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Singapore Police - MediaCorp Drama: 警徽天职 (C.L.I.F) - Interview with Tay Ping Hui
Singapore Police - MediaCorp Drama: 警徽天职 (C.L.I.F) - Interview with Tay Ping Hui
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在一起 (TOGETHER): Theme Song for "Yes we can!" 我们一定行
在一起 (TOGETHER): Theme Song for "Yes we can!" 我们一定行
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Happy & Love Forever Episode 20 English Sub Chinese Drama
Happy & Love Forever Episode 20 English Sub Chinese Drama
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Michael Jackson History Tour Live Munich (Germany) Full Concert
Michael Jackson History Tour Live Munich (Germany) Full Concert
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Mediacorp actress how they shine
Mediacorp actress how they shine
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MediaCorp - 8 DAYS - Great Day Everyday (Imperson8 /Cre8 / Saliv8 / Hyperventil8)
MediaCorp - 8 DAYS - Great Day Everyday (Imperson8 /Cre8 / Saliv8 / Hyperventil8)
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IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment I
IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment I
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1998 - 家人有约 - 主题曲 ( Stand By Me ) Jia Ren You Yue [ TCS Drama Theme Song ]
1998 - 家人有约 - 主题曲 ( Stand By Me ) Jia Ren You Yue [ TCS Drama Theme Song ]
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IIFA Awards 2012 - Segment 3 - Preview
IIFA Awards 2012 - Segment 3 - Preview
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Record COV for Hougang executive maisonette Blk 237 - 25Oct2012
Record COV for Hougang executive maisonette Blk 237 - 25Oct2012
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Kym Ng 钟琴   President
Kym Ng 钟琴 President's Star Charity 2013
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Pangako Sa
Pangako Sa 'Yo (The Promise) Part 1/5
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This is a list of dramas broadcast by the Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) and the current station MediaCorp TV from 2000 to 2009. For dramas aired from 2010 onwards see List of MediaCorp Channel 8 Chinese Drama Series (2010s).

Air times and dates stated in this article are relevant to Singapore only. Dramas are usually aired on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) unless otherwise stated.


Air Time: 1900 – 2000 Air Time: 2100 – 2200 Other air timings Children's Drama
Date Aired English Title Chinese Title No. of Episodes Main cast Avg Viewership Genre Time Aired Notes
Angel's Dream 真相 15 Ivy Lee, Terence Cao, Huang Biren, Apple Hong
Four Walls and a Ceiling 我爱黄金屋 20 Terence Cao, Priscelia Chan
26 Jan – 22 Feb Knotty Liaisons 爱情百科 20 Chen Hanwei, Chen Shucheng, Lin Meijiao, Jazreel Low 爱情百科主题曲《爱情百科》主唱:
15 Mar – 23 May My Home Affairs 家事 40 Zoe Tay, Tay Ping Hui, Evelyn Tan, Xiang Yun Aileen Tan, Bryan Chan Family Drama Weekday at 19:00–20:00 SST. 主题曲《家事》主唱:Kit Chan、片尾曲《計較》主唱:Linda Wong[disambiguation needed]、插曲《應該和誰相愛》主唱:Linda Wong[disambiguation needed]
24 May On the Frontline 穿梭生死线 15 Benedict Goh, Phyllis Quek, Tracer Wong, Peter Yu Drama Info(中文)
28 Jun – 20 Sep As You Like It 随心所遇 13 Tay Ping Hui, Ix Shen Wed, 2230–2330
25 Jul – 29 Aug Hainan Kopi Tales 琼园咖啡香 20 Chew Chor Meng, Cynthia Koh, Florence Tan, Lin Meijiao, Chen Huihui, Li Wenhai Mon-Thurs
13 April – 10 May The Tax Files 流金税月 20 Ann Kok, May Phua, Jacklyn Wu, Huang Wenyong Business Drama Prelude:
Weekday at 21:00–22:00 SST.
Weekday at 05:00-06:00 SST.
18 May – 26 Jul The Legendary Swordsman 笑傲江湖 40 Steve Ma, Fann Wong, Ivy Lee, Chew Chor Meng, Jacelyn Tay, Florence Tan, Chen Tianwen, Priscelia Chan, Zheng Geping, Hong Huifang, Richard Low, Li Haijie Wuxia
3 Nov – 5 Jan Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng
陆小凤之决战前后 20 Jimmy Lin, Christopher Lee, Thomas Ong, Kristy Yang, Max Mok, Qi Yuwu, Jacelyn Tay, Constance Song, Wu Hsing-kuo, Li Qihong, Tao Hong, Fang Jiwei, Zheng Geping 古装/武侠 Fri, 2000–2200
14 Nov – 3 Jan Dare to Strike
扫冰者 30 Chi Lam, Li Nanxing, Ann Kok Mon-Thurs
27 Dec – 21 Mar 2001 Looking for Stars 星锁 12 Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Yao Wenlong, Vivian Lai, Xiang Yun, Liang Tian, Cynthia Koh Romance Wed, 2230–2330 主题曲演唱者:范文芳
I Only Care For You 我只在乎你 4 Wed, 2230–2330
Something Good 算了,算了... 4 Sun, 1900–2100
4 Jan – 12 Feb The Stratagem 世纪攻略 20 Zoe Tay, Edmund Chen, Tay Ping Hui Mon-Thurs Drama Info
14 Feb – 20 Mar You Light Up My Life 如何对你说 20 Celest Chong, Ix Shen, Hong Huifang
