Help us Renovate Kwaman Primary School, Ghana, West Africa!!
Help us Renovate Kwaman Primary School, Ghana, West Africa!!
DATE: 2010/11/20::
DATE: 2011/07/21::
Things I Learnt in Ghana: Eleanor Dickens at TEDxYouth@Manchester 2014 January
Things I Learnt in Ghana: Eleanor Dickens at TEDxYouth@Manchester 2014 January
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DJ Pareo - Old Ghana Hiplife Mix 1
DJ Pareo - Old Ghana Hiplife Mix 1
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Secondary School Girls - Nigerian Nollywood Ghanaian Ghallywood movie 2014
Secondary School Girls - Nigerian Nollywood Ghanaian Ghallywood movie 2014
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Old school classic Ghana highlife II
Old school classic Ghana highlife II
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SS3 Students - Nigerian Nollywood Ghanaian Ghallywood movie 2014
SS3 Students - Nigerian Nollywood Ghanaian Ghallywood movie 2014
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Nigeria and Ghana High life music of the 60s and 70s mix pt1....DJ HQ
Nigeria and Ghana High life music of the 60s and 70s mix pt1....DJ HQ
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Affordable Private School in Ghana
Affordable Private School in Ghana
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Ghana: Pride Of The East International School Graduation, July 2012 - Kotobabi Branch
Ghana: Pride Of The East International School Graduation, July 2012 - Kotobabi Branch
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Ex Ghana footballer, Odartey Lamptey weeps on national radio
Ex Ghana footballer, Odartey Lamptey weeps on national radio
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Wiyaala IGNITE! Ghana Project
Wiyaala IGNITE! Ghana Project
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School children playing traditional games - Children
School children playing traditional games - Children's Activity Leader Volunteer Ghana
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Happy Home Pre-School Ghana (4)
Happy Home Pre-School Ghana (4)
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1st matriculation of Mays day care centre - Ghana Schools and Education
1st matriculation of Mays day care centre - Ghana Schools and Education
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YES Program Student from Ghana Sings National Anthem
YES Program Student from Ghana Sings National Anthem
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Primary School - Klagon Sakumono ACCRA GHANA
Primary School - Klagon Sakumono ACCRA GHANA
DATE: 2008/10/14::
Nursing and Health Assistant Training School Teshie, Ghana
Nursing and Health Assistant Training School Teshie, Ghana
DATE: 2014/09/01::
High School Freshman Advice 2014
High School Freshman Advice 2014
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Kid gets killed in a high school rap battle
Kid gets killed in a high school rap battle
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One hour of Reggae Roots songs
One hour of Reggae Roots songs
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MLS Draft: Patrick Nyarko Selected With 7th Pick
MLS Draft: Patrick Nyarko Selected With 7th Pick
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The Kingdom - Latest 2015 Nigerian Nollywood Ghanaian Ghallywood Movie
The Kingdom - Latest 2015 Nigerian Nollywood Ghanaian Ghallywood Movie
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Suncity Gated Community Project. Ghana.
Suncity Gated Community Project. Ghana.
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Clinical Medicine For Nurses Audiobook Paul H. RINGER
Clinical Medicine For Nurses Audiobook Paul H. RINGER
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Deng Ltd, Ghana, Solar electricity for rural communities - Ashden Award winner
Deng Ltd, Ghana, Solar electricity for rural communities - Ashden Award winner
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"Stepping Out On Your Word" Maya Angelou
"Stepping Out On Your Word" Maya Angelou
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Fish Farming Investment in Ghana | 5 Ways to Lose Money | Tilapia Fish Farm Guide - West Africa
Fish Farming Investment in Ghana | 5 Ways to Lose Money | Tilapia Fish Farm Guide - West Africa
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Tribute To Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928 - May 28, 2014)
Tribute To Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928 - May 28, 2014)
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Taking clothes off ?.. Be aware.
Taking clothes off ?.. Be aware.
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Udi Neendein Aankhon Se by aditi shukla
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Yeh Kasoor Mera Hai  by aditi shukla
Yeh Kasoor Mera Hai by aditi shukla
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Dog saying I LOVE U in human voice.
Dog saying I LOVE U in human voice.
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Armis 'Top 100 Mensa Organizations' List ... [excerpt]
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Lag ja gale - IMX Unplugged
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Saas Bahu jokes..
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Smart lady vs fool man and phoolan devi
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BRA....Lift is overloaded by...hehe
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Lady shy by Donkey
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No. 29 Agitos Foundation grows Paralympic Movement globally
No. 29 Agitos Foundation grows Paralympic Movement globally
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G.G.A شعملنا (Explicit) + paroles
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Pagal Kahe le na by aditi shukla
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DATE: 2015/01/13::
Woman left her breast on table and moved away
Woman left her breast on table and moved away
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Dog eaten manhood..haha
Dog eaten manhood..haha
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Romance Spills Over - Sunny & Megha appears for IMX
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Unique Beauty...
Unique Beauty...
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SENORITA guitar cover by Satadal Ray
SENORITA guitar cover by Satadal Ray
DATE: 2014/03/26::
DATE: 2013/06/29::
RESULTS [51 .. 101]
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Number of Public/Private Educational Institutions[1]
Category Number
Primary Schools 12,225
Junior High Schools 6,418
Senior High Schools 474
Polytechnics 10
Post Secondary Teacher Training 38
Universities 8[2]

A list of schools in Ghana, which is in Africa.


