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Petname systems are naming systems that claim to possess all three naming properties of Zooko's triangle - global, secure, and memorable.[1] Software that uses such a system can satisfy all three requirements. Such systems can be used to enhance security, such as preventing phishing attacks.[2]


CapDesk — a desktop environment.

Firefox extension[edit]

Firefox Petname Tool
Developer(s) Tyler Close
Stable release 1.7 / July 14, 2009
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Mozilla extension
License MIT/X11

There is a Petname Tool extension available for Firefox that allows petnames to be assigned to secure websites.[3] Use of this extension can help prevent phishing attacks.[4] [5]

PetName Markup Language[edit]

The PetName Markup Language (PNML) is an XML proposal for using petname systems ubiquitously.[6]

PNML consists of two tags:

  • <pn>pet-name-string</pn>
  • <key>stringified-cryptographic-key</key>


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