9 Mar – 11 May In Pursuit of Peace 何日军再来 10 Qi Yuwu, Apple Hong, May Phua, Pierre Png, Priscelia Chan, Yao Wenlong, Lynn Poh, Richard Low, Bernard Tan, Tang Miaoling, Li Nanxing, Chen Shucheng, Irin Gan, Liang Tian, Henry Chong, Huang Shinan, Ye Shipin, Bryan Chan, Zhou Quanxi, Chen Tianxiang, Neo Swee Lin, Robin Leong Period drama Fri, 2000–2200 Drama Info
16 May – 19 Jun Heroes in Black 我来也 20 Li Nanxing, Fann Wong, Deng Maohui, Bobby Au-yeung, Vincent Ng, Apple Hong, Cheng Pei-pei, Yan Bingliang, Bryan Chan, Brandon Wong, Henry Thia, Li Wenhai 古装 Mon-Thurs Drama Info(中文)
17 May – 20 Jun Love Me, Love Me Not 真爱无敌 20 Chen Hanwei, Jacelyn Tay, Li Lin, Xie Shaoguang Mon-Thurs
20 Jun – 5 Jul Beyond the Axis of Truth 法医X档案 10 Ivy Lee, Edmund Chen, Chen Shucheng, Nick Shen, Priscelia Chan Mon-Thurs
25 Jul – 21 Aug Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng 2
陆小凤II之凤舞九天 20 Eric Suen, Gigi Lai, Christopher Lee, Rayson Tan, Ma Yong, Yvonne Lim, Mark Cheng, Yu Rongguang, Stephanie Lim, Gong Xiaoxuan, Zhang Peihua, Fang Jiwei, Hu Shida, Jerry Chang Wuxia
21 Aug – 17 Sept Through Thick and Thin 阿灿正传 19
22 Aug – 18 Sept Three Women and A Half 三个半女人 20 Aileen Tan, Huang Biren, Vivian Lai, Huang Wenyong, Nick Shen
17 Sept – 12 Nov Madam White Snake
白蛇新传 38 Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Zhang Yuyan, Vincent Chiao|
19 Sep – 16 Oct The Challenge 谁与争锋 25 Vincent Ng
5 Dec – 1 Jan The Hotel 大酒店 20 Edmund Chen, Chen Hanwei, Jacelyn Tay, Ivy Lee, Chen Liping, May Phua, Andi Lim, Yang Libing, Yao Wenlong and guest cast Dramedy Features 95% of Channel 8 artistes
Drama Info(中文)
26 Dec – 6 Feb The Reunion 顶天立地 31 Chew Chor Meng, Terence Cao, Tay Ping Hui, Li Lin, Yvonne Lim
2 Jan – 29 Jan Lucky Numbers 发财八百万 20 Xie Shaoguang, Mark Lee, Sharon Au, Pan Lingling
26 Feb – 16 Apr Health Matters 一切由慎开始 8 Tuesdays, 2030–2100
11 Mar – 5 Apr Viva Le Famille 好儿好女 20 Chen Shucheng, Chen Hanwei, Huang Biren, Zheng Geping, Lin Meijiao, Chen Huihui, Yao Wenlong, Richard Low, Li Yinzhu, Patricia Mok, Hong Huifang
25 Mar – 25 Apr Bukit Ho Swee 河水山 20 Allan Wu, Florence Tan, Priscelia Chan, Vivian Lai, Qi Yuwu, Henry Thia, Yang Libing, Chen Tianwen, Brandon Wong, Yan Bingliang, Zhu Xiufeng, Liang Tian, Ye Shipin Period drama 主题曲《河水山》演唱者:邓妙华
Drama Info(中文)
8 Apr – 3 May The Vagrant 豹子胆 20 Li Nanxing, Huang Biren, Yvonne Lim, Zhang Yaodong, Edmund Chen, Zheng Geping, Huang Shinan, Le Yao, Yao Wenlong, Huang Yiliang, Zzen Zhang
5 May – 7 Jun Brotherhood
有情有义 27 Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Ivy Lee, Tracer Wong, Qi Yuwu
10 Jun – 5 Jul No Problem! 考试家族 20 Chen Hanwei, Rui En, Chen Liping, Xie Shaoguang, Ivy Lee, Rayson Tan, Richard Low, Alan Tern, Jin Yinji, Li Yinzhu, Chen Tianwen
8 Jul – 2 Aug Fantasy 星梦情真 20 Chen Hanwei, Michelle Saram, Tay Ping Hui, Priscelia Chan, Chen Shucheng, Xiang Yun, Huang Wenyong Drama Info(中文)
8 Jul – 9 Sept Kopi-O II 浓浓咖啡乌 30 Cai Pingkai, Xiang Yun, Richard Low, Chen Tianwen, Bryan Chan, Vivian Lai, Zzen Zhang, Nick Shen, Joey Ng, Yang Lina, Huang Yiliang, Tracer Wong Sequel to The Coffee Shop
5 Aug – 30 Aug Beautiful Connection 九层糕 20 Huang Biren, Xie Shaoguang, Mimi Chu, Jeanette Aw, Qi Yuwu, Huang Shinan, Bukoh Mary, Henry Thia
2 Sept – 4 Oct The Wing of Desire 天使的诱惑 25 Ivy Lee, Jacelyn Tay, Chen Huihui, Chen Shucheng (中文)
18 Nov – 27 Dec The Unbeatables 3 双天至尊III 30 Zoe Tay, Li Nanxing, Tay Ping Hui, Vivian Lai, Lee San San, Cai Yiwei, Willy Liu, Huang Yiliang, Chen Shucheng, Zhu Houren, Allan Wu, Joey Swee, Yao Wenlong, Wang Deyuan, Henry Thia, Le Yao, Jin Yinji Sun, 1630 Drama Info
16 Dec – 7 Mar 2003 Springs of Life 春到人间 60 Chew Chor Meng, Li Lin, Sharon Au, Chen Hanwei, Alan Tern, Huang Wenyong, Chen Shucheng Period drama
Sequel to Wok of Life
Drama Info(中文)
30 Dec – 8 Feb 2003 Innocently Guilty
法内有情天 30 Anita Yuen, Tien Niu, Lee Heung-kam, Edmund Chen, Terence Cao, Yvonne Lim
26 Feb – 15 Apr Health Matters 2 一切由慎开始2 8 Vivian Lai, Xiang Yun, Huang Wenyong, Vincent Ng, Li Wenhai, Zheng Geping, Hong Huifang, Tay Ping Hui, Chen Shucheng, Gurmit Singh Tue, 2030–2100
28 Apr – 23 May Viva Le Famille 2 好儿好女2 20 Chen Shucheng, Chen Hanwei, Huang Biren, Zheng Geping, Lin Meijiao, Chen Huihui, Yao Wenlong, Richard Low, Li Yinzhu, Hong Huifang, Cassandra See
5 May – 6 Jun True Heroes 真心英雄 25 Christopher Lee, Jeanette Aw, Phyllis Quek, Allan Wu, Yvonne Lim, Moses Lim, Zzen Zhang, Cavin Soh, Huang Wenyong, Lin Meijiao, Alan Tern, Li Wenhai, Jin Yinji
25 May – 22 Jun A Child's Hope 孩有明天 24 Huang Biren, Tay Ping Hui, Phyllis Quek, Yvonne Lim, Florence Tan, Dasmond Koh, Chen Shucheng, Hong Huifang, Huang Yiliang, Ivy Lee, Chen Huihui, Allan Wu, Moses Lim
9 Jun – 28 Nov Holland V 荷兰村 125 Chen Liping, Xie Shaoguang, Patricia Mok, Jeanette Aw, Cynthia Koh, Vivian Lai, Pierre Png et al.