  • Achiase Senior High Schol
  • Anbariyya Islamic Institute, Tamale
  • Adu Memorial Junior High School
  • Amma Nipaa Memorial School, Kade
  • Anamon Hyeren Standard School
  • Action Secondary Technical School
  • Asesewa L.A & J.H.S
  • Asesewa Presby Junior High Senior
  • Ada Secondary High School
  • A.M.A Anne Health Academy
  • Abandze Methodist Primary School
  • Abassador International Junior High School
  • Abetifi Presbyterian Senior High School
  • Abetifi Technical Institute
  • Abetifi Training College
  • Abeka R.C. Basic School
  • Abibiman Complex Schools (Darkuman, Pokuase, Ablekuman)
  • Abibiman International Junior High School
  • Aboabo local Authority Primary School
  • Aboadze/Aboasie Junior High School
  • Aboasie Methodist Junior High School
  • Aboase Obohen Methodist Primary School
  • Aboasu Local Primary School
  • Abor Senior High School
  • Aboso Methodist Junior High School
  • Aboso-Benso A.M.E. Zion Primary School
  • Abuakwa State College
  • Abura Dunkwa Senior High School
  • Airport Police '1'Junior High School
  • Airport Police '2'Junior High School
  • Airport Police 'A&B' Primary School
  • Airport Police 'C&D'Primary School
  • Airport Police Pre-School
  • Airforce Complex Primary School
  • Abundant Grace Academy High School
  • Aburaman Senior High School
  • Aburi Girls Senior High School
  • Aburi Senior High Technical School
  • Abutia Community Senior High School
  • Academy Clinic Senior High School
  • Academy of Business Administration
  • Academy of Christ the King
  • Accra Academy
  • Accra Girls Senior High School
  • Accra Grammar School
  • Accra High School
  • Accra Polytechnic
  • Accra Technical Training Center
  • Acherensua Senior High School
  • Achiase Salvation Army Primary and Junior High School, Akim Achiase, Eastern Region
  • Achimota School (established 1920)
  • Achimota Primary & Junior High School
  • Achinakrom Senior High School
  • Ada Senior High Technical School
  • Adabie Education Complex
  • Adabraka Presby Junior High School
  • Akwamu-Abuakwa L/A Primary School
  • Adankwaman Senior High School
  • Adansi-Apagya Junior High School
  • Adanwomase Senior High School
  • Adenta Community School
  • Adidome Senior High School
  • Adiembra Senior High School
  • Adieso Senior High School Eastern Region)
  • Adisadel College
  • Adonten Senior High School
  • Adu Gyamfi Senior High School
  • Adu Gyamfi Senior High School, in Jamasi-Ashanti Region
  • Adubia Senior High Technical School
  • Adukrom Senior High Technical School
  • Adum Banso DC Junior High School
  • Adum Banso LA Junior High School
  • Adum Banso Primary School
  • Aduman Senior High School
  • Adventist Day Senior High School
  • Adventist Junior High School - APS
  • Adventist Preparatory School
  • Adventure Bay School
  • Adwinie Memorial School
  • Adzikame Roman Catholic Primary School
  • Afadjato Senior High Technical
  • Afadjato Senior High Technical School, in Gbledi-Agbogame
  • Afia Kobi Ampem Senior School
  • African Child Learning Centre
  • African Child School
  • Agali International School
  • Aggrey Memorial International
  • Aggrey Memorial A.M.E. Zion High School
  • Agogo M/A Pentecost Junior High School
  • Agogo M/A Pentecost Primary
  • Agogo Nurses Training College
  • Agogo State College
  • Agomeda Junior High School
  • Agona D/A Primary School
  • Agona SDA Senior High School
  • Agona Senior High Technical School
  • Agona Swedru Business College
  • Agona Swedru International School
  • Agona Swedru School of Business
  • Agona Swedru Senior High School
  • Agotime Senior High School
  • Agyina Junior High School
  • Ahafoman Senior High Technical School
  • Ahantaman Senior High School
  • Ahmed Hassan Saeed
  • Akantome Junior High School
  • Akatsi Senior High Technical School
  • Akim Adonkronno AME Zion Primary School
  • Akim Awisa Presby Boarding School
  • Akim Oda Senior High School
  • Akim Sekyere SDA Senior High School
  • Akim Swedru Senior High School, Akim Swedru
  • Akoase Methodist Primary School
  • Akoase Roman Catholic Primary School
  • Akokoaso Day Senior High School
  • Akome Senior High Technical School
  • Akosombo International School
  • Akotoku Academy (the school is known for its Boxing department)
  • Akoefe Tokor Model School
  • Akotoshie Primary school
  • Akro Senior High School, in Odumase Krobo
  • Akrokerri Teacher Training College
  • Akroso Senior High School
  • Akumadan Senior High School
  • Akuse Methodist Senior High School, in Manya Krobo District
  • Akuse Senior High School, in Manya Krobo District
  • Akwamuman Senior High School
  • Akwamu-West Presby Junior High School
  • Akwatia Nkawkaw Senior High School
  • Akwatia Technical Institute
  • Akwatia Technical Institute
  • Albert Sam Preparatory School
  • All Nations University College
  • All Saints Academy
  • All Saints Anglican Preparatory School
  • All Saints Preparatory School
  • Alajo 'i' Primary School
  • Alajo '2' Primary School
  • Alajo '3&4' Primary School
  • Alajo 'i' Junior High School
  • Alajo '3' Junior High School
  • Alpha and Omega Junior High School
  • Alpha Beta Education Centre
  • Alsyd Academy
  • Amoh International School, Gbetsile
  • Amaniampong Senior High School
  • Amanpene Serwa Jubilee International School
  • Amasaman Senior High Technical School
  • Amazing Grace Prep. School
  • Amazing Love School (Primary School), in Denu - Volta Region
  • Amazing Love School (J.H.S & S.H.S), in Tokor - Volta Region
  • Amanten Senior High School
  • Anmchara International School
  • Amenfiman Senior High School
  • American Curriculum International School (established in 2006)
  • Amuanda D/A Basic School (Founded 1956)
  • Ancilla Primary and J.H.S School, in Haatso Ecomog, Accra
  • Anfoega Senior High School, in Anfoega - Volta Region
  • Angel Educational Complex School
  • Angels' Specialist School
  • Anglican Junior High School
  • Anglican Senior High School
  • Anglican Primary School, in Prestea
  • Anglican Junior High School, in Prestea
  • Anyidzekpo Junior High School-Agbakope
  • Anlo Senior High School
  • Anlo Technical Institute
  • Annor Adjyaye Senior High School
  • Antoa Senior High School
  • Anum Presbyterian Senior High School
  • Apam Senior High School
  • Apostolic Golden Jubilee Preparatory school
  • Archbishop Porter Girls' Senior High School
  • Archbishop Porters Girls Polytechnic
  • Arhin Business College/Academy
  • Armed Force Senior High Technical School
  • Armed Forces Senior High Technical School Burma Camp
  • Asamankese Senior High School
  • Asankragua Senior High School
  • Asankragua Senior High Technical School
  • Asanteman Senior High School
  • Asare Bediako Senior High School
  • Asawinso Senior High School
  • Ascension Experimental School
  • Asekye-Krukese Presbyterian Primary School
  • Asesewa Day Senior High Commercial School, in Upper Manya Krobo District
  • Asesewa Agricultural Senior High School, in Upper Manya Krobo District
  • Ashesi University College
  • Ashiaman Senior High School
  • Asiakwa Primary School
  • Asikasu L/A Primary School
  • Asokore Senior High School
  • Asonkwaa LA Primary School
  • Assin Manso Senior High School
  • Assin Nsuta Senior High School
  • Association International School
  • Association International School
  • Association Experimental School
  • Asuansi Technical Institute (Asutech)
  • Asuansi Primary School
  • Asuogyaman Senior High Technical School
  • Asuom Senior High School
  • Atebubu Senior High School
  • Atebubu Training College
  • Atobiase Catholic Primary School
  • Atomic Hills Estate Demonstration
  • Atwa-Ebuakwa Primary & Junior High School , in Ekumfi Ebuakwa
  • Attafuah Senior High School
  • Atweaman Senior High School
  • Atwimaman Senior High School
  • Avenui Junior High School
  • Awudome Senior High School
  • Ayensu Anglican Primary
  • Ayirebi Senior High School
  • Azhariya Islamic School
  • Ave Maria School, Ltd.
  • Angels Academy
  • Al-Waleed Comprehensive School


