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Since the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum, a number of demonstrations have taken place and organisations formed whose goal has been to oppose, reverse or otherwise impede that decision.


The March for Europe, July 2016[edit]

The first March for Europe took place in London on 2 July 2016, shortly after the Brexit referendum on 23 June 2016, and was attended by thousands of people.[1][2]

The March for Europe, September 2016[edit]

The second March for Europe took place in London on 3 September 2016 and was attended by thousands of people.[3] It was one of a number of events to take place on the day, including rallies in Edinburgh and Birmingham.[4]

Unite for Europe[edit]

The Unite for Europe march, which coincided with the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, was held in London on 25 March 2017, and was attended by tens of thousands of people.[5]

The People's March for Europe[edit]

The People's March for Europe took place in London on 9 September 2017. The event began with a march at 11am and was follwed by speakers in Parliament Square at 1:30pm.[6] The event, which was attended by thousands of people, was part of a series of protests dubbed "the Autumn of discontent".[7]. The People's March Ltd came into being in the summer of 2017, to help ensure that a march planned for 9 September in London 2017 went ahead. Over 50,000 people took to the streets under the banner "Unite, Rethink, Reject Brexit" marching from Hyde Park to Parliament Square followed by a rally with speakers from the remain movement and from across the political spectrum and was covered on mainstream media, even for a few seconds on the BBC news on the day at 6pm. The company remains in place for possible participation in future Pro EU campaign events.

StopBrexit Manchester[edit]

The StopBrexit Manchester march was held in All Saints Park, Manchester on 1st October 2017, to coincide with the Conservative Party conference. The event consisted of a rally followed by a march through central Manchester, and finishing with a street party organised by local Pro-EU groups.[8] An estimated 30,000 people took part in this event.[9][10]

StopBrexit Leeds[edit]

The StopBrexit Leeds march was held on 24 March 2018 in Leeds. The march assembled at The Headrow in central Leeds at 11am and ended with a rally at The Headrow,[11][12] with thousands of people reported to have attended.[13][14]

People's Vote march[edit]

On 23 June 2018, the second anniversary of the EU referendum, People's Vote organised a march and protest from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square in Central London. Speakers included Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas, Labour's David Lammy and the Conservative's Anna Soubry. The organisers said that at least 100,000 people attended the march. A smaller pro-Brexit march was held in London on the same date.[15]

The People's Vote march was not designed to reverse the result of the referendum, but to hold a public vote on the final terms of the UK's EU exit deal.[16] The organisers said Brexit was "not a done deal" and Cable said "Brexit is not inevitable. Brexit can be stopped."[17] The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was criticised for not attending the march.[18]

Other events[edit]

Postcards from the 48% had a test screening in the EU Parliament in Brussels on 10 April 2018. It opens in UK cinemas on 6 July 2018.[19]

Remain campaigners crowdfunded to give out EU flags at the last night of The Proms. In 2016, £1,175 was raised on Crowdfunder; in 2017, £4,218 was raised,[20] and 2,500 flags were given out on the night.[21] In 2018, £3,132 was raised on Crowdfunder,[22] to be given out in September.


A number of groups have formed to campaign for the UK to remain a member of the EU.

Britain for Europe[edit]

Formed shortly after the EU referendum by grassroots activist from around the UK, Britain for Europe is an independent pressure group and umbrella organisation for pro-European grassroots campaign groups based in the United Kingdom[23] which lobbies in favour of the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union.[24][25]

It organises marches, conferences, meetings, and national campaigns. It is a founding member of the joint pro-European group People's Vote based in Millbank Tower, has over 60 member groups, and represents thousands of grassroots activists all over the country.[26]

European Movement UK[edit]

The European Movement UK is an organisation in the United Kingdom which campaigns in support of greater European integration and for reform of the European Union. It is part of the European Movement International which pushes for a "democratic, federal, enlarged European Union".[27]

Formed in 1949, it campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum and continues to oppose Brexit in collaboration with other major pro-European campaign groups such as Open Britain and Britain for Europe.[27]

Leeds for Europe[edit]

Formed in January 2017, Leeds for Europe[28] campaigns against Brexit in the city of Leeds and elsewhere in West Yorkshire. The group organised the Great Northern March held in the city on 24 March 2018.[11][12] Leeds for Europe is affiliated to Britain for Europe and the European Movement UK.

Joint campaigning[edit]

Members of national groups, including Britain for Europe, European Movement UK, Open Britain, conduct joint campaigns in various towns and cities of the UK.[29][30]

In March 2018 six national groups moved into a shared Remain office in Millbank Tower, London, in order to pool their resources for campaigning.[31]

People's Vote[edit]

Launched in April 2018, People's Vote is a UK campaign group calling for a public vote on the final Brexit deal. The campaign comprises nine anti-Brexit groups,[32] including eight operating from Millbank Tower in London. The groups include Britain for Europe, European Movement UK, For our Future’s Sake (FFS), Healthier IN, InFacts, Open Britain, Our Future Our Choice (OFOC), and Scientists for EU, along with Wales for Europe working from Wales.[33][34]


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