23 Jun – 8 Aug Love is Beautiful 美丽家庭 30 Tay Ping Hui, Jacelyn Tay, Terence Cao, Rayson Tan, May Phua, Priscelia Chan, Pan Lingling, Huang Shinan, Qi Yuwu, Richard Low, Jin Yinji, Andrew Seow
11 Aug – 19 Sept Romance De Amour 1加1等于3 30 Li Nanxing, Aileen Tan, Jacelyn Tay, Pan Lingling, Lin Meijiao, Rayson Tan, Huang Shinan, Patricia Mok, Zhang Wei
22 Sept – 17 Oct Baby Boom 我家四个宝 20 Zoe Tay, Li Nanxing, Gurmit Singh, Michelle Saram, Pan Lingling, Hong Huifang, Li Yinzhu, Liang Tian, Zzen Zhang Family
Drama Info(中文)
20 Oct – 14 Nov My Love, My Home 同一屋檐下 20 Edmund Chen, Chen Hanwei, Li Lin, Nick Shen, Priscelia Chan, Alan Tern, Li Wenhai
17 Nov – 12 Dec Always on My Mind 无炎的爱 22 Fann Wong, Tay Ping Hui, Christopher Lee, Felicia Chin, Ivy Lee, Huang Wenyong, Xiang Yun, Allan Wu
1 Dec – 9 Jan Moon Fairy
奔月 30 Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Andrew Lin, Kent Cheng
15 Dec – 23 Jan Home in Toa Payoh 家在大巴窑 30 Li Nanxing, Cavin Soh, Huang Yiliang, Huang Biren, Fiona Xie, Mimi Chu, Li Wenhai, Yang Libing, Zzen Zhang, Liang Tian Neighbours
Drama Info(中文)
16 Feb – 8 Mar When the Time Comes 一线之间 4 Edmund Chen, Aileen Tan, Phyllis Quek, Dasmond Koh, Carole Lin Mon, 2030–2100
23 Mar – 20 Apr Chronicles Of Life 我爱我家真情实录 5 Chew Chor Meng, Felicia Chin, Li Yinzhu Tue, 2030–2100
8 Jul – 26 Aug Oh Dad! 偶像爸爸! 8 Thomas Ong, Sharon Au, Zhu Houren, Chen Xiuhuan Tue, 2000–2100
1 Aug – 10 Aug The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龙记 40 Alec Su, Ashton Chen, Alyssa Chia, Gao Yuanyuan, Florence Tan, Chen Zihan, Yu Wenzhong, Zhang Tielin, Bao Yilin, Zhang Yijing, Phyllis Quek, Elvis Tsui, Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang, Tao Hong, Yan Minqiu, Yan Qingyu, Liu Hengyu, Li Jinrong, Liu Quan[disambiguation needed], Li Shengyu, Han Fuyi, Ma Qiang, Ji Qilin, Liu Chunxiang, Liu Changsheng, Li Lianyi, Ma Zhaogang, Xie Jiaqi, Fu Heng, Yuan Yuan, Deli Ge'er, Yang Guang (actor), Sun Bin, Lin Jinfeng, Du Yuming, Jin Song, Shen Baoping, Lin Qinxiang, Zhan Xiaonan, Liu Wen, Hao Aiming, Lin Jing, Liang Tian, Dong Xiaoyan Wuxia Weekends, 1900–2100
5 Apr – 30 Apr To Mum with Love 非一般妈妈 20 Mimi Chu, Qi Yuwu, Joanne Peh, Christopher Lee, Michelle Saram
3 May – 8 Aug Double Happiness 1 喜临门 71 Xie Shaoguang, Ivy Lee, Xiang Yun, Edmund Chen, Aileen Tan, Vivian Lai, Alan Tern, Patricia Mok, Rayson Tan, Priscelia Chan, Huang Yiliang, Jin Yinji, Li Nanxing, Hong Huifang, Jeff Wang Family
Season finale (Ep 71) broadcast on Sun
10 Aug – 4 Oct An Ode to Life 三十风雨路 40 Huang Biren, Terence Cao, Hong Peixing, Yao Wenlong, Yang Libing, Sean Say, Yang Lina, Joey Swee, Zhang Yaodong, Chen Junguang, Richard Low, Cai Pingkai, Nick Shen, Alan Tern, May Phua, Tai Chien Yuen, Michelle Liow, Zzen Zhang Drama Info
5 Oct – 31 Dec Double Happiness 2 喜临门II 71 Xie Shaoguang, Ivy Lee, Xiang Yun, Edmund Chen, Aileen Tan, Vivian Lai, Alan Tern, Patricia Mok, Rayson Tan, Priscelia Chan, Huang Yiliang, Jin Yinji, Li Nanxing, Hong Hui Fang, Jeff Wang Family
26 Jan – 20 Feb The Crime Hunters 心网追杀 20 Huang Yiliang, Edmund Chen, Aileen Tan, Yao Wenlong Police procedural
23 Feb – 19 Mar I Love My Home 我爱我家 20 Qi Yuwu, Xie Shaoguang, Pan Lingling, Joanne Peh, Huang Wenyong
22 Mar – 16 Apr Beautiful Trio 大女人小女人 20 Ivy Lee, Huang Biren, Stella Huang, Zzen Zhang
19 Apr – 14 May Spice Siblings 辣兄辣妹 20 Jeanette Aw, Tay Ping Hui, Cynthia Koh, Andrew Seow, Le Yao