  • Boo R/C Junior High School, Lawra Dist, U/W/R
  • Boo R/C Primary School, Lawra Dist, U/W/R
  • Boo St. Mary's Vocational School, Lawra Dist, U/W/R
  • Baazing Primary School, Lawra Dist, U/W/R
  • Bolgatanga Preparatory School
  • Baatsonaa TMA Junior High School
  • Baatsonaa Primary School
  • Bagabaga Primary School
  • Bagabaga College of Education
  • Baidoo Bonsoe Senior High Technical School
  • Bakatsir Junior High School
  • Bepong Senior High Commercial School
  • Base Ordnance Depot
  • Base Workshop Junior High School
  • Bawjiase Methodist Junor High School
  • Bawku Nurses Training College
  • Bawku Senior High School
  • Bawku Technical Institute
  • Bechem Presbyterian Senior High School
  • Eastern Presbyterian Senior High School
  • Bekwai S.D.A. Senior High School
  • Bekwai Senior High School
  • Believers International School
  • Benkum Senior High School
  • Benso Senior High Technical School
  • Beposo Senior High Technical School
  • Berekum Methodist Technical School
  • Berekum Presbyterian Senior High School
  • Berekum Senior High School
  • Besease Senior High Commercial
  • Besebuom Local Authority Primary School
  • Best Brains College
  • Best Way Grammar academy
  • Best of the Best Academy
  • Bethel Methodist Preparatory / Junior High School
  • Bethel Preparatory. School
  • Bibiani Senior High School
  • Bimbila Senior High School
  • Bisease High Commercial
  • Bishop Bowers International School
  • Bishop Essuah Memorial Junior High School
  • Bishop John Daly Anglican Basic School
  • Bishop Essuah Trade-Technical Institute
  • Bishop Herman College
  • Bishop Sarpong International / Junior High School
  • Bishops Junior High School
  • Black Child School
  • Bleamezado L/A Primary School
  • Blessing international / J.H.S, Akim Apinamang
  • Boa Amponsem Senior High School
  • Boana Local Authority Primary School
  • BOB School of Trade and Commerce
  • Bodwesango Local Authority Junior High School
  • Bodwesango Senior High Technical School
  • Bole Senior High School
  • Bolga Girls Senior High School
  • Bolga Nurses Training College
  • Bolga Senior High School
  • Bolga Senior High Technical (Zames)
  • Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School
  • Bompata Presbyterian Senior High School
  • Bompeh Day Senior High Technical School
  • Isaac Bompeh Secondary Technical School - Takoradi
  • Bontommuruso Presbyterian Primary
  • Bonwire Secondary Technical School
  • Bonzo- Kaku Senior Secondary
  • Border Complex School
  • Boso Secondary Technical
  • Brekum Nurses Training College
  • Breman Asikuma Secondary School
  • Breman Baptist Prep. School
  • Breman-Jamra Anglican Primary / J.S.S
  • Bueman Secondary School
  • Buokrukruwa Catholic Junior Secondary
  • Buoyem Senior High Schiol
  • Business High School
  • Bright Senior High School-Kukurantumi(E/R)


  • Carolyn Miller Comm. College (Liberia Camp)
  • Calvary A/G Temple School
  • Calvary Int. School
  • Calvary International School
  • Cambridge International (Old Site)
  • Cambridge International School
  • Cambridge International School (New Site)
  • Cambridge Training College
  • Cape Coast Technical Institute
  • Cardinal Tomko Senior High School
  • Catholic Primary
  • Catholic University
  • Celestial School Complex
  • Central International School
  • Central University College
  • Chapel Hill School Ltd.
  • Chemu Senior School
  • Chiana High School
  • Chiraa High School
  • Chrisnel International School
  • Christian Advantage Preparatory School
  • Christian Healthcare Training School
  • Christ Ebenezer Preparatory School
  • Christ Legacy International School
  • Christ Preparatory School
  • Christ Standard International
  • Christ The King School
  • Christ the King Senior High School, in Obuasi
  • Christside International School
  • Christ-Heard Preparatory school, Kibi
  • Christian Institute of Accountancy and Technology
  • Christian Methodist Senior High School
  • Christian Preparatory School, (Annex) (Bohyen, Kumasi)
  • Christian Preparatory School (Bomso, Kumasi)
  • Christian Scholars International/Junior Secondary School
  • Church of Christ Experimental School
  • Church of Christ International School
  • Church of Christ Senior High School
  • City Educational Complex
  • City of Kumasi Junior High School
  • COC Secondary Commercial
  • College of Art & Industry
  • Collins Senior High Commercial School
  • Commercial Service Institute,Cape Coast
  • Corpus Christi School
  • Cosmos Basic School Accra
  • Community 8 No. 2 Junior High School
  • Community 'B' Junior High School
  • Creative International. School
  • Creator Preparatory & Junior High School
  • CRIG Preparatory & Junior High School
  • Crown Prince Academy
  • Crown and Glory School
  • Calvary Ransom Basic Schools
  • Corpus Christi Catholic School
  • Comboni Technical Vocational Institute
  • Credle Star International School


  • Dahin Sheli School
  • Dansis Senior High School, in Mamprobi, Accra
  • Dwumanafo Junior High School
  • Damongo Senior High School, in Damongo, West Gonja
  • Daboase Secondary Technical School, in Daboase, Sekondi
  • Dadease Agric Secondary School, in Dadease, Kumasi
  • DPS International School, Tema Comm. 25
  • Dunwell Methodist Preparatory School, in Effia-Kuma, Takoradi
  • Dzodze - Penyi Senior High School, Dzodze
  • Dagbong State Senior High Technical School, Yendi
  • Divine Provision school
  • Rising Sun
  • De Youngster's International School
  • Dabala Senior High Technical School
  • Dompoase Junior High School, Dompoase, Ashanti Region
  • Duakwa Catholic Primary and Junior High School, in Agona Duakwa, Central Region
  • Dorfor Senior High School, Juapong, Volta


  • East Airport International School (Accra)
  • Evergreen Montessori School, Sawua-Ayoum
  • Ejisu Secondary Technical School, in Kumasi
  • Ebenezer Senior High School, in Dansoman
  • Ebenezer Preparatory School, in Kasoa
  • Ejisuman Senior Secondary School, in Kumasi
Edge Hill Senior High School, in Awoshie
  • Edinaman Senior High School, in Elmina
  • Emmanuel Presby School, in Kasoa
  • Ekumfi Abor Methodist Basic School
  • Ekon (Queen Ann's Point) Basic School
  • Emith Electronics Institute, in Kaneshie
  • Effiduasi Senior High School
  • Efutu Senior High School
  • Ebenezer Divine School Complex
  • Elite College(Ayeduase-Kumasi)
  • ELITEK International School (Accra)
  • Emmanuel International School≤ (Atwima Kokobeng)
  • Eremon Tangzu R/C Schools (Wa-Upper west Region),Lawra
  • Enefel Preparatory School,Obuasi


  • Fairweather School
  • Faith Montessori School, Ltd.
  • Fanti Mines Junior High School
  • Father Joseph Enoo Vocational School
  • F'Eden Preparatory School
  • Fiaseman Senior High Schol
  • Fijai Senior High School
  • Field Engineer's School
  • First Star Academy
  • Fomena L/A Primary School, Adansi Fomena, Ashanti Region
  • Forces Basic School
  • Ford Preparatory School
  • Fountain of Life International/Junior High School
  • Freeman College
  • Full Gospel Baptist International School
  • Full Gospel International/J.S.S
  • Fumbisi Senior high School
  • Fumso Catholic Primary
  • Future Academy Primary/J.H.S, Kumasi
  • Frank Duff Senior High School
  • Frank Senior High School
  • Tabre L/A Experimental School
  • Emmanuel Presby School
  • Kafagine & Osika Senior High School
  • Oppicho Senior Highh School
  • Faith Community Baptist Complex Of Schools, Madina
  • Ejisu Secondary Technical School


