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OxygenOS 4.7 on a OnePlus 5T smartphone.
OxygenOS 4.7 on a OnePlus 5T smartphone.
Developer(s) OnePlus
Initial release March 2015
Stable release
OnePlus 5T: 5.1.0
OnePlus 5: 5.1.0
OnePlus 3T: 5.0.1
OnePlus 3: 5.0.1
OnePlus 2: 3.6.1
OnePlus X: 3.1.4
OnePlus One: 2.1.4
Preview release
OnePlus 5T: Open Beta 6
OnePlus 5: Open Beta 8
OnePlus 3T: Open Beta 25
OnePlus 3:
Open Beta 34
Development status Active
Written in C++, Java
Operating system Android (5.0.1 to 8.1.0)
Platform Android
Available in English (default)
Type Graphical user interface
License Mixed (some open source, some closed source)

OxygenOS (Chinese: 氧OS; pinyin: yǎng OS) is a customized version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus exclusively for their smartphones. OxygenOS was developed for their overseas market.[1] There is also another version of the OS designed specifically for the Chinese home market called HydrogenOS (Chinese: 氢OS; pinyin: qīng OS).[2]

In an interview published 3 September 2016, XDA Developers revealed OnePlus was "actively merging both platforms (OxygenOS and HydrogenOS) into a single cohesive operating system".[3]


Logo of HydrogenOS
OnePlus Slate font sample

Notable features of version 2.0 and 2.1.1 include app permissions, Waves MaxxAudio, SwiftKey keyboard, off-screen gestures, custom icons, dark mode, manual camera mode, and RAW support for 3rd party apps, like Camera FV-5 2.75.[4]

On 14 June 2016, OnePlus released OxygenOS 3.0. It is a version of Android with few modifications and internal tuning, like Gestures, Shelf and a dark mode by OnePlus.[5]

On 31 December 2016, OnePlus released OxygenOS 4.0.0 to the public via OTA download. It is based on Android Nougat and includes its features and several other modifications.[citation needed]

Privacy issues[edit]

On 10 October 2017, a security researcher discovered that an OxygenOS system service named "DeviceManagerService" collects sensitive data and sends it back to OnePlus servers. The service collects many data points, including the device serial number, phone number, IMEI, network connections, and timestamped records of user activity within every app. Users can uninstall the system service via ADB.[6] Later, OnePlus released a statement about data collection and analytics, claiming that the data are only used for system improvement and optimization, are not shared with third parties, and can be disabled by users in the system settings. OnePlus also says that they are revising the data analysis mechanism, and will no longer collect certain data.[7][8]

Version history[edit]

OxygenOS Version Android Version Release Date Supported OnePlus Devices Notes
One X 2 3 3T 5 5T
1.0 - 1.0.3 5.0.1 Lollipop 1.0.3:

2 September


Yes Only available as flashable ZIP on OnePlus website.

1.0.2 - 1.0.3 changelog:

Stagefright patches.

2.0 - 2.1.4 5.1.1 Lollipop Yes Yes Yes
2.1.5 - 2.2.1 Yes Yes
2.2.2 - 2.2.3 4 August - 28 September 2016 Yes September Android Security Bulletin and necessary dependencies for Marshmallow upgrade.
3.0.2 6.0.1 Marshmallow 4 June 2016 Yes
3.1.4 10 November 2016 Yes
3.2.1 Yes
3.2.4 Yes
3.2.6 Yes
3.2.7 Yes
3.2.8 Yes 1080p 60fps videos
3.5.3 28 November 2016 Yes Preinstalled firmware on OnePlus 3T devices sold outside China.
3.5.4 19 December 2016 Yes
3.5.5 24 December 2016 Yes
3.5.6 5 January 2017 Yes
3.5.8 12 April 2017 Yes March 1, 2017 Android Security Patches.
3.5.9 5 July 2017 Yes VoLTE Fixes.
3.6.0 10 July 2017 Yes June 1, 2017 Android Security Patches, Turkey time zone updated. VoLTE fixes in India
3.6.1 10 October 2017 Yes System
  • Updated Android security patch level to October 2017
  • Fixed WPA2 security issue
  • General bug fixes and improvements
4.0.0 7.0 Nougat 31 December 2016 Yes Yes Android 7.0 Nougat Upgrade
4.0.1 7 January 2017 Yes Yes
4.0.2 14 January 2017 Yes Yes
4.0.3 8 February 2017 Yes Yes
4.1.0 7.1.1 Nougat 16 March 2017 Yes Yes Android 7.1.1 Nougat Upgrade
4.1.1 28 March 2017 Yes Yes
4.1.3 17 April 2017 Yes Yes
4.1.5 7 June 2017 Yes Yes May 1, 2017 Android Security Patches.
4.1.6 12 June 2017 Yes Yes Fixes from 4.1.5
4.1.7 23 August 2017 Yes Yes August 1, 2017 Android Security Patches, touch latency improvements
4.5.0 OP5:

20 June 2017


25 September 2017

Yes Yes Yes Preinstalled firmware on OnePlus 5 devices.

OnePlus 3/3T changelog:


  • Added lift up display
  • Added Gaming Do Not Disturb
  • Added low priority notification
  • Added network speed in status bar
  • Added scheduled night mode
  • Added OnePlus Slate font
  • Redesigned Dash Charge animation
  • System stability and battery improvements


  • Added Shot on OnePlus wallpaper


  • Redesigned calling UI

Camera / Gallery:

  • Added Shot on OnePlus watermark
  • Redesigned photo editor in Gallery

File Manager:

  • Added secure box
4.5.1 OP 5: 22 June 2017

OP 3/3T: 18 October 2017

Yes Yes Yes OP3/3T:
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements
4.5.2 25 June 2017 Yes
4.5.3 27 June 2017 Yes Bug Fixes:
  • Expanded screenshot display issue
  • Google Translate stutters
  • Wi-Fi occasional drops


  • System stability improvements
  • Camera effect and stability enhancements
  • Effects of auto-brightness adjustment
  • Accuracy of data usage statistics
4.5.4 28 June 2017 Yes
4.5.5 5 July 2017 Yes Optimizations:
  • Further improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Clearer voice calling
  • Video recording now consumes less battery
  • Vibration intensity when receiving calls is now tuned to a gentler level

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Wi-Fi signal consistently being displayed as weak
  • Fixed certain apps not able to work under IPv6 network settings
  • To restore connectivity to a Windows 10 PC, please turn off USB debugging prior to the upgrade
4.5.6 20 July 2017 Yes Fix for crash when calling emergency services.
4.5.7 1 August 2017 Yes Withdrawn, replaced by 4.5.8.
4.5.8 5 August 2017 Yes New additions:
  • Introducing the all new OnePlus Slate font
  • Added EIS for 4K video recording


  • Updated Android security patch level to 1 July 2017


  • Wi-Fi connectivity improvements
  • Standby battery enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed occasional sound leaks in the speakers when using earphones
  • Fixed camera shutter sound bug in silent mode for Indian region
  • Fixed occasional stutters when playing games
  • Fixed battery drain for Jio users
4.5.10 29 August 2017 Yes Camera:
  • Photo noise reduction
  • Improved Camera stability
  • 60 fps video noise and texture improvements


  • Added country information of photographers in Shot on OnePlus


  • Fixed accidental touches after hanging up
  • Improved Jio call functionality
  • Fixed display issue on calling screen


