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Pittock Dam
Pittock Dam is located in Southern Ontario
Pittock Dam
Location in Southern Ontario and Ontario
Pittock Dam is located in Ontario
Pittock Dam
Pittock Dam (Ontario)
Official name Pittock Dam
Country Canada
Location Woodstock, Ontario
Coordinates 43°08′55″N 80°45′39″W / 43.1487°N 80.7607°W / 43.1487; -80.7607Coordinates: 43°08′55″N 80°45′39″W / 43.1487°N 80.7607°W / 43.1487; -80.7607
Dam and spillways
Impounds Thames River
Creates Pittock Reservoir

The Pittock Dam is a dam in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. It lies on the Thames River, and creates the Pittock Reservoir. This artificial lake[1] forms the northeast boundary of the City of Woodstock.

The dam is designed for both flood control and flow augmentation purposes. It is designed to benefit water quality downstream during dry summer conditions and provide year-round flood control capability to protect downstream communities. Construction was started on the dam in 1964 and officially completed in 1967. The cost of the dam and land base at that time was close to $6 million. As of 2016, annual maintenance costs are estimated at about $40,000.[2] The Pittock Conservation Area consists of a narrow strip of land bordering either side of the reservoir.

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The river flowing from above Woodstock to London is the Thames River. Officially, there is no south branch.


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