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Members of the
European Parliament

for the United Kingdom
Delegation (1973)
1st term (1979)
2nd term (1984)
3rd term (1989)
4th term (1994)
5th term (1999)
6th term (2004)
7th term (2009)
8th term (2014)


Name National party EP Group Constituency
Gordon Adam      Labour Party      PES Northumbria
Richard Balfe      Labour Party      PES London South Inner
Roger Barton      Labour Party      PES Sheffield
Angela Billingham      Labour Party      PES Northamptonshire & Blaby
David Bowe      Labour Party      PES Cleveland & Richmond
Bryan Cassidy      Conservative Party      EPP Dorset & East Devon
Giles Chichester      Conservative Party      EPP Devon & East Plymouth
Ken Coates      Labour Party / /      Independent (Jan 1998)      PES /     G Nottinghamshire North & Chesterfield
Kenneth Collins      Labour Party      PES Strathclyde East
John Corrie      Conservative Party      EPP Worcestershire & South Warwickshire
Peter Crampton      Labour Party      PES Humberside
Christine Crawley      Labour Party      PES Birmingham East
Tony Cunningham      Labour Party      PES Cumbria & Lancashire North
Wayne David      Labour Party      PES South Wales Central
Alan Donnelly      Labour Party      PES Tyne and Wear
Brendan Donnelly      Conservative Party /      Pro-Euro Conservative Party (Jan 1999)      EPP Sussex South & Crawley
James Elles      Conservative Party      EPP Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire East
Michael Elliott      Labour Party      PES London West
Robert Evans      Labour Party      PES London North West
Winnie Ewing      Scottish National Party      ERA Highlands and Islands
Alexander Falconer      Labour Party      PES Mid Scotland & Fife
Glyn Ford      Labour Party      PES Greater Manchester East
Pauline Green      Labour Party      PES London North
David Hallam      Labour Party      PES Herefordshire & Shropshire
Veronica Hardstaff      Labour Party      PES Lincolnshire & Humberside South
Lyndon Harrison      Labour Party      PES Cheshire West & Wirral
Mark Hendrick      Labour Party      PES Lancashire Central
Michael Hindley      Labour Party      PES Lancashire South
Richard Howitt      Labour Party      PES Essex South
Stephen Hughes      Labour Party      PES Durham
John Hume      Social Democratic and Labour Party      PES Northern Ireland
Caroline Jackson      Conservative Party      EPP Wiltshire North & Bath
Edward Kellett-Bowman      Conservative Party      EPP Itchen, Test and Avon
Hugh Kerr      Labour Party /      Scottish Socialist Party (1998)      PES /     G Essex West & Hertfordshire East
Glenys Kinnock      Labour Party      PES South Wales East
Alfred Lomas      Labour Party      PES London North East
Allan Macartney      Scottish National Party      ERA North East Scotland
David Martin      Labour Party      PES Lothians
Graham Mather      Conservative Party      EPP Hampshire North & Oxford
Arlene McCarthy      Labour Party      PES Peak District
Michael McGowan      Labour Party      PES Leeds
Anne McIntosh      Conservative Party      EPP Essex North & Suffolk South
Hugh McMahon      Labour Party      PES Strathclyde West
Edward McMillan-Scott      Conservative Party      EPP North Yorkshire
Eryl McNally      Labour Party      PES Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes
Thomas Megahy      Labour Party      PES Yorkshire South West
Bill Miller      Labour Party      PES Glasgow
James Moorhouse      Conservative Party /      Liberal Democrats (Oct 1998)      EPP /      ELDR London South & Surrey East
Eluned Morgan      Labour Party      PES Mid and West Wales
David Morris      Labour Party      PES South Wales West
Simon Murphy      Labour Party      PES Midlands West
Clive Needle      Labour Party      PES Norfolk
Stan Newens      Labour Party      PES London Central
Eddie Newman      Labour Party      PES Greater Manchester Central
Jim Nicholson      Ulster Unionist Party      EPP Northern Ireland
Christine Oddy      Labour Party      PES Coventry & North Warwickshire
Ian Paisley      Democratic Unionist Party      NI Northern Ireland
Roy Perry      Conservative Party      EPP Wight & Hampshire South
Lord Plumb      Conservative Party      EPP The Cotswolds
Anita Pollack      Labour Party      PES London South West
James Provan      Conservative Party      EPP South Downs West
Imelda Read      Labour Party      PES Nottingham & Leicestershire North West
Barry Seal      Labour Party      PES Yorkshire West
Brian Simpson      Labour Party      PES Cheshire East
Peter Skinner      Labour Party      PES Kent West
Alex Smith      Labour Party      PES South Of Scotland
Tom Spencer      Conservative Party /      Independent (Jan 1999)      EPP Surrey
Shaun Spiers      Labour Party      PES London South East
John Stevens      Conservative Party /      Pro-Euro Conservative Party (Jan 1999)      EPP Thames Valley
Kenneth Stewart      Labour Party      PES Merseyside West
Jack Stewart-Clark      Conservative Party      EPP East Sussex & Kent South
Robert Sturdy      Conservative Party      EPP Cambridgeshire
Michael Tappin      Labour Party      PES Staffordshire West & Congleton
Robin Teverson      Liberal Democrats      ELDR Cornwall & West Plymouth
David Thomas      Labour Party      PES Suffolk & South West Norfolk
Gary Titley      Labour Party      PES Greater Manchester West
John Tomlinson      Labour Party      PES Birmingham West
Carole Tongue      Labour Party      PES London East
Peter Truscott      Labour Party      PES Hertfordshire
Susan Waddington      Labour Party      PES Leicester
Graham Watson      Liberal Democrats      ELDR Somerset & North Devon
Mark Watts      Labour Party      PES Kent East
Norman West      Labour Party      PES Yorkshire South
Ian White      Labour Party      PES Bristol
Phillip Whitehead      Labour Party      PES Staffordshire East & Derby
Joe Wilson      Labour Party      PES North Wales
Terry Wynn      Labour Party      PES Merseyside East & Wigan




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