  • Improved WiFi stability
  • Fixed clarity issue of videos taken by SnapShot app
  • Fixed display issue of new font
  • Fixed scrolling issue of Play Music
4.5.11 3 October 2017 Yes System:
  • Supports customization of notification ringtone
  • Improved launching speed of apps
  • Optimized adaptive brightness
  • Fixed issue of YouTube video lagging behind audio
  • Fixed display issues of some UI elements
  • Fixed issue of no 4G+ network in some regions
  • Updated Android security patch to September
  • General bug fixes
4.5.12 7 October 2017 Yes System:
  • Fixed bug of missing icon of Download app in 4.5.11
4.5.13 16 October 2017 Yes System:
  • Supports customization of notification ringtone
  • Improved launching speed of apps
  • Optimized adaptive brightness
  • Fixed issue of YouTube video lagging behind audio
  • Fixed display issues of some UI elements
  • Fixed issue of no 4G+ network in some regions
  • Updated Android security patch to September
  • General bug fixes
4.5.14 2 November 2017 Yes System:
  • Supported Airtel VoLTE in India
  • Supported Band 66 of Freedom in Canada
  • Fixed KRACK Wi-Fi WPA2 security issue
  • Optimized battery usage in some cases
  • Optimized GPS accuracy
  • General bug fixes
4.7.0 21 November 2017 Yes Pre-installed firmware on OnePlus 5T devices.
4.7.1 21 November 2017 Yes
4.7.2 22 November 2017 Yes
  • Optimizations for fingerprint unlock
  • Optimizations for face unlock
  • Improved accuracy for screen off gestures
  • Improved EIS during 4K video recording
  • Wi-Fi WPA2 security patch (Krack vulnerability patch)
  • General stability improvements and bug fixes
4.7.4 07 December 2017 Yes Camera:
  • Optimized UI of Camera
  • Improvements for photo quality


  • Optimizations for audio from speaker and earphones
  • Optimizations for face unlock
  • Optimizations for vibration
  • Wi-Fi battery usage optimization
  • Improved stability of fingerprint and GPS
  • General bug fixes and system stability improvements
4.7.5 December 2017 Yes General bug fixes
4.7.6 27 December 2017 Yes Camera:
  • Stability improvements
  • Clarity improvements for selfie in low light
  • Performance improvements for 3rd party camera apps


  • Added assistive lighting for face unlock
  • Improvements for expanded screenshot
  • Improvements for Wi-Fi display
  • Updated Android security patch to December
5.0 8.0 Oreo 19 November 2017 Yes Yes Yes System:
  • Update to Android Oreo (8.0) (without Treble)[9]
  • Added Parallel Apps
  • Added Picture in Picture
  • Added Auto-fill
  • Added Smart text selection
  • New Quick Settings design
  • Updated security patch to September


  • Added notification dots
  • New app folder design
  • Now able to upload photos directly to Shot on OnePlus
5.0.1 04 January 2018 Yes Yes Yes Camera & Gallery:
  • New Camera UI design
  • Optimisations for photo quality
  • Added beauty effect for Portrait Mode
  • Added "Places" tab for viewing photos on a map


  • Added history function
  • Added alarm calendar function


  • Added Parallel Apps function
  • Added "adaptive mode" screen calibration
  • Updated security patch to December
  • Oxygen 5.0 hotfix
5.0.2 02 February 2018 Yes Camera:
  • Supported EIS for video recording


  • New Launcher V2.2
  • New Gallery V2.0
  • New Weather V1.9
  • New File Manager V1.7.6


  • Added face unlock function
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Applied CPU security patch: CVE-2017-13218
5.0.3 06 February 2018 Yes Apps:
  • New Launcher V2.2
  • New Gallery V2.0
  • New Weather V1.9
  • New File Manager V1.7.6


  • Upgraded Android version to Oreo(8.0)(without Treble)
  • New design for Quick Settings
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Applied CPU security patch: CVE-2017-13218
5.0.4 27 February 2018 Yes Yes Bug fixes:
  • Fixed sound malfunction for incoming call or notification
  • Fixed sound instabilities during video playback
5.1.0 8.1 Oreo 16 April 2018 Yes Yes System:
  • Updated system to Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Updated Android security patch to 2018-04
  • Added full-screen gesture support (Only 5T)

Gaming Mode:

  • Added new optimisations in gaming mode including power saving and pausing adaptive brightness
  • Added network boost - network priority for gaming App in the foreground


  • Added category tags in the search section of the app drawer
  • Auto name folders based on category


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