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Premier of Yukon
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Sandy Silver

since December 3, 2016
Style The Honourable
Member of Executive Council of Yukon
Reports to Yukon Legislative Assembly
Appointer Commissioner of Yukon
Term length At the Commissioner's pleasure
Constituting instrument Yukon Elections Act
Formation 1978
First holder Chris Pearson
Unofficial names Premier of the Yukon

The Premier of Yukon (or unofficially, the Premier of the Yukon) is the first minister for the Canadian territory of Yukon. They are the territory's head of government and de facto chief executive, although their powers are considerably smaller than that of a provincial premier. The office was established in 1979 when most authority was devolved from the appointed Commissioner to the leader of the party that had the confidence of the Yukon Legislative Assembly; for the year immediately prior to this, that leader was one of the members serving with the Commissioner's executive committee (a cabinet).

From the first conventional legislative elections in 1979 to 1989, the term Government Leader was used. Tony Penikett chose to change the title to Premier for his 1985 to 1992 term amid some controversy. His successor, John Ostashek, returned to using Government Leader, as did Ostashek's successor Piers McDonald. McDonald's successor Pat Duncan made the decision to use the title Premier upon taking office in 2000 and the title has remained unchanged.

Following the 2016 Yukon general election the current Premier of Yukon is Sandy Silver, leader of the Yukon Liberal Party. Silver was formally sworn in as premier on December 3, 2016.[1]

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