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National Anthem of Ingushetia
English: Anthem of Ingushetia
Coat of Arms of Ingushetia.svg
Coat of arms of Ingushetia

Regional anthem of the Republic of Ingushetia
Lyrics Ramzan Tsurov (1993, 2010)
Adopted 27 August 1993, 7 December 2010

The State Anthem of Ingushetia (Russian: Гимн Ингушетии, Gimn Ingušetii) is one of the national symbols of the republic of Ingushetia, a federal subject of Russia, along with its flag and coat of arms. The anthem was composed and written by an Ingush poet Ramzan Tsurov in 1993. It was first adopted on 27 August 1993 then readopted officially on 7 December 2010.[1]


Ingush (Cyrillic) Latin script English
First verse

Лоамий мехка хозагӀа дола дакъа
ДӀа а лаьца улл хьо, ГӀалгӀайче,
Курра йолаш никъ хьо хьай дӀахо
Дуне мел латт яха хьо, ГӀалгӀайче.
Аллах — Даьла, низ ба ГӀалгӀайченна,
Везан — Даьла, йоахае ГӀалгӀайче!

Loamiy mexka xozaġa dola daq̇a
Dja a läca ull ẋo, Ġalġayҫe,
Kurra yolaş niq̇ ẋo ẋay djaxo
Dune mel latt yaxa ẋo, Ġalġayҫe.
Allah — Däla, niz ba Ġalġayҫenna,
Vezan — Däla, yoaxaye Ġalġayҫe!

In the most beautiful part of the mountainous region
Thou liest, Ingushetia.
Proudly goes on the way to the future,
May you live forever, Ingushetia.
God, give the strength to Ingushetia,
God bless Ingushetia!

Second verse

Лаьтта даттӀал йоккха я човнаш,
МоастагӀаша хьа дегӀа яьраш.
Эздий хилба хьа керахьа къонгаш,
ЧӀир леха, бохабе гӀаьраш.
Аллах — Даьла, низ ба ГӀалгӀайченна,
ЧӀир леха из ба ГӀалгӀайченна!

Lätta dattjal yoqqa ya ҫovnaş,
Moastaġaşa ẋa deġa yäraş.
Ezdiy xilba ẋa keraẋa q̇ongaş,
Ҫ̇ir lexa, boxabe ġäraş.
Allah — Däla, niz ba Ġalġayҫenna,
Ҫ̇ir lexa iz ba Ġalġayҫenna!

Land may asunder,
From the wounds inflicted by your enemies.
May the sons who died in battles be noble,
The survivors will avenge them.
God, give the strength to Ingushetia,
Give the strength to avenge the fallen!

Third verse

Дунен чухьа лехаргьяц оатто,
Деза вайна хьагӀ йоаца вахар.
Лаьтта оахаш дахаргда лаьтта,
Низ кхоаче из лаьтта аха.
Аллах — Даьла, низ ба ГӀалгӀайченна,
Лаьтта аха низ ба ГӀалгӀайченна!

Dunen ҫuẋa lexarg’yac oatto,
Deza vayna ẋaġ yoaca vaxar.
Lätta oaxaş daxargda lätta,
Niz qoaҫe iz lätta axa.
Allah — Däla, niz ba Ġalġayҫenna,
Lätta axa niz ba Ġalġayҫenna!

We're not looking for an easy life,
We want to live without the black hatred.
Our land is cultivated,
Let's have the strength to do so.
God, give the strength to Ingushetia,
Give the strength to cultivate the land!

Fourth verse

Бокъонга сатувс хьа уйлаша,
Дог, тов мо, леталу хьа чӀоагӀа.
Тха Даьхе, хьо массаза хийла,
Кортамукъа, дех Даьлага оаха.
Аллах — Даьла, низ ба ГӀалгӀайченна,
Кортамукъа халлийта ГӀалгӀайче!

Boq̇onga satuvs ẋa uylaşa,
Dog, tov mo, letalu ẋa ҫ̇oaġa.
Txa Däxe, ẋo massaza xiyla,
Kortamuq̇a, dex Dälaga oaxa.
Allah — Däla, niz ba Ġalġayҫenna,
Kortamuq̇a xalliyta Ġalġayҫeǃ

Your thoughts about justice,
Your heart is burning,
It will start to burn from a spark like a fuel.
Be forever free, land of our fathers.
We ask that God.
God, give the strength to Ingushetia,
Let the Ingushetia be free!


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