  • GAEC Preparatory School
  • Galaxy International School, Accra
  • Garden City Commercial College
  • Garrison Basic School, in Burma Camp
  • Generation Grace International School
  • German Swiss International School Accra
  • Gideon International School, in Odumase-Krobo
  • Gilead Academy School, in Kumasi
  • Ghana Senior High School, in Koforidua
  • Ghana Academy of Arts and Science
  • Ghana Armed Forces Senior High Technical School
  • Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) J.H.S
  • Ghana Christian International
  • Ghana College
  • Ghana Film and Television Institute
  • Ghana International School
  • Ghana National College Cape Coast
  • Ghana-Lebanon Islamic Senior High School
  • Ghana Senior High Technical School, in Takoradi
  • Ghanata Senior High School, Dodowa, Gt. Accra.
  • Glad Tidings
  • Globeng Nursery School
  • Gloria Mount Sinai Preparatory & J.H.S
  • Glory of God International School
  • Glory School
  • Godblessed Exp/Junior High School
  • God's Church of Peace Prep/J.H.S
  • God's Glory School
  • God's Time Preparatory School
  • God's Almighty King Universal School
  • Goka Secondary Technical
  • Golden Mission International School, New Town,Accra
  • Gomoa Dago Catholic Junior High School
  • Gomoa Senior High Technical School
  • Good Foundation Academy, in Wawase, Central Region
  • Good Foundation Preparatory & J.H.S, in Sunyani
  • Good News Baptist Preparatory & J.S.S
  • Good Shepherd Catholic School
  • Gospel International School - Madina Accra
  • Government Secondary Technical
  • Government Secretarial School
  • Government Technical Training Centre, in Accra
  • Gowrie SenigTechnical
  • Grace Baptist J.S.S
  • Grace Baptist Preparatory/School
  • Grace Preparatory School
  • Grace International School
  • Granny's Nursery & Day Care Centre
  • Great Good Shepherd International School
  • Great Royal Academy, Hatsukope
  • Great Promise School Complex
  • Greenhill International School
  • Gyaama Pensan Senior High Technical School
  • Gyamfi Kumanini Senior High School
  • Gyamlonome Evangelical Primary
  • Gyinyase M/A Primary School
  • Gyinyase M/A J.H.S
  • GCD L/A Primary and J.H.S, in Akwatia
  • Golden Age International School, in Kasoa
  • Gospel \ International Junior High School
  • Grace International School, in Amanase/Suhum
  • Great Assurance Academy, in Accra/Omanjor- Last Stop
  • Gold Avenue School, in Accra/Old Ashongman- Agbogba


  • H'Mount Sinai Senior High Secondary School- Akropong Akuapem
  • Haavad Senior High School
  • Half Asini Secondary
  • Half Assini Secondary School
  • Happy Home Academy
  • Harris School Complex, in Cape Coast
  • Harris Senior High School, in Cape Coast
  • Harrow International Preparatory School
  • Harrow International School
  • Harvest Christian Academy[American School in Accra]
  • Have Technical Secondary School
  • Hotwenua senior preparatory and vocational school
  • Hector International School
  • Heman Methodist Junior Secondary
  • Heman Methodist Primary
  • Herman Gmeiner JSS
  • Highbury International School, Odorkor Official-Town.
  • Hilltop Prep. School
  • High Standards Girls School Complex
  • Ho Polytechnic
  • Honest Preparatory and JSS
  • Hope of Glory Jss
  • Ho Technical Institute
  • Hohoe E.P. Secondary School
  • Holy Child Continual School
  • Hope Foundation International School, Accra-Newtown
  • Holy Child School
  • Holy Child Training College
  • Holy cross international school
  • Holy Int/Preparatory School
  • Holy Spirit Preparatory School
  • Holy Spirit Primary & Junior Secondary School
  • Holy Star Academy, labone - Accra
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral Senior High School, High Street-Accra
  • Holy Virgin Preparatory & Junior High School,Konongo
  • Huni-Valley Secondary school
  • Hwediem Secondary School
  • He Reigns Complex, Kasoa
  • Holy Ghost Preparatory School
  • Holy Shalom Academy, Ashaiman


  • Infant Jesus International JSS
  • Insaaniyya Secondary and Business School
  • Islamic Snr Secondary
  • Islamic Education Complex
  • Islamic University College of Ghana
  • International Community School
  • Institute of Divine Education
  • Intel Business college Ashiaman -Newtown
  • Immanuel presby basic school


  • Jirapa Senior Secondary School, Jirapa, U/W/R
  • Jim Bourton Memorial Agricultural Secondary School (JIBMASS)
  • J.T.Addo memorial basic school
  • Jachie-Pramso Secondary School
  • Jack And Jill School (Pre-School - JHS)
  • Jackson College of Education
  • Jacobu Secondary Technical School
  • Jafar Suadiq International School
  • Jaihuri Academy
  • Jefty Christian International School (Pre School - Primary)
  • Jenny's School Of Catering
  • Jenny's Catering Institute
  • Jesus power international primary & JSS
  • Jesus Mmofranyanko School
  • Jesus The King International Sch.
  • Jinijini Secondary
  • Job Foundation School
  • Joduro International School
  • John Haavad Junior High School
  • John Teye School
  • Joy International School
  • Joy Standard School
  • Joypearl Internationational School
  • Juaben Secondary School
  • Juabeso Secondary
  • Juaso Day Secondary School
  • Jubilee Prep/JSS
  • Jukwa Senior Secondary School
  • Juliet Johnson School
  • Juros Kirby Preparatory School
  • Javard International School


