some video of him and Sunaina. Yug gets irate seeing the video and leaves the place. Sunaina goes behind him and talks to him about the deal between them. Sunaina is later stunned to see Chandan whom she was assuming to be Yug. Chandan comes to know everything about Sunaina’s relationship with Yug. Yug now challenges Chandan that he will defeat him soon.

Episode 152

Yug does not like Chandan’s comment that there is a rift between him and Sunaina. Chandan sensing that Yug might try to force himself on Sunaina, makes bomb hoax call. As a result, everybody in the hotel is ordered to vacate the hotel. Yug is furious when Chandan reveals to him that he had made the bomb hoax call. Yug gets Chandan arrested for the call. Virendra is worried to hear that Chandan has been arrested for making a bomb hoax call. Yug refuses to hear Sunaina’s pleas to take back the statement given to police

Episode 153

Chandan gives his statement to the Police in which he frames Yug. The Police arrest Yug for making a bomb hoax call. Chandan reveals to Yug, when he escapes from the Police that he had used his cell phone to make the hoax call. Sunaina is worried when Anupama calls to inform her that her parents have had a heated argument. Chandan meets Yug in the jail and threatens to marry Sunaina.

Episode 154

Sunaina reveals to Virendra the circumstances in which Chandan had landed in jail. Sunaina slaps Chandan when he gets hyper speaking about their relationship. Sunaina asks Chandan with a heavy heart to forget about their past relationship. A friend of Yug who is a lawyer manages to release Yug from jail. Yug is enraged when Sunaina mistakes him to be Chandan.

Episode 155

Yug is enraged with Chandan as the newspapers have maligned her name accusing him to have made the bomb hoax call. Harsha overhears Chandrika asking Anu to call Sunaina. Yug reveals to Sunaina that he had made her sign the property documents in his name on the pretext of signing legal papers. Yug takes Sunaina along to stay with him in Chandan’s house as now it belongs to him legally. Yug threatens Sunaina to be part of his plan to harass Chandan or else he would get Chandan killed.

Episode 156

Chandan accuses Sunaina and Yug to be harassing his family and warns her against doing so. Yug is stunned when Anupama sees him with Trishna’s lawyer. Yug is worried when he sees Sunaina talking on the phone as Anupama had seen him with Trishna’s lawyer but is relieved when he comes to know that Sunaina was speaking to her mother. Sunaina finds some pictures in the store room and hopes that the pictures would help her know the reason for which Yug is marrying her. She later finds that Yug is actually Virendra’s son.

Episode 157

Anupama asks Chandrika to accept Sunaina back in the family as she thinks Krishnakant is being too harsh with her. Krishnakant hearing this realizes the same. Suddenly Krishnakant’s health deteriorates and he is rushed to the hospital. Yug reveals to Sunaina that he is Sharada and Virendra’s son and got married to her as he wanted to take revenge on the entire Bhimani family for the pain which his mother had gone through. Kunika overhears Yug and Sunaina and reveals the same to Dhanush. Sunaina is shattered when Anupama calls her to inform that Krishnakant has had a heart attack. Kunika and Dhanush plan to kill Yug to get their property back.

Episode 158

Sunaina and Chandan rush to the hospital on hearing about Krishnakant’s cardiac arrest. Chandan overhears Sunaina apologizing to Krishnakant while explaining him reason for marrying Yug. Sunaina calls Yug to inform him that Chandan had come to know the reason why she had agreed to marry him. Yug sees Chandan’s car coming towards him which later bangs into him. Yug escapes with minor injuries. Sunaina blames Chandan for Yug’s accident. She later reveals to him that Yug is his brother. Yug then reveals to Sunaina that it was Dhanush who had tried to kill him.

Episode 159

Virendra is furious with Dhanush when Yug reveals that it was Dhanush who had tried to kill him. Kunika reveals to everyone that Virendra had killed Trishna. Viren too accepts his crime and decides to surrender himself to Police. Viren asks Yug to accept Chandan as his brother. Sunaina apologizes to Chandan for accusing him for Yug’s accident. Yug decides to leave Bhimani house. Yug gives all the property papers to Chandan. Yug accepts Chandan as his brother and tells him to marry Sunaina as he had made her sign the divorce papers on the pretext of signing legal papers.

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