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Katerina Stikoudi
Κατερίνα Στικούδη
Birth name Ekaterini Stikoudi
Born (1985-04-16) April 16, 1985 (age 33)
Thessaloniki, Greece
Origin Thessaloniki, Greece
Years active 2005–present

Katerina Stikoudi, in Greek: Κατερίνα Στικούδη (born 16 April 1985 in Thessaloniki) is a Greek former model, singer and occasional television presenter who won the 2005 title "Miss Hellas" (Miss Ελλάς) at the Miss Star Hellas pageant and had the chance to represent Greece at the Miss World pageant.

Aside from beauty pageants and modeling, Katerina was a children's swimming instructor and a student at the TEI of Larissa in Larissa. She has also been a television presenter on numerous Greek shows. She is also a singer who released the song "Mi".[citation needed].Moreover, Stikoudi was PAOK's swimmer for thirteen years.[1]

  • 2009: Τώρα / Tora (Feat. LAVA)
  • 2010: Εμμονή / Emmoni (Feat. NEBMA)
  • 2011: 6 Εκατομμύρια / 6 Ekatommyria
  • 2011: Η Μουσική Μου / I Mousiki Mou
  • 2012: Σενάριο / Senario
  • 2012: Μη / Mi
  • 2012: Απ' Την Αρχή / Ap' Tin Arxi
  • 2012: Ο.Κ. (Δεν Τρέχει Τίποτα) / O.K. (Den Trexei Tipota)
  • 2012: Σαν Να Μην Υπάρχω / San Na Min Yparxo
  • 2013: Ψηλά Τακούνια / Psila Takounia
  • 2013: Μίλια Μακριά / Milia Makria (Feat. Ablaze)
  • 2013: Μ' Ένα Σου Φιλί / M' Ena Sou Fili
  • 2014: Σ' Ένα Όνειρο / S' Ena Oneiro
  • 2014: Η Γεύση Της Ζωής Μου / I Geysi Tis Zois Mou
  • 2014: Τατουάζ / Tatouaz
  • 2015: Cliche
  • 2015: Συννεφιά / Synnefia
  • 2015: Θα Σου Περάσει / Tha Sou Perasei (Feat. NEBMA)
  • 2016: Voices
  • 2016: I Like The Way
  • 2016: Πιράνχας / Piranxas (Feat. TNS)
  • 2018: "Intuited"



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