Kitani Mohabbat Hai (season 2)

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Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2
Genre Romantic Drama
Created by Balaji Telefilms
Written by Story
Divya Nidhi Sharma
Aparajita Sharma
Sampurn Anand
Prashant Bhatt
Gitanshu Dey
Divya Nidhi Sharma
Aparajita Sharma
Prashant Bhatt
Gitanshu Dey
Divya Nidhi Sharma
Aparajita Sharma
Aparna Nadig
Directed by Rahib Siddiqui, Aniruddha Rajderkar, Jeetu Arora, Randeep Mahadik, Ashish Shrivastav & Sangeeta Rao
Creative director(s) Persis Siganporia & Prashant Bhatt
Starring See Below
Opening theme "Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2" by Aishwarya Nigam & Keka Ghoshal
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 153
Producer(s) Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor
Editor(s) Vikas Sharma, Vishal Sharma & Sandeep Bhatt
Cinematography Sanjay Memane – Shekhar Nagarkar
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Balaji Telefilms
Original channel NDTV Imagine
Picture format 576i (SDTV),
Original release 1 November 2010 – 26 May 2011
Preceded by Kitani Mohabbat Hai

Kitani Mohobbat Hai 2 (Hindi: कितनी मोहब्बत है) (English: How much I love you) is the second season of the popular serial Kitani Mohabbat Hai starring Kritika Kamra and Karan Kundra but is not a continuation or sequel to the first season plot.[1]


The new season tells the story of two diverse families and two diverse individuals. Arjun (Karan Kundra) is quiet and an introvert while Arohi (Kritika Kamra) is vibrant and chirpy. Arohi's world revolves around her family of sincere and honest police officers while Arjun is the son of a white collared criminal. Yet when cupid strikes, love has no rules and knows no laws. Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2 follows Arjun and Arohi's love story budding under the most unfavorable circumstances, with a very interesting twist. Major parts of this series are exactly similar to the movie Hero by Subhash Ghai starring Jackie Shroff. [2]


Arjun's family is enemies with Arohi's family due to something that happened between Arohi's grandfather and Arjun's dad. Arohi's grandad finally puts Arjun's father in jail, but Arjun has other plans. He kidnaps Arohi and her friend and will only return them if his dad is let free. However, the girls are unaware of this and believe that Arjun and his low-class friends are the policemen Arohi's grandad ordered to escort them to safety. Whilst hidden in the jungle Arjun and Arohi slowly fall in love. Meanwhile, Chikku (Arohi's fiance) helps find Arohi. When he suggests the criminals may be hiding Arohi in the jungle, the policemen in Arohi's family immediately drive into the jungle to start searching.

After they admit their love, Arjun and Arohi go travelling on their own. Arohi just misses her family's search party and is still unaware of Arjun's fake identity. A couple notices them and take them in. Arjun and Arohi tell them that they are not married but that Arohi is pregnant. The old couple decide to get them married straight away.

Arohi's entire family is grieving for because they cannot find her. The wedding is going on. Arohi's grandfather and grandmother go to visit the special couple but leave because they are upset about her. Unaware that the bride is their granddaughter they leave. But whilst they're on the road they remember about the wedding present they forgot to give and turn back. Before the wedding takes place Arohi realizes she does not know Arjun very well. The granddad interrupt and informs Arohi who Arjun really is. He tells her that Arjun is from a family of criminals, he isn't a policeman, and Arohi is a tool to he is using to release his father from jail. Feeling betrayed and hurt, Arohi returns to her family and agrees to marry Chikku.

Arjun tries to apologize to Arohi. She rejects him and carries on with her marrying Chikku. He tries to lead a good life to prove to Arohi that he loves her. His sister talks with Arohi in private telling her that Arjun is truly in love with her. Gauri gets jealous and starts arguing with Arjun's sister. Arohi, Guari and Arjun's sister are near the staircase. Gauri pushes Arjun's sister down it where she bleeds and loses the baby she was pregnant with. Arjun blames Arohi for this as everyone is unaware that it was Gauri who pushed his sister — even Arohi doesn't realise it was her friend.

As payback, Arjun interrupts Arohi and Chikku's wedding — threatening her that he will get his revenge. He locks Chikku in a storeroom and puts his wedding clothes on, pretending to be Chikku. No one knows it is Arjun because his face is covered. Now they are married, and the whole family is shocked. Arohi and her family are devastated as he says he will not divorce her; his revenge is by showing off his marriage to the world and embarrassing Arohi's family who have caused his family so much pain.

Arjun's dad asks him to marry a young woman from London who is the daughter of his business partner. Arjun refuses. He tries to tell Arohi about this. He repairs Mr. Softy Ahluwalia and gives it to her. Arohi was very happy and hugs him. Arohi's cell rang and she starts talking with Dhoondu: This makes Arjun jealous and he lies to Arohi that he had said yes to the London woman. Arohi feels very bad and she lies to Arjun that she loves Dhoondu. Dhoondu tells Arohi that he loves Archana and she was going to get married to Jay who was Arjun's best friend. When Arohi learns that her booaa is the wedding planner she tells her to write the name of Dhoondu as a photographer so that Dhoondu can stay with Archana. Jay comes to know that someone is after Archana and tells Arjun.