  • Kaybet School, New Weija, Accra
  • Khiriyatul Islamic Primary School (Adabraka)
  • komenda Senior High technical School
  • Kobreso RC J.H.S, Asante Kobreso
  • Kobreso RC Primary School, Asante Kobreso
  • Kotobabi 3 School
  • Koforidua Secondary Technical School (Mmarimamma)
  • K & T School of Evangelisation
  • KNUST Senior High School, in Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • K. Del Preparatory School
  • Kaajano Presby J.H.S
  • Kabore School
  • Kade Day Senior High Technical School
  • Kade R/C Basic School
  • Kadjebi Asato Senior High School, in Kadjebi, Volta Region
  • Kadjebi Felix Terry Senior High School
  • Kajaji Senior High School
  • kaledzi memorial Junior High school
  • Kaleo Secondary Technical
  • Kalpohin Senior High School
  • Kamina Primary School, in Tamale
  • Kaneshie Senior High Technical School
  • Kay-Billie-Klaer Academy
  • Krazy Billionaire Senior High School
  • Kato DC Junior High School
  • Kanvilli Presby Experimental JHS
  • Keta Business Senior High School
  • Keta Senior High School
  • Kiddie Kollege International School
  • Kikam Technical Institute
  • Kinbu Senior High Technical (Kintesco)
  • King of Kings School (Dwowulu)
  • Kissi English & Arabic Basic School
  • King & Queen International School (Abeka & Cantoment)
  • King of Glory Academy, Tamale
  • King Arthur International School
  • Kings college
  • King David Commercial Business College Odumase Krobo
  • Ken's School Complex
  • Kings International School
  • Kintampo Rural Health Training School
  • Kintampo Senior High School
  • Kofi Adjei Senior High Technical School
  • Koforidua Polytechnic (also known as Koforidua Poly)
  • Koforidua Secondary school (ADA)
  • Koforidua Secondary Technical
  • Koforidua Technical Institute
  • Kologo Primary School
  • Komfo Anokye Secondary School
  • Konadu Yiadom Secondary School
  • Konongo-Odumase Secondary School
  • Kosane L A Primary
  • Kovoc schools complex
  • Kramokrom M/A Junior High School (Dwease-Konongo)
  • Krazy billionaire Secondary school (kasoa)
  • Krobo Girls Secondary (Odumase Krobo)
  • Kpandai Secondary
  • Kpando Secondary School, in Kpando District, Volta Region
  • Kpando Technical College, Kpando, Volta Region
  • Kpandu Technical Institute
  • Kpehe Roman Catholic School
  • Kpetoe Roman Catholic Junior Secondary, Kpetoe, Volta Region
  • Kpeve Secondary Technical, in Kpeve, Volta Region
  • Krachi Secondary
  • Krachi Secondary School
  • Kranka Islamic Primary
  • Krobo Girls Secondary School
  • Ksaba Presby Secondary
  • Kukua Local Authority Primary
  • Kukuom Agriculture Secondary School
  • Kumasi Academy, in Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • Kumasi Anglican Secondary School, Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • Kumasi Girls Secondary School, Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • Kumasi High School, Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • Kumasi Polytechnic, Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • Kumasi Secondary Technical School, Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • Kumasi Technical Institute
  • Kumasi Wesley Girls' High School
  • Kwabeng Anglican Secondary Technical
  • Kwahu Ridge Secondary/Technical
  • Kwahuman International School
  • Kwahyia Presbyterian Primary
  • Kwame Danso Secondary Technical
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology J.S.S
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • Kafagine Senior high school (Breman)
  • Kasipe Memorial International School {Great Kims}
  • King Juses Senior High School
  • Koforidua Oyoko Methodist Senior High School
  • Konkonte L/A Primary School
  • Kuku Junior High School
  • Kibi Senior High Technical School (kisht) E/R
  • Kpedze Senior High School(KPESCO )Volta region


  • La Fontaine International School
  • LA Presby J.S.S
  • La Wireless 1 Junior High School
  • La TX Station School
  • La Yahoshua Primary School
  • Labone Senior High school
  • Larteh Presby Day Secondary
  • Larteh-Akuapem Methodist Junior Secondary
  • Lassia Tuolo Senior Secondary School
  • Lutheran Preparatory/Junior Secondary School
  • Lawra Secondary School
  • Learning Tree Academy
  • Leklebi Secondary School
  • Liberty Vocational Institute
  • Light House International School
  • Likpe Secondary School, Likpe, Volta Region
  • Lincoln Community School, Accra Ghana
  • Lincoln International School (established in 1968)
  • Little Acrons International Preparatory School
  • Little Angle Nursery
  • Lover Preparatory School
  • Light of The World School Complex
  • Liver Rose International School
  • Lyceum Graduate School (Accra)
  • Lycée Français d'Accra


  • Maggie Preparatory School
  • Madonna Basic School
  • Mabang Secondary Technical School
  • Macedonia Methodist Primary & J.S.S
  • Madina Estate Primary & J.S.S
  • Madina Islamic Primary & J.S.S
  • Mfantsiman Preparatory J.S.S, in New Weija, Accra
  • Mamfe Methodist Secondary
  • Manchester Secondary & Business College
  • Mandela International School
  • Mandela Preparatory School
  • Mando Day Secondary
  • Mankesim Secondary
  • Mankesim Secondary Technical
  • Manhean Secondary Technical, in Tema Manhean
  • Mankranso Secondary
  • Manna Mission Academy
  • Mansen Commercial Day Secondary School
  • Mansoman Secondary School
  • Manya Krobo Secondary, in Odumase Krobo
  • Maranatha Bible College
  • Maria Montessori School
  • Maria Montessori School
  • Marbs Preparatory School
  • Mars Business Secondary School
  • Martyrs of Uganda Junior Secondary School
  • Martyrs of Uganda Preparatory
  • Mary Mother of Good Counsel School
  • Mary Queen of Peace School
  • Kibi Secondary Technical School
  • Matyrs of Uganda Primary & J.S.S
  • Mawuko Girls Secondary, in Ho, Volta Region
  • Mawuli Secondary School, in Ho, Volta Region
  • Maxwell Rabb International
  • Mc Neilus Pre/J.S.S
  • Mcdonalds Training Preparatory
  • Mensah H.Y Rapid Preparatory
  • Mercy Baptist Preparatory School
  • Merton Montessori School
  • Methodist Day Secondary
  • Methodist High School
  • Methodist High School
  • Methodist Junior Secondary
  • Methodist Primary, in Gomoa Ekwamkrom
  • Methodist Primary school and Methodist school
  • Morning Glory Teshie
  • Methodist Secondary/Vocational School, in Sekondi
  • Methodist University College of Ghana
  • Mfantsiman Girls Secondary School
  • Mfantsiman Girls Secondary School
  • Ming Daw Secondary School, Mpataba-Jomoro-Western Nzema
  • Mfantsipim School, in Cape Coast (established in 1876 as Methodist "Wesleyan High School")
  • Mighty SEAG International/Junior Secondary School
  • Mim Senior High School, in Mim, Brong-Ahafo Region
  • Ministry of Health J.S.S
  • Mizpa Primary & J.S.S
  • Mmofra Mfa Adwen Preparatory
  • Mmofraturo Girl's Boarding school
  • Mmofraturo Girls Secondary School
  • Mmofraturo Preparatory School
  • Modern International/Junior Secondary School
  • Modern International School
  • Modern Preparatory School, in Kintampo
  • Mofraturo College
  • Morning Glory International School, in Koforidua
  • Morning Star School
  • Morning Star School, Ltd.
  • Most Holy Heart Preparatory School
  • Mother Care Nursery & Primary
  • Mother and Child Community Based School, in Nyanyano
  • Mother Love Complex school, in Kasoa
  • Mother of Mothers Day Care, in Anagye, Takoradi
  • Mother Smith International J.S.S
  • Mother's Choice Nursery School
  • Mother's Nest School, in East Cantonment, Accra
  • Mount Mary Teacher Training College
  • Mount Olivet Preparatory School
  • Mount Zion Methodist School
  • Mount Sinai Educational Center
  • Mozano Comm. Secondary
  • Mozinard International School
  • Mpaha L/A Primary School
  • Mpaha L/A Junior Secondary School
  • Mpakadan Presby Junior Secondary
  • Mpasatia Secondary Technical School
  • Mpataba DC Junior Secondary School
  • Mpohor Secondary School
  • Mpraeso Secondary School
  • Mumford Catholic Primary
  • Madina Senior High Technical And Vocational School
  • Manso Adubia senior school
  • Manso Nkran D/A J.S.S
  • Myplayroom Creche/School/Play Centre, in Accra