17 May – 15 Jun Man at Forty 跑吧!男人 22 Zoe Tay, Edmund Chen, Chen Hanwei, Phyllis Quek, Carole Lin, Andrew Seow, Joey Swee
16 Jun – 13 Jul A Child's Hope 2 孩有明天 2 20 Huang Biren, Tay Ping Hui, Phyllis Quek, Yvonne Lim, Florence Tan, Dasmond Koh, Chen Shucheng, Hong Huifang, Huang Yiliang, Ivy Lee, Chen Huihui, Allan Wu, Moses Lim Medical
14 Jul – 24 Aug Room in My Heart 真心蜜语 30 Chen Hanwei, Qi Yuwu, Pierre Png, Belinda Lee, Fiona Xie 主题曲《真心蜜语》主唱:王建复
25 Aug – 21 Sept The Ties that Bind 家财万贯 20 Chen Liping, Huang Wenyong, Tay Ping Hui, Jacelyn Tay, Cynthia Koh, Joanne Peh, Terence Cao, Andrew Seow
22 Sept – 19 Oct Timeless Gift 遗情未了 20 Christopher Lee, Huang Biren, Michelle Chong, Cheng Shucheng, Edmund Chen, Patricia Mok, Rayson Tan
20 Oct – 16 Nov The Champion 任我遨游 20 Qi Yuwu, Jeanette Aw, Fiona Xie, Felicia Chin, Joyce Chao, Toro, Yan Xingshu, Julian Hee, Jamie Yeo, Huai En, Jessica Liu, Joey Ng, Rachel Lee, Caroline Cheong, Jacquline Chow, Moses Lim
17 Nov – 14 Dec My Mighty-in-Laws 野蛮亲家 20 Yao Wenlong, Zoe Tay, Rui En, Tay Pinghui, Pan Lingling, Lin Meijiao, Huang Wenyong
15 Dec – 5 Jan Devil's Blues 叛逆战队 16 Tay Pinghui, Phyllis Quek, Jeff Wang
3 Jan – 21 Feb My Fair Lady
我爱钟无艳 36 Fann Wong, Gallen Lo, Yvonne Lim, Brandon Wong, Sam Lim, Kent Cheng 古装 Drama Info
20 Feb – 24 Apr The Palm of Ru Lai
新如来神掌 32 Julian Cheung, Athena Chu, Christopher Lee, Phyllis Quek, Leanne Liu, Hong Huifang, Johnny Chen Drama Info
16 May – 15 Aug Portrait of Home 1 同心圆 60 Richard Low, Louise Lee, Adrian Pang, Jesseca Liu, Xiang Yun, Yao Wenlong, Cavin Soh, Cynthia Koh, Terence Cao, Apple Hong, Yvonne Lim, Pierre Png, Felicia Chin, Alan Tern, Zhang Yaodong
16 Aug – 10 Oct The Dragon Heroes
赤子乘龙 40 Christopher Lee, Cui Peng
11 Oct – 5 Dec Portrait of Home 2 同心圆 II 40 Louise Lee, Adrian Pang, Jesseca Liu, Xiang Yun, Yao Wenlong, Cavin Soh, Cynthia Koh, Terence Cao, Yvonne Lim, Apple Hong, Pierre Png, Felicia Chin, Alan Tern, Zhang Yaodong, Chen Shucheng
6 Dec – 16 Jan The Lucky Stars 福禄寿三星报喜 30 Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Bobby Au-yeung, Ning Jing, Margaret Tsui 古装
Drama Info(中文)
6 Jan – 11 Feb My Lucky Charm 情来运转 25 Huang Biren, Chen Hanwei, Jeanette Aw, Chew Chor Meng, Zheng Geping, Michelle Chong, Allan Wu, Cavin Soh, Andrew Seow Family
14 Feb – 18 Mar You Are The One ½缘分 25 Christopher Lee, Jacelyn Tay, Chew Chor Meng, Nadia Chan, Rui En, Terence Cao, Richard Low Romance
21 Mar – 15 Apr A Life of Hope 活下去 20 Chen Hanwei, Tay Ping Hui, Joanne Peh, Elvin Ng 主题曲《让我擦掉你的眼泪》主唱:蔡淳佳、插曲《有你多好》主唱:蔡淳佳
18 Apr – 14 May Beautiful Illusions 镜中人 20 Fann Wong, Yvonne Lim, Thomas Ong, Qi Yuwu
6 May – 10 Jun Zero to Hero 阴差阳错 20 Chen Liping, Edmund Chen, Yao Wenlong, Patricia Mok, Zheng Geping, Andrew Seow, Carole Lin, Ye Shipin, Florence Tan 905,000 Fantasy
13 Jun – 8 Jul A New Life 有福 20 Christopher Lee, Yvonne Lim, Ann Kok, Darren Lim, Andrew Seow, Carole Lin, May Phua, Hossan Leong
11 Jul – 12 Aug Destiny 梦在手里 25 Michelle Chia, Huang Wenyong, Joanne Peh, Tay Ping Hui, Ix Shen, Hawick Lau 主题曲《梦在手里》主唱:蔡淳佳、插曲《未知的以后》主唱:蔡淳佳
15 Aug – 9 Sept Baby Blues 谁家母鸡不生蛋 20 Chen Liping, Xie Shaoguang, Mimi Chu, Michelle Chong, Chen Hanwei, Le Yao, Allan Wu
12 Sept – 7 Oct Beyond the aXis of Truth 2 法医X档案 2 20 Edmund Chen, Ivy Lee, Chen Shucheng, Nick Shen, Rui En, Stella Ng, Julian Hee, Zheng Geping, Zzen Zhang, Qi Yuwu Suspense
10 Oct – 4 Nov A Promise for Tomorrow 拥抱明天 20 Rui En, Qi Yuwu, Huang Wenyong, Chen Xiuhuan
