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Monica Gail Moorehead
Born 1952 (age 65–66)
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Nationality American
Occupation Political activist
Known for Candidate of the Workers World Party

Monica Gail Moorehead (born 1952) is an American retired teacher, activist, and perennial candidate for the presidential nomination of the Workers World Party (WWP).


A political activist since high school, Moorehead distributed newspapers for the Black Panther Party and subsequently joined the WWP in 1972. She rose to the national leadership in 1979. Her presidential campaign in 1996 received around 29,000 votes. In 2000 she received 4,795 votes; that year she was only on the ballot in Florida, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wisconsin.[1] On both occasions, her vice-presidential running-mate was Gloria La Riva.

In an open letter (entitled "Blame Monica!"), posted on his website shortly after the U.S. presidential election of 2000, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore sarcastically argued that Moorehead, not supporters of Ralph Nader like himself, were responsible for the election of George W. Bush.[2]

Other works include being the author of Feminism and Marxism in the 90's and South Africa: Which Road to Liberation? She also edited the book Marxism, Reparations, and the Black Freedom Struggle, a collection of articles from Workers World newspaper, written by herself and others.

In 2004, Moorehead was one of the campaign managers for the party's presidential candidate, John Parker. During the 2008 presidential campaign, she endorsed Green Party candidate, Cynthia McKinney.[3]

On November 8, 2015, Moorehead received the 2016 presidential nomination of the Workers World Party.[4] Her running mate was Lamont Lilly.[4]

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Party political offices
Preceded by
Gloria La Riva
Workers World Party Presidential candidate
1996 (lost), 2000 (lost)
Succeeded by
John Parker


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