  • Najahia Islamic High School, in Kumasi
  • Naburnye D/A Prim. Schools,Lawra in [Wa-upper west region]
  • Nazareth Foundation Academy, in Takoradi
  • Neumann International School, in Obuasi
  • Neumann International School, in Kumasi
  • New Era International School, in Kumasi
  • New Nation International School, in Nima, Accra
  • New Order Preparatory School J.S.S
  • New Hope School
  • Ngleshie Amanfro Secondary, in Accra
  • Nhyieaso International School, in Kumasi
  • Nifa secondary school, in Adukrom
  • N.I.I.T
  • Ningo Senior High School
  • Nkoraman Senior Secondary (NKOSEC), in Seikwa
  • Nkoranza Secondary Technical School (NSTS)
  • Nkroful Agricultural Senior High School (NASS)
  • Nkwatia Presbyterian Senior High School, in Nkwatia Kwahu
  • North Ridge Lyceum, in Kanda Estates, Accra
  • Northern School of Business Tamale, in Tamale
  • Nsaba Presby Secondary School
  • Nsawam Senior High School, in Nsawam
  • Nsein Secondary School, in Nsein, Axim
  • Nungua Secondary School, in Accra
  • Nuria English-Arabic Primary School
  • Nurai English-Arabic Junior High School
  • New System Junior Secondary School, Nungua
  • Nyamekye International School,Apam


  • O.L.L Secondary Technical School
  • Oasis Christian Academy
  • Obefos International School
  • Obiri Yeboah Secondary
  • Obo Presbyterian Junior Secondary
  • Obuasi Secondary Technical School
  • Oda Attafuah Secondary Technical
  • Oda Senior High School, Akim Oda
  • Odoben Secondary
  • Odorgonno Secondary School
  • Odorkor 1 Junior Secondary School
  • Odumaseman Senior Secondary School
  • Ofoase Primary School
  • Ofoase Secondary Technical School
  • Ofori Panyin Secondary School
  • Oforikrom M/A Primary & Junior High School, Oforikrom - Kumasi
  • Oguaa Senior Secondary Technical
  • Okomeso L/A Primary
  • Okomfo Anokye Secondary
  • Okomfo Anokye Secondary School
  • Okuapemman Senior High School
  • OLA Senior Secondary School
  • Oniwaa Memorial Junior Secondary School
  • Onwi D/A Junior Secondary
  • Open Heavens Preparatory School
  • Opinaman L/A Junior Secondary
  • Opoku Ware Girls Vocational
  • Opoku Ware Junior Secondary School
  • Opoku Ware School
  • Oppon Memorial Secondary
  • O'Reilly Secondary
  • Osei Asibey Sekyere International School
  • Osei Kyeretwie Secondary School
  • Osei Tutu International
  • Osino Secondary School
  • Osu Home Junior Secondary, in Osu
  • Osu Presby '2' J.S.S
  • Osu Presby Secondary School, http://presecosu.com
  • Osudoku Senior Secondary Technical School
  • Otinibi M/A J.H.S
  • Oti Secondary Technical
  • Otuam International School, in Ekumfi Otuam
  • Otuam Methodist Primary School, in Ekumfi Otuam
  • Otuam Methodist J.S.S
  • Otuo Acheampong International
  • Our Lady of Providence Secondary
  • Our Lady International/Junior Secondary School
  • Our Lady of Mercy Secondary
  • Owerrimman Secondary Technical School
  • The Owl's Nest International School
  • Open Hearted Academy, in Kasoa
  • Oxford International Preparatory & J.S.S, in Konongo
  • Oyoko Methodist Senior High School
  • Ofankor M/A Junior High School (Ofankor) G/A


  • Pride Of The East Internationsal School
  • Parent's Pride Preparatory School
  • Pank Secondary Business College
  • P.C.E Demonstration Primary & J.S.S
  • Palmar International School
  • Pat. Doramo International School
  • Patience Oye Memorial Complex School
  • Peace Preparatory School
  • PEC School, in Nsawam
  • Peki Secondary Technical, Peki, Volta Region
  • Peki Secondary School, Peki, Volta Region
  • Pentecost Preparatory School
  • Pentecost Preparatory School
  • Pentecost Preparatory School
  • Pentecost Secondary School
  • Pentecostal Holy Preparatory
  • Pentecost University College
  • Perniel Preparatory School
  • Peters Educational Center
  • Peter Holdbrook-Smith Academic Complex (PHSAC), in Elmina
  • Philips Commercial College
  • Ppiian Secondary
  • Poetic Systems
  • Pope John Senior High School and Minor Seminary, Koforidua, Eastern Region
  • Power House International School Nursery Primary & J.S.S
  • Premier International School
  • Prempeh Primary & J.S.S
  • Prempeh College, in Kumasi, Ashanti Region
  • Police Depot '1' JHS
  • Police Depot '2' JHS
  • Police Depot '1&2' Primary
  • Police Depot '3&4' Primary
  • Police Depot Pre-School
  • Premier View Institute (Achimota, Spintex - Accra)
  • Premium Nursing Training (PNT)
  • Presby International Complex
  • Presby Secondary Bompata
  • Presbyterian Secondary School, in Bechem
  • Presbyterian Senior Secondary
  • Presbyterian Boys' Secondary, in Legon, Accra
  • Presbyterian Boys Secondary School
  • Presbyterian Junior Secondary
  • Presbyterian Junior Secondary School
  • Presbyterian Primary School
  • Presbyterian Secondary
  • Presbyterian Boys Boarding School
  • Presbyterian Secondary La, Accra
  • Presbyterian Secondary
  • Presbyterian Secondary Commercial
  • Presbyterian Secondary School, in Tema
  • Presbyterian Secondary School
  • Presbyterian College of Education
  • Presbyterian Women's College of Education
  • Presbyterian Secondary Staff/Primary J.S.S
  • Preset Pacesetters Institute, in Madina
  • Preservarance Preparatory School
  • Prestea Senior Secondary School
  • Prince Boateng Memorial Primary & J.S.S
  • Princeland Academy in Tema
  • Prince of Peace Academy
  • Prince Of Peace International School
  • Princess International
  • Pusiga Training College
  • Providence school Limited


  • Queen Esther Preparatory & Junior Secondary School
  • Queen's Model School
  • Queen's Senior High School