7 Nov – 17 Dec The Rainbow Connection 舞出彩虹 30 Jeanette Aw, Julian Hee, Michelle Yim, Shirley Yim, Ricky Chen, Angus Guo, Rosanne 主题曲《舞出彩虹》主唱:石欣卉
19 Dec – 27 Jan Love Concierge 爱的掌门人 30 Nancy Sit, Jacelyn Tay, Thomas Ong, Ann Kok, Fiona Xie, Zhang Yaodong, Shaun Chen, Alex To, Zhu Houren 865,000 Drama Info(中文)
21 Mar – 9 May Yours Always
让爱自邮 8 Joanne Peh, Dawn Yeoh, Jesseca Liu, Pierre Png, Roy Chiu, Adam Chen Tue, 2000–2100 Drama Info(中文)
28 Apr – 26 May Money Game
金钱本色 21 Weekdays, 1630–1730
29 Jul – 16 Sep Time To Heal
等一个晴天 8 Sat, 2100–2200
1 Oct – 21 Jan Magical Hands
猜心妙手 34 Fann Wong, Jacky Wu, Jordan Chan Sun, 1100–1300
5 Jun – 30 Jun Rhapsody in Blue 蓝色仙人掌 20 Jesseca Liu, Christopher Lee, Chen Hanwei, Guo Liang, Phyllis Quek, Eelyn Kok
15 Aug – 11 Sept Through It All 海的儿子 20 Li Nanxing, Jeanette Aw, Jesseca Liu, Darren Lim 主题曲《手足》主唱:陈伟联
10 Oct – 20 Nov Fairy of the Chalice
夜光神杯 30 Roger Kwok, Christopher Lee, Yvonne Lim, Liu Tao
6 Mar – 31 Mar The Shining Star 星闪闪 20 Dawn Yeoh, Pierre Png, Zheng Geping, May Phua, Hong Huifang, Adam Chen, Zzen Zhang, Eelyn Kok, Constance Song, Huang Shinan, Wang Yuqing
3 Apr – 28 Apr The Undisclosed 迷云二十天 20 Li Nanxing, Huang Biren, Rayson Tan, Constance Song, Ong Ai Leng, Zhu Hou Ren, Andrew Seow, Brandon Wong Suspense
1 May – 9 Jun Women of Times 至尊红颜 30 Fann Wong, Zheng Pei Pei, Chen Hanwei, Edmund Chen, Jesseca Liu, Terence Cao
12 Jun – 7 Jul C.I.D. 刑警2人组 20 Tay Ping Hui, Ivy Lee, Jeanette Aw, Qi Yuwu, Ong Ai Leng, Zhang Yaodong, Brandon Wong, Apple Hong, Zhu Houren, Lin Meijiao Police procedural
10 Jul – 4 Aug Love at 0°C 爱情零度C 20 Rui En, Terence Cao, Elvin Ng, Julian Hee, Xiang Yun, Michelle Saram, Chen Shucheng, Zzen Zhang
7 Aug – 8 Sept Measure of Man 大男人, 小男人 25 Huang Wenyong, Aileen Tan, Zhang Yaodong, Ben Yeo, Constance Song, Lynn Poh
11 Sept – 6 Oct Family Matters 法庭俏佳人 20 Ivy Lee, Terence Cao, Thomas Ong, Cynthia Koh
9 Oct – 3 Nov An Enchanted Life 钻石情缘 20 Yvonne Lim, Fiona Xie, Pierre Png, Adam Chen
6 Nov – 1 Dec House of Joy 欢乐满屋 20 Ivy Lee, Chen Hanwei, Edmund Chen, Cynthia Koh, Allan Wu
4 Dec – 5 Jan A Million Treasures 百万宝 25 Zoe Tay, Li Nanxing, Felicia Chin, Adam Chen
8 Jan – 5 Feb The Peak 最高点 21 Jeanette Aw, Dawn Yeoh, Christopher Lee, Qi Yuwu, Elvin Ng, Ben Yeo, Ann Kok, Lin Meijiao, Huang Wenyong, Eelyn Kok
16 Jan – 12 Feb Let It Shine 萤火虫的梦 20 Felicia Chin, Shaun Chen, Adam Chen, Ng Hui
6 Feb – 5 Mar Happily Ever After 凡间新仙人 20 Joanne Peh, Elvin Ng, Chen Liping, Huang Wenyong, Fiona Xie, Zhang Yaodong, Yao Wenlong, Ben Yeo, Bryan Wang, Belinda Lee, MC King, Liang Tian, Zhang Wenxiang, Rayson Tan, Yan Bingliang, Jin Yinji, Huang Shinan Fantasy
6 Mar – 2 Apr Making Miracles 奇迹 20 Fann Wong, Terence Cao, David Chiang, Joanne Peh, Darren Lim, Constance Song, Zheng Geping, Vivian Lai, Carole Lin, Shaun Chen, Ezzan Lee, Lynn Poh, Wang Yuqing
3 Apr – 30 Apr The Homecoming 十三鞭 20 Li Nanxing, Rayson Tan, Zheng Geping, Brandon Wong, Constance Song, Vivian Lai, Ye Shipin, Ong Ai Leng
1 May – 28 May Mars vs Venus 幸福双人床 20 Huang Biren, Tay Ping Hui, Jesseca Liu, Pierre Png, May Phua, Cavin Soh, Aileen Tan, Li Yinzhu, Chen Tianwen, Le Yao, Ye Shipin, Damus Lim Family
8 May – 17 Jun The Beginning
(Malaysian co-production)
原点 30 Felicia Chin, Shaun Chen, Rynn Lim, Stella Chung, William San, Zhang Wei, Johnson Lee The first co-production with ntv7.
