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Developer Lewa Technology
Written in C (core), C++ (some third party libraries), Java (UI)
Working state Current
Source model Closed source with open-source components
Marketing target Firmware replacement for low-cost Android devices
Package manager APK
Kernel type Monolithic (Linux kernel)
Official website

LeWa OS (Chinese: 乐蛙), also known as Music Frogs and жабка, is an operating system for smartphones, based on the Android mobile platform.[1][2] Developed by Chinese company Lewa Technology, it is mainly intended for low-cost phones under 1000 yuan (around US$126).[3] As of April 2013, there are more than 2 million users of the system,[4] and as of July 2012, they are among the most popular third-party Android-based ROMs in China, together with MIUI and DianXin OS (also known as Tapas OS).[5] Lewa is also the first aftermarket Android-based firmware in the world that supports the dual-SIM standby feature.[6]


LeWa's team started developing ROMs for Android devices since August 2009, before the LeWa company was established.[7]

Soon after LeWa's technology was established in Shanghai at April 2011, it had received 20 million Reminbi angel investment from Green Pine Capital Partners (also the Round A investor of, coship and some other companies) by June 2011.[8] The company released the first official release of LeWa OS in October 2011. In June 2012, the first "Open Build" version was released with parts of its source code open-sourced, accompanied by a toolchain for developers to build their own versions of the OS.[9]

During early July 2012, it received 50 million renminbi (~7/9 million USD) funding from Tencent,[5][10] and LeWa started deeply integrating Tencent's mobile manager into their ROM since a month before that and provided a SDK to block spam messages on the system level.[11] Observers believe this investment is part of Tencent's strategy to enter the ROM-flashing market.[12]

By Late July 2012, the company introduced M+ Platform, becoming the first team to develop ROMs optimized for the MediaTeK platform.[13][14]

The Chinese version of Nokia X had been found to ship with LeWa OS 5 by default in early 2014.[15]


The ROM includes its own app store named "LeWa Market",[16] a power-save mode,[17] adjustable switches in notification bar,[18] and other modifications "optimized and localized" for Chinese users. It releases new version via over-the-air updates every Friday.[19][20][21] Unofficial releases are available for certain phones without official support from LeWa.[22] Some believe that it provides a user experience and design that's similar or better than iOS and MIUI, and some also praise the ROM for being simple and battery-saving.[23][24][25] However, some Chinese commentators believe that it consumes more battery than stock Android.[26]

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