  • Radiantway Preparatory School
  • Rajia Primary School, Zabzugu
  • Rajia Junior High School, Zabzugu
  • Rapid Preparatory School
  • Ramseyer Preparatory School, in Agogo
  • Ramseyer Vocational/Technical Institute, Kumasi
  • Regal International/Junior Secondary School
  • Regent University College of Science and Technology
  • Restoration Academy Complex
  • Revss Academy (Nursery, Primary & Junior School)
  • Ridge Church School
  • Ridge Church School
  • Ridge International School
  • Ridge Primary & J.S.S
  • Ridge Primary School
  • Ridge School
  • Ridge Junior Secondary School, in Tamale, Northern Region
  • Riis School
  • Ringway Estate Junior Secondary School
  • Rising Star International/Junior Secondary School
  • Riverside Academy (Nursery & Primary)
  • Rockanje Presbyterian Experimental School
  • Roman Girls Nursing Training
  • Roman Ridge School
  • Rosant Nursing Training (RNT)
  • Rosant Vineyard Preparatory
  • Rose of Sharon Presby/International J.S.S
  • Rosharon Montessori School
  • Royal Academy J.S.S, in Swedru
  • Royal Academy International School, in Agona Swedru
  • Royal International Preparatory School
  • Royal Pillar International School - Nyanyano Lawyer
  • Royal Pentecostal Preparatory and J.H.S Labadi, Accra
  • Royal Standard Learning Centre - Exhibition, in Dansoman
  • Royal Technical College (ROTECO
  • Robert Memorial School Primary/J.H.S (Tema)


  • Saan R/C Primary and Junior High School
  • Saint Emmanuel International J.H.S, in Nima, Accra
  • S. E. A Preparatory & Junior High School
  • Saboba E. P. Senior High School
  • Sacred Site Preparatory
  • Saforo School
  • Saint Augustine Preparatory School
  • Saint Teresas Minor Seminary, in Cape Coast/Saint Teresas Minor Seminary, in Amisano
  • St. Augustine's College (Cape Coast)
  • Saint Charbel International School, Osu[3]
  • Saint Charles Senior High School
  • Saint John Senior High School
  • Saint Mary's Minor Seminary
  • Saint Mary's Preparatory School
  • Saint Mary's Senior High school, in Korle Gonno, Accra
  • Saint Michael International School, in Nsawam
  • Saint Michael Major Seminary
  • Saint Paul's Senior High School
  • Saint Paul Technical
  • Saint Paul's J.H.S
  • Saint Peter's Regional Seminary
  • Saint Peter's Anglican Secondary School[SPASS]Nungua
  • Saint Preparatory School
  • Saint Prosper's College, in Ho
  • St. Cecilia's Basic School, Kanda
  • Saint Thomas Senior High School
  • Saint Victor Major Seminary
  • Sakumono School Complex J.H.S
  • Salaga Junior High School
  • Salaga Senior High School
  • Salaga Senior High Technical School
  • Salem Day Senior High School
  • Salem Educational Centre
  • Salem Senior High School
  • Saltpond Methodist High School
  • Salvation Academy
  • Salvation Army Senior High School, Akim Wenchi, Eastern Region
  • Salvation International School
  • Sandema Senior High School
  • Sandema Secondary Technical
  • Santa Maria Complex School
  • Santa Maria Primary & J.S.S
  • Sap's Syto and Boye-doe uninternational School
  • Savelugu School for the Deaf
  • School for Life
  • SDA Primary School
  • S.D.A. Secondary School
  • Sea Preparatory School
  • Second Generation International School
  • Sefwi-Wiawso Secondary Technical School
  • Sekesua L/A Junior Secondary School
  • Sekeyereman Catholic Secondary Commercial School
  • Sekondi College
  • Sekyedumasi high School
  • Sekyereman Secondary Technical School
  • Service Junior Secondary School
  • Service Primary School
  • Services Primary & Junior Secondary School
  • Seven Great Princess Academy
  • Seventh-Day Adventist Secondary
  • Shalom Prep/J.S.S
  • Shama Senior High School
  • Sholom Complex School
  • Siddiq Secondary school
  • Simms Sec. Commercial School
  • Sir Peter Holdbrook-Smith Memorial School, in Cape Coast
  • Smart International School, in Darkuman, Accra
  • Snaps College
  • Snaps J.S.S
  • Sogakofe Secondary School
  • Somanya Secondary Technical School
  • Sombo RC Primary
  • Some Secondary
  • Sonrise High School, in Ho
  • Southern Ghana Bible College, in Saltpond
  • SOS Primary & J.S.S
  • SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College
  • Soul Clinic International School
  • Soul International School
  • St Anthony's Primary & J.S.S
  • St Augustinus Junior Secondary School
  • St John's Primary & J.S.S, in Achimota
  • St Martin De Porres School
  • St Paul Technical Institute, in Kukurantumi
  • St Paul's Methodist Junior Secondary School
  • St. Paul's Secondary
  • St. Agather's Girls Catholic School
  • St. Andrew Teachers College, in Manpong, Ashanti Region
  • St. Anne's Girls Vocational Institute
  • St. Anthony's Schools
  • St. Aquinas Secondary
  • St. Augustines College
  • St. Augustine's Secondary School
  • St. Bernadette Nursery School & Creche
  • St. Bernadette primary & J.S.S
  • St. Bernadette Soubirous
  • St. Charles Secondary
  • St. Charles Secondary Tamale, in Tamale
  • St. Dominics Secondary Technical
  • St. Francis Girls' Secondary School Jirapa
  • St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Private School
  • St. Francis Prep/J.S.S
  • St. Francis Secondary Technical
  • St. Georges International/J.S.S
  • St. George's Primary & J.S.S
  • St. Hubert Seminary
  • St. James Seminary and Secondary
  • St. James Business College
  • St. Jerome Secondary School
  • St. John International School
  • Saint John's Grammar (achimota Accra)
  • St. John's Preparatory School
  • St. John's Primary School
  • St. John's Secondary School
  • St. Joseph Roman Catholic Basic School
  • St. Joseph School Complex
  • St. Joseph's Secondary Technical School
  • St. Joseph's Seminary Secondary Commercial School
  • St. Laku International/Junior Secondary School
  • St. Lawrence Preparatory J.S.S, Ltd.
  • St. Leo International/Junior Secondary School
  • St. Leo International
  • St. Leo International School
  • St. Louis Jubilee School
  • St. Louis Secondary
  • St. Louis Training College
  • St. Margaret Mary Senior High/Technical School, in Dansoman
  • St. Martin's Secondary School
  • St. Mary's Boys' Secondary School, in Apowa, Takoradi
  • St. Mary's Day Care Nursery School
  • St. Mary's Minor Seminary
  • St. Mary's Preparatory School
  • St. Marys Secondary
  • St. Mary's Secondary Catholic School
  • St. Mary's Secondary School
  • St. Mary's Seminary Secondary
  • St. Mary's Seminary Secondary
  • St. Matin De Pores School
  • St. Michael International J.S.S
  • St. Micheal Senior Secondary school
  • St. Micheal's College
  • St. Micheal's International School
  • St. Monica's International/Preparatory School
  • St. Monica's Junior Secondary
  • St. Monica's Preparatory School
  • St. Monica's Secondary
  • St. Monica's Secondary School
  • St. Nicholas Theological College
  • Snaps College of Accountancy and Secretarialship
  • St. Nicolas Preparatory School
  • St. Paul community Secondary School
  • St. Paul Methodist Preparatory and Junior High School, in Tema
  • St. Paul's Anglican International/J.S.S
  • St. Paul's Catholic Seminary
  • St. Paul's Secondary
  • St. Pauls Technical School
  • St. Peter's Lutheran Academy
  • St. Peters Primary & J.S.S
  • St. Peter's Mission Schools (Day & Boarding), in Accra
  • St. Peter's Secondary School (Nkwatia Eastern Region, the BEST SCHOOL in Ghana
  • St. Propers College
  • St. Rose's Senior High School
  • St. Stephen's Day Senior Technical School
  • St. Theresa's Junior High School
  • St. Theresas Training College
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High School
  • St. Thomas Primary & J.H.S
  • St. Thomas Senior High Technical School
  • St. Thomas Training College, in Kumasi
  • St. Georges International School
  • St. Mary's Seminary Senior High School
  • St. Roman Nursing Training
  • St. Patrick Roman Catholic School
  • St.Theresa's Primary & J.H.S
  • Star Avenue School
  • Star Of Bethlehem-Ashaiman/Bethlehem
  • Star of The East J.H.S
  • Star Preparatory/Junior High School
  • State Experimental School
  • Stream Street College
  • Suhum Presbyterian Senior High School, in Suhum
  • Suhum Senior High Technical, in Suhum
  • Sunnyside International School, in Accra
  • Sonrise Christian International School, in Hohoe, Volta Region
  • Sunyani Senior High School, in Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo Region
  • Sunyani Business Senior High School (SUBSEC), in Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo Region
  • Sunyani Polytechnic, in Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo Region
  • Sunshine Success School, in Obuasi
  • Swedru School of Business
  • Swedru Senior High School
  • Swedru Senior High School
  • Solomon Preparatory School
  • Shine Education Centre, Accra (Abokobi-Boi)
  • standard Foundation School( Santa Maria)
  • Statrite Montessori School