Remake of Rising Expectations.
29 May – 25 Jun The Greatest Love of All 爱•特别的你 20 Zhang Yaodong, Joanne Peh, Chen Hanwei, Apple Hong, Ng Hui, Chen Shucheng, Constance Song, Huang Yiliang, Aileen Tan, Zhang Wenxiang, Chen Huihui, Lin Yuyun
4 Jun – 28 Aug The Last Swordsman
天下第一 35 Wuxia Mon & Tue, 2230–2330 (First 6 episodes)
Mon-Wed, 2300-0000 (Remaining 29 episodes)
18 Jun – 17 Aug Kinship Season 1 手足 43 Xiang Yun, Jesseca Liu, Cynthia Koh, Darren Lim, Ann Kok, Elvin Ng, Alan Tern, Lin Meijiao, Hong Huifang, Eelyn Kok
26 Jun – 20 Jul Switched! 幸运星 20 Fann Wong, Jeanette Aw, Terence Cao, Shaun Chen, Julian Hee, Richard Low, Jin Yinji, Zzen Zhang Fantasy
24 Jul – 20 Aug Honour and Passion 宝家卫国 20 Rui En, Felicia Chin, Tay Ping Hui, Bryan Wong, Dawn Yeoh, Ix Shen, Nat Ho, Huang Wenyong, Hong Huifang 850,000 Sponsored by the Singaporean Ministry of Defence.
20 Aug – 21 Sept Falling In Love
(Malaysian Co-production)
情有可缘 25 Zhang Yaodong, Jesseca Liu, Henry Heng, Eunice Ng, William San, Phyllis Sim, Alan Yun Remake of You Are The One.
21 Aug – 17 Sept Like Father, Like Daughter 宝贝父女兵 20 Zheng Geping, Joanne Peh, Jin Yinji, Pan Lingling, Vincent Ng, Kang Cheng Xi 860,000
18 Sept – 15 Oct Metamorphosis 破茧而出 20 Rui En, Chen Hanwei, Terence Cao, Bryan Chan, Ng Hui, Julian Hee, Brandon Wong, Yvonne Lim, Ix Shen, Thomas Ong, Huang Yiliang, Ong Ai Leng, Cavin Soh, Nat Ho, Bryan Wang, Carole Lin, May Phua, Rayson Tan, Hong Huifang Action
Police procedural
Police blockbuster drama for 2007.
16 Oct – 12 Nov Dear, Dear Son-In-Law 女婿当家 20 Pierre Png, Zhu Houren, Jeanette Aw, Zhang Yaodong, Priscelia Chan, Mei Xin, Renfred Ng, Li Yinzhu, Joey Swee, Zhang Wenxiang, Louis Wu, Margaret Lee, Ye Shipin
22 Oct – 16 Nov Man Of The House
(Malaysian Co-production)
男人当家 20 Vincent Ng, Alan Tern, Eelyn Kok, Coby Chong, Li Wenhai, Jess Teong, Wang Yuqing, Janelle Chin, Lynn Lim, Phyllis Sim, Tiffany Leong
13 Nov – 10 Dec Live Again 天堂鸟 20 Chen Shucheng, Ivy Lee, Shaun Chen, Phyllis Quek, Edmund Chen, Belinda Lee, Vivian Lai, Jin Yinji, Ye Shipin, Huang Shinan, Nelson Chia
11 Dec – 21 Jan The Golden Path 黄金路 30 Li Nanxing, Chen Liping, Tay Ping Hui, Felicia Chin, Joanne Peh, Chew Chor Meng, Yang Xinquan, Nat Ho, Joey Fung, Wen Liling, Wang Yuqing, Li Wenhai, Edmund Chen, Joey Swee, Cai Peixuan, Huang Wenyong, Priscelia Chan, Huang Yiliang 876,000 Suspense
Celebrates MediaCorp's 25 years of local Chinese drama
Year-end blockbuster for 2007.
Remake of The Unforgettable Memory.
17 Dec – 8 Feb Kinship 2 手足 II 40 Xiang Yun, Jesseca Liu, Cynthia Koh, Darren Lim, Ann Kok, Elvin Ng, Alan Tern, Lin Meijiao, Hong Huifang, Eelyn Kok
22 Jan – 22 Feb Taste of Love 缘之烩 21 Michelle Chia, Dawn Yeoh, Chen Hanwei, Candice Liu, Dai Yangtian, MC King, Ye Shipin, Zheng Geping, Chen Shucheng, Tan Xin Yi
4 Feb – 24 Mar Our Rice House 我们的饭店 8 Thomas Ong, Cavin Soh, Michelle Chong, Aileen Tan Mon, 2000–2100
11 Feb – 14 Mar The Beautiful Scent
(Malaysia Co-production)
美丽的气味 25 Dawn Yeoh, Pan Lingling, Zheng Geping, William San, Cai Peixuan, Bernard Tan, Leslie Chai, Aenie Wong, Chen Wen Bin, Han Yiting, Emily Lim, Brenda Chiah, Yue Huan, Yang Weiwen, Wee Kheng Ming Remake of My Lucky Charm.
