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Studio album by Hayley Westenra
Released 10 July 2003, 6 April 2004 (US)
Recorded February-April 2003
Genre Crossover, Pop
Length 48 min 36 sec
Label Decca Music Group
Producer Giles Martin
Hayley Westenra chronology
My Gift to You

Pure is the first internationally published album by Christchurch, New Zealand soprano Hayley Westenra. Her previous albums were released only in New Zealand and nearby Australia. This album also received professional consultation from the legendary Sir George Martin who helped to create its "unique appeal". In 2004, it was the highest selling New Zealand Album and so it privileged Hayley with an award from the New Zealand Music Awards of 2004. It was published by the Decca Music Group label in 2003. It was distributed in the United States by Universal Classics in 2004. During its first week of sales it sold 19,068 copies. As of 2007, Pure is the best selling classical album for the 21st century in the UK.[1][2]

Pure gives a new freshness to well known classical repertoire, as well as exploring the world of pop and traditional Maori choral singing, including renditions of "Who Painted the Moon Black?", "Hine e Hine" (a song of the Māori, the natives of New Zealand), "In Trutina", from Orff's Carmina Burana, "Wuthering Heights" (a cover of the Kate Bush hit), and the perennial spiritual classic "Amazing Grace". Sir George Martin co-wrote the track "Beat of Your Heart" just for the album. Also on the album is "Pokarekare Ana", a New Zealand love song which has enduring popularity, and has become Hayley's signature song.[2][3]

Pure was recorded at Air Lyndhurst, Eastcote Studios, London, England.

Track listing[edit]

New Zealand version[edit]

New Zealand special edition Album (music) cover.
  1. Who Painted the Moon Black
  2. Beat of Your Heart
  3. Never Say Goodbye
  4. Dark Waltz[4]
  5. Heaven
  6. In Trutina
  7. Across the Universe of Time
  8. River of Dreams
  9. Wuthering Heights
  10. My Heart and I
  11. Benedictus
  12. Hine E Hine

Collector's edition bonus CD

  1. Pokarekare Ana
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. The Mummers' Dance
  4. Mary Did You Know
  5. Silent Night Holy Night
  6. Away in a Manger

Australian version[edit]

  1. Across The Universe of Time
  2. Never Say Goodbye
  3. Beat of Your Heart
  4. Pokarekare Ana
  5. Who Painted The Moon Black?
  6. River of Dreams
  7. Benedictus
  8. Hine E Hine
  9. Dark Waltz
  10. Amazing Grace
  11. My Heart And I
  12. In Trutina
  13. Heaven
  14. Wuthering Heights
  15. Pokarekare Ana (duet with Russell Watson)

Collector's edition bonus CD

  1. Silent Night
  2. Away In A Manger
  3. Mary Did You Know
  4. The Mummers' Dance

UK version[edit]

  1. Pokarekare Ana
  2. Never Say Goodbye
  3. Who Painted the Moon Black?
  4. River of Dreams
  5. Benedictus
  6. Hine e Hine
  7. Dark Waltz
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. In Trutina
  10. Beat of Your Heart
  11. Heaven
  12. Wuthering Heights
  13. Hine e Hine (Māori mix)

Collector's edition bonus CD

  1. Mary Did You Know
  2. Bridal Ballad
  3. Pokarekare Ana (Vocalise)
  4. My Heart And I
  5. Across the Universe Of Time
  6. Silent Night, Holy Night
  7. Away In A Manger

US version[edit]

  1. Pokarekare Ana (Come Back to Me) – 3:18
  2. Never Say Goodbye – 3:13
  3. Who Painted the Moon Black? – 3:38
  4. River of Dreams – 4:21
  5. Beat of Your Heart – 3:13
  6. Amazing Grace – 3:42
  7. Benedictus – 3:50
  8. Hine E Hine (Maiden, O Maiden) – 5:06
  9. Across the Universe of Time – 3:42
  10. Dark Waltz – 4:18
  11. In Trutina (From Carmina Burana) – 2:22
  12. Heaven – 4:09
  13. Wuthering Heights – 3:44

Japanese version[edit]

  1. ポカレカレ・アナ (マオリ族の伝承歌 / arr. Sarah Class) (Pokarekare Ana)
  2. ネヴァー・セイ・グッバイ(ラヴェル:亡き王女のためのパヴァヌからの編曲) (Never Say Goodbye)
  3. フー・ペインティッド・ザ・ムーン・ブラック (Sonia Aletta Nel / arr. Sarah Class) (Who Painted the Moon Black?)
  4. リヴァー・オブ・ドリームス (ヴィヴァルディ:