  • Trinity Academy (pillar 2)
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya college
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Junior High School
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Junior High School
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Junior High School A
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Junior High School B
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Primary School-Ekumfi Otuam
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Junior High School-Ekumfi Otuam
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School - Ekumfi
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School Commercial
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School- Asokore
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School- Essakyir
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School- Fomena
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High Schooll- Kumasi
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School-Potsin
  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School-Salaga
  • Taifa Community Primary & Junior High School Taifa
  • Takoradi Polytechnic
  • Takoradi Senior High School
  • Takoradi International School
  • The King's Royal Academy
  • Tamale International School
  • Tamale International School
  • Tamale Islamic Senior High School
  • Tamale Polytechnic
  • Tamale Senior High School
  • Tamale Technical Institute
  • Tamale Women's Training College
  • Tanyigbe Senior High School
  • Tarkwa Senior High School
  • Taviefe Senior High School
  • Techiman Senior High School
  • Techimantia Presby Senior High Comm. School
  • Technical Training College
  • Technology Senior High School
  • Ted International Prep. School
  • Tema High School
  • Tema International College
  • Tema Christian Centre School
  • Tema first Baptist school
  • Tema International School
  • Tema Methodist Primary School
  • Tema Methodist Day Senior High School
  • Tema Parents Association School
  • Tema Port Side College
  • Tema Regular Baptist School{Adutwum}
  • Tema Senior High School
  • Tema Technical Institute
  • Tempane Senior High School
  • Tepa Anglican Primary
  • Tepa Senior High School
  • Teshie 10 Primary School
  • Teshie Presby Senior High School
  • Tetrem Senior High School
  • Teachers' Experimental School
  • The King's Royal Academy
  • The Pillar Academy (Accra , New Bortianor)
  • The Owl's Nest International School
  • Three Stars Educational Centre
  • Three Town Senior High School
  • Tina Tiny School
  • Tiny Kids Nursery School
  • Toase Senior High School
  • Tonkoasi L/A Primary School
  • Tonkoasi Junior High school
  • Tom L A Primary
  • Top Ridge School
  • Trinity Baptist Education Centre
  • Trinity College
  • Trinity Theological Seminary
  • True Faith Preparatory
  • Tumu Senior High School
  • Tuna Senior High School
  • Tutu Presbyterian Primary
  • Tuvugu D.A Primary
  • Tuvugu D.A Junior High School
  • Twene Amanfo Senior High Technical School
  • Tweneboa Kodua International
  • Twedaase Junior High School
  • Tweenies Montessori School
  • Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School
  • Twifo Praso Senior High School
  • Trinity Lutheran School


  • Vakpo Senior High School, in Vakpo, Volta Region
  • Vakpo Senior High Technical, Vakpo, Volta Region
  • Valley View University
  • Ve-Gbodome D/A Junior High School
  • Ve Community Senior High School
  • Vemis Mawunyo International School
  • Victoria School Complex, Darkuman, Accra
  • Victory Christian Junior High School, in Wawase, Central Region
  • Victory International School
  • Victory Parents School
  • Victory Nursery
  • Vilac International School, in Accra
  • Vilaworld International School, Off Spintex Rd.(Road leading to Kotobabi No.2) Accra
  • Vitting Senior High And Technical School
  • Volta School for the Deaf and Mentally Challenged


  • University of Ghana
  • University Tutorial Senior High School (Amakom-Kumasi)
  • Uncle Rich Senior High School
  • Uniquechild International School, in Teahie-Nungua
  • Universal Senior High School,Koforidua Ghana
  • University Junior High School, Cape Coast, Central Region
  • University Of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA)


  • Wa Senior High School
  • Willbeth computer institute (Elmina-Atabadze Central)
  • Weweso M/A J.H.S , in Kentinkrono, Kumasi
  • Walewale Senior High School
  • Wamanafo Comm Day Senior High School
  • Wenchi Senior High School, in Wenchi, Brong-Ahafo Region
  • Wesley Girls' High School, in Cape Coast, Central Region
  • Wesley Grammar School
  • Wesley High School, in Fadama
  • Wesley Methodist Junior High School
  • West Africa Senior High School
  • Western Hills Nursing School
  • Western Link School Wenchi, Brong-Ahafo Region, primary school,
  • Western University College
  • Wiamoase Dinn Islam Junior High School
  • Winneba Senior High School, in Winneba, Central Region
  • Winneba School of Business, in (Winneba)
  • Winners Nursery
  • Wireless Four Junior High School
  • Wisconsin International University College
  • Worawora Senior High School
  • Wulensi Senior High School
  • Wulugu Senior School
  • White Dove Preparatory School, in Taifa
  • White Daisy School, Ltd., in Teshie
  • Wesley Atlantic Senior High School
  • W.B.M Zion Senior High School, Old Tafo Akim


  • Young Christian Preparatory School, Takoradi
  • Yaa Asantewa Girls' Senior High, Kumasi.
  • Yilo Krobo Senior High School
  • Yendi Senior High School


  • Zaare Islamic Primary School
  • Zabzugu Senior High School
  • Zabzugu D.A Primary School
  • Zabzugu D.A Junior High School
  • Zabzugu Girls Junior High School
  • Zamse Senior High Technical School
  • Zebilla Senior High School
  • Zion College
  • Zion Methodist Senior High Technical school
  • Ziope R.C. Primary School
  • Ziope L.A Junior High School
  • Zohe E.P Junior High School, Yendi


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