25 Feb – 4 Apr Just in Singapore 一房,半厅,一水缸 30 Fiona Xie, Chen Liping, Huang Wenyong, Kang Cheng Xi, Li Yinzhu, MC King, Patricia Mok, Paige Chua, Vivian Lai, Adam Chen 897,000 Neighbours MC King died during filming.
7 Apr – 2 May The Truth 谜图 20 Tay Ping Hui, Joanne Peh, Shaun Chen, Rebecca Lim, Zhu Houren, Richard Low, Zhu Yuye Thriller/Suspense
12 Apr – 6 Jul Strange Tales of Liao Zhai 2
聊斋奇女子 38 1st tale: Fann Wong 古装 Weekends, 1900–2100
5 May – 30 May Rhythm of Life 变奏曲 20 Christopher Lee, Elvin Ng, Zzen Zhang, Jesseca Liu, Jeanette Aw, Dawn Yeoh, Julian Hee, Li Yinzhu Melodrama
28 May – 15 Aug Love Blossoms 1 心花朵朵开 58 Chen Shucheng, Constance Song, Ivy Lee, Felicia Chin, Koh Yah Hwee, Terence Cao, Eelyn Kok, Huang Wenyong, Lin Meijiao, Hong Huifang, Zheng Geping, Rayson Tan, Patricia Mok, Jin Yinji, Priscelia Chan, Zhang Yaodong, Adam Chen, May Phua, Darren Lim, Chen Tianwen, Ng Hui Official Website
2 Jun – 4 Jul La Femme 绝对佳人 25 Zoe Tay, Ann Kok, Tay Ping Hui, Tiffany Leong, Desmond Sim, Yao Wenlong, Shaun Chen, Paige Chua, Nat Ho Women
6 Jul2 – 30 Aug Fallen Angel
天使的烙印 25 Cai Peixuan, Tiffany Leong, Shaun Chen, Zzen Zhang, Kelvin Liew, Loo Aye Keng, Li Wenhai, Ye Liyi, Zhang Wei Temptations Weekends, 1900–2100 Remake of The Wing Of Desire
7 Jul – 1 Aug Beach.Ball.Babes 球爱大战 20 Joanne Peh, Jesseca Liu, Dawn Yeoh, Christopher Lee, Cui Peng, Kit Chan, Pan Lingling, Jade Seah, Richard Low, Jerry Yeo, Wang Yu Yun Sports
4 Aug – 1 Sep The Defining Moment 沸腾冰点 20 Fann Wong, Jeanette Aw, Pierre Png, Zhu Houren, Darren Lim, Ng Hui
10 Aug – 28 Dec Shuang Xiang Pao (Co-production) 双响炮 42 Sun, 1100–1300
18 Aug – 22 Sept Love Is All Around
(Malaysian co-production)
爱在你左右 26 Chu Mi Mi, Dawn Yeoh, Melvin Sia, William San, Eunice Ng, Wee Kheng Ming, Apple Hong, Andrew Yap, Brenda Chiah Romance
2 Sept – 29 Sept Nanny Daddy 奶爸百分百 20 Adrian Pang, Yvonne Lim, Yao Wenlong, Aileen Tan, Brandon Wong 908,000 Family 主题曲《爱的记录》主唱:陈世维
Drama Info
21 Sep – 23 Nov A Mobile Love Story
爱情占线 21 Wallace Huo, Han Xue, Christopher Lee, Luo Shan Shan, Yvonne Lim Sun, 2230–0030
23 Sept – 3 Nov Where the Heart Is (Malaysian co-production) 大城情事 30 Priscelia Chan, Zhang Yaodong, Zzen Zhang, Stella Chung, Tiffany Leong, Jane Ng, Huang Zhiqiang, Tong Xin, Zhou Quanxi, Lin Weifen Family Remake of My Home Affairs.
30 Sept – 27 Oct Crime Busters x 2 叮当神探 20 Tay Ping Hui, Dawn Yeoh, Shaun Chen, Paige Chua, Jackson Tan, Zhang Yaodong, Huang Wenyong, Hong Huifang, Richard Low, Mariana, Bryan Chan, Joey Swee, Nick Shen, Pan Lingling, Jerry Yeo, Jesseca Liu, Celest Chong
28 Oct – 24 Nov By My Side 不凡的爱 20 Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei, Rui En, Elvin Ng, Terence Cao, Zhu Houren, Zhu Yu Yue, Ye Shipin, Brandon Wong, Ong Ai Leng, Chen Tianwen Health Commissioned by the Health Promotion Board.
25 Nov – 5 Jan The Little Nyonya3 小娘惹 34 Jeanette Aw, Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu, Yao Wenlong, Pierre Png, Pan Lingling, Cynthia Koh, Apple Hong, Darren Lim, Zzen Zhang, Andie Chen, Eelyn Kok, Dai Yangtian, Lin Meijiao, Xiang Yun, Ng Hui, Felicia Chin, Nat Ho 1,047,000 Period drama Channel 8's 45th anniversary drama
Official Website
2 Dec – 9 Feb 2009 Love Blossoms 23 心花朵朵开 II 55 Chen Shucheng, Constance Song, Terence Cao, Ivy Lee, Felicia Chin, Koh Yah Hwee, Zheng Geping, Rayson Tan, Patricia Mok, Jin Yinji, Zhang Yaodong, Yvonne Lim, Cavin Soh, Priscelia Chan, Richard Low, Chew Chor Meng, Evelyn Tan, Aileen Tan, Adam Chen, Chen Tianwen
4 Jan – 15 Mar Life Angel
生命天使 20 Sun, 1100–1300
6 Jan – 3 Feb Reunion Dinner 团圆饭 20 Chen Hanwei, Chen Liping, Patricia Mok, Zhu Houren, Wang Yuqing, Koh Yah Hwee, Kym Ng, Alan Tern Official Website
4 Feb – 3 Mar The Dream Catchers 未来不是梦 20 Rui En, Jesseca Liu, Tay Ping Hui, Elvin Ng, Shaun Chen, Paige Chua, Dawn Yeoh, Nat Ho Technology Commissioned by the Economic Development Board.
