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An LS R50 Reinnovation HST tractor pulling a Trilo SG 300 vacuum sweeper during autumn cleaning in Stockholm, Sweden

LS Tractors is an engineering company. It is a division of LS Cable in South Korea. The group was originally part of the LG conglomeration, and was known as LG Tractors and LG Cable, respectively.

LS is associated with Mitsubishi tractors of Japan for technology, and many tractors are based on Mitsubishi designs, as well as use Mitsubishi engines. LS also imports New Holland Ag tractors to resell as LS-New Holland. (They originally had agreements with Fiat, which purchased New Holland. New Holland is a division of CNH Global).

LS currently builds tractors for Montana Tractors for sale in North America; and for sale under their own name as of 2009. They used to build for Farmtrac, a division of Escorts Agri of India, for sale in North America; and for TAFE Tractors of India also for sale in North America.


The history of LS Tractors goes back to 1975 as a division of Hyundai, and began with cooperation with Yanmar of Japan. In 1983, the former GoldStar Cable Company acquired the company and renamed it GoldStar tractors. The company names were changed to LG in 1995.

Tractors have been sold under GoldStar, Fiat-GoldStar, LG, LG-Fiat, LG-New Holland, LS and LS-New Holland names in South Korea. In North America, they have been sold as LG Montana, Montana, Farmtrac LandTrac, LongAgri LandTrac, McCormick Tractors and Landini.

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