Arjun says there is nothing to worry about — he will handle everything. Arjun starts thinking very nasty things about Dhoondu and Arohi. When Dhoondu and Archana are finally united, Arohi thought that she will tell everything to Arjun. Arjun learns the truth but does not forgive Arohi. On that night, Arohi tells Arjun that he has to believe in her love or she will commit suicide. Arjun tells Arohi that he loves her, and they are finally united. Their happiness didn't last long. Arohi's daddu comes to Singhania's house and tells her that their divorce had been finalized. Arohi tries to tell her daddu that she loves Arjun. Arjun promises her that he will come to take her in two days. There in her house Gauri tells Arohi that she will distract her family. Gauri distracts them to send her to Canada. She tells Arjun's father that he have to send Arjun somewhere for 12 hours so that he can not come to take Arohi. Arohi will reach Canada; they will just take her passport. But this never happens. Arjun comes and stops Arohi from going. The next day when Arjun left Singhania's house and comes to take Arohi, Arohi's taau and father stops Arjun at the door and beat him.

Inside Arohi tells everyone the truth of Gauri and that she still loves Arjun. Gauri tries to prove Arohi wrong. She tells everyone that she has a CD of Jay's marriage functions where Arohi was trying to flirt with Arjun and Dhoondu. She brings the wrong CD and plays it. It shows that Gauri pushed Rashi from the stairs and forced Arjun to take the wrong path again. Gauri is thrown out of the house. Arohi's daddu announces Arjun and Arohi's wedding is next day. When Rudra learns this, he thinks that he will tell Arjun everything about his past, and he will be not be able to resist it. Rudra gives a file to Arjun and tells him to read it in his free time. Arjun goes to Arohi and tells about the file. When they were about to read it, Arohi's bua enters and takes Arjun to the lobby. Arjun is not able to read it. Instead Arohi reads the file. In it was written that Arohi's daddu wronged Arjun's mother which lead to her death. This secret only Rudra and Arohi's parents know. But Arohi's parents kept it as a secret because they knew that if Arohi's daddu will come to know the truth he will surrender himself to police. Arohi decides that Arjun should know this and she goes to tell him everything.

Arjun notices a photo (his mother's). Suddenly Arohi comes, and he is distracted. Later on Arjun learns that his mom was innocent and died. Arjun decides to go and kill Kartar — Arohi stops him. Arohi tells Arjun that she can't see him again going on the track of crime. Arjun promises that he will never do it again. Meanwhile Kartar has been shot by someone else with Arjun's gun, having his fingerprints. Everyone starts thinking that Arjun has killed Kartar and he is sent to jail. Arohi finds a lawyer for Arjun named Ram Panjabi who can't live without drinking. He finds proof for Arjun. On the day of judgment, Ram is killed. There is no evidence left for Arjun, and he is sent to jail for life. Arohi makes a plan to rescue him from the jail. Arjun disagrees and tells her that half his life he has broken laws, but now he will not do so.

Both make out of the way from Rajveer and run away. Rajveer makes a vow of being able to find them and, until he does, he will not rest in peace. Halfway through the journey to Shimla, Arjun's motorbike runs out of petrol and Arjun and Arohi are stuck in the middle of nowhere. It gets very cloudy, and thunder and lightning start. This makes Arohi scared and Arjun happy as he gets closer to her. They go in a hut as it was about to rain. They share an intense moment and beautiful hug until Rajveer finds them. He learned where they are as the killer told him about them. As all the newspapers, channels were showing their pictures. Sanchit (Arohi's Thou Ji's son) heard the location and informed everyone. They all went to Shimala through a shortcut; Rajveer reached there first.

Mikhail knows he came to kill them both. After a fight, Mikhail made Arjun unconscious. Mikhail turns to Arohi and aims the gun at her. Just in time, Rajveer arrives and pushes Arohi away from the gun. A bullet hits Rajveer instead; he fatally shoots Mikhail. A few days later Rajveer comes back to the Alhuwalia house and is surprised to see Arjun and Arohi waiting for him. He feels bad for everything he said and did to them.

Arjun and Arohi get married and live happily ever after.


Show Replacement date
Kitani Mohabbat Hai Season 2 26 May 2011

Cast and character[edit]

Actor Role
Karan Kundra Arjun Singhania
Kritika Kamra Arohi Ahluwalia/Singhania
Mohan Kapoor Rudra Pratap Singhania
Puneet Tejwani Chikku
Aaradhna Uppal Kumud Singhania
Neelam Mehra Teji Singhania
Danish Pandor Mikhail Singhania
Mrinalini Tyagi Raashi Singhania
Rupesh Kataria Romit Singhania
Abhay Bhargava Kartar Singh Ahluwalia
Alka Pradhan Daljeet Kaur Ahluwalia
Saptrishi Ghosh Arvind Singh Ahluwalia
Hemaakshi Ujjain Preeti Ahluwalia
Farukh Saeed Sudhir Singh Ahluwalia
Pyumori Mehta Amrit Ahluwalia
Delnaaz Irani Lovedeep Singh Ahluwalia
Nitin Sahrawat Rajveer Singh Ahluwalia
Parul Gulati Gauri Rajveer Ahluwalia
Loveleen Kaur Sasan Arjun's ex-girlfriend
Areesz Gandhi Jignesh
Sana Khan (Sana Makbul) Shefali
Priya Chauhan Simmi
Karan Arora Billu
Saurav Chakrabarti Danish Malhotra / Dhondoo
Shardul Pandit Jay
Namrata Kharkar Archana
Mohit Dagga Adv. Ram Punjabi


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