4 Mar – 31 Mar Housewives' Holiday 煮妇的假期 20 Ann Kok, Hong Huifang, Xiang Yun, Brandon Wong, Yao Wenlong, Rayson Tan Women
Highest viewership numbers for year 2009.
Official Website
1 Apr – 28 Apr Table of Glory 乒乓圆 20 Joshua Ang, Dai Yangtian, Guo Liang, Zhou Ying, Teresa Tseng, Zheng Geping, Kym Ng, Alan Tern, Koh Yah Hwee Sports Last drama to be broadcast in 4:3 format.
Official Website
29 Apr – 26 May My School Daze 书包太重 20 Rui En, Chen Hanwei, Ann Kok, Cynthia Koh, Terence Cao, Darren Lim, Eelyn Kok, Lin Meijiao Education First drama to be broadcast in 16:9.
5 May – 4 Jul The Shaolin Warriors
少林僧兵 30 Jeanette Aw, Christopher Lee, Sammo Hung 古装
1900–2000 (first 19 episodes)
Sat, 2230-0030 (last 11 episodes)
12 May – 8 Jun The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng
陆小凤传奇 20 Julian Cheung, Ken Chang, Cheung Tat-ming, Peter Ho, Yan Kuan, Fann Wong, Cecilia Liu, Wong Yat-fei, Cynthia Khan, Wu Yanye, Hugo Ng, Lam Chung, Li Mei, Zhu Hong, Wu Jiani, Bai Yan'an, Lin Han, He Dandan, Li Qian, He Zhifeng, Xu Jiaying, Wu Yijiang, Xu Shuhui, Feng Hui, Li Xiong 古装 2300-0000
27 May – 7 Jul The Ultimatum 双子星 30 Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Li Nanxing, Tay Ping Hui, Terence Cao, Felicia Chin, Hong Huifang, Zhang Zhenhuan, Jerry Yeo, Elvin Ng, Lin Meijiao, Constance Song, Cynthia Koh Suspense Mid-year blockbuster for the year 2009.
First to be filmed in high definition.
Presented by SingTel, no commentaries from News 8 at 10.
Official website
25 Jun – 5 Aug The Scarlet Kid
红孩儿 30 Phyllis Quek, Vincent Ng 古装 1730–1830
8 Jul – 4 Aug My Buddy 难兄烂弟 20 Christopher Lee, Zheng Geping, Ng Hui, Carole Lin Comedy
31 Aug – 2 Oct Romantic Delicacies
美食厨师男 25 Jesseca Liu, Melvin Sia, Monday Kang, Tracy Lee, Ong Ai Leng, Wang Jun, Nick Shen
30 Sep – 30 Oct Baby Bonus 添丁发财 23 Felicia Chin, Tay Ping Hui, Jesseca Liu, Xiang Yun, Darren Lim, Apple Hong, Terence Cao, Jerry Yeo, Lin Meijiao, Zhu Houren
5 Oct – 6 Nov Welcome Home, My Love
快乐一家 25 Ho Kwai Lam, Steve Yap, Tiffany Leong, Leslie Chai, Mayjune Tan, Mimi Chu, Apple Hong, Adam Chen, Chris Tong
15 Oct – 25 Nov The Legend and The Hero
封神榜 30 Fan Bingbing, Steve Ma, Tay Ping Hui, Priscelia Chan 古装 1730–1830
2 Nov – 27 Nov Daddy at Home 企鹅爸爸 20 Chen Hanwei, Li Nanxing, Ann Kok, Cynthia Koh, Adam Chen, Dawn Yeoh Family Official Website
9 Nov – 16 Jul 2010 Your Hand In Mine 想握你的手 180 Huang Wenyong, Chen Liping, Yvonne Lim, Belinda Lee, Cai Peixuan, Yao Wenlong, Cavin Soh, Joanne Peh, Shaun Chen, Paige Chua, Pierre Png, Zhang Yaodong, Patricia Mok, Jin Yinji, Pan Lingling, Huang Shinan, Joshua Ang, Wang Yuqing, Hong Damu, Jess Teong, Pamelyn Chee, Chen Shucheng Lowest rated long-running drama
Official Website 1
Official website 2
30 Nov – 18 Jan 2010 Together 当我们同在一起 36 Dai Yangtian, Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Zhou Ying, Eelyn Kok, Zhang Zhenhuan, Zheng Ge Ping, Aileen Tan, Constance Song, Desmond Tan Period drama Celebrates MediaCorp Channel 8's 46th anniversary.
Official website
28 Dec - 8 Feb 2010 Lion.Hearts
谈谈情,舞舞狮 30 Cai Peixuan, Berg Lee, Tracy Lee, Melvin Sia, William San, Ko Hung, Leslie Chai, Janelle Chin, Phua Chee Kin, Zhang Wei, Monday Kang Romance 1630–1730

2 The first episode was broadcast at 2000 hours.

3 'The Little Nyonya' and 'Love Blossoms II' was being broadcast 2 episodes back-to-back, on Mondays from 2000 with effect from 15 December 2008 and Fridays till 2100 with effect from 2 January 2009 respectively.

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