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Open Britain
Open Britain logo.png
Motto Keep Britain in the European Union Single market
Predecessor Britain Stronger in Europe
Headquarters Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, England, SW1P 4QP
Executive Director
James McGrory[1]
Joseph Carberry, Trevor Phillips, Richard Reed, Lord Peter Mandelson, Roland Rudd, June Sarpong, William Straw, Daniel Gieve, Sir Michael Rake [2]
Affiliations People's Vote

Open Britain is British pro-European Union campaign group set up in the aftermath of the 2016 European Union referendum.[3]


Open Britain defines itself as campaigning for the United Kingdom to be open and inclusive, open for business, open to trade and investment, open to talent and hard work, open to Europe and to the world.[4] It is also campaigning for Britain to remain in the Single Market as part of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.[5]

In October 2016, Open Britain launched a 'Write to Remain' letter-writing campaign directed at Theresa May asking her to guarantee the right of EU nationals to stay in the UK.[6]

The individuals involved in the campaign group include former Ministers Pat McFadden (Labour) and Norman Lamb (Liberal Democrat).[7] Conservatives Anna Soubry, Nicky Morgan, and Dominic Grieve cut their ties with Open Britain in April 2017 after it began to campaign against the re-election of anti-EU members of parliament, mostly Conservatives.[8]

Open Britain continues to campaign in collaboration with other major pro-European campaign groups such as Britain for Europe and European Movement UK. It joined People's Vote in April 2018 to campaign for another referendum.[9][10]

Further reading[edit]

  • McGrory, James (14 June 2018). "No one voted for a bad deal on Brexit - People's Vote gives us a chance to do something about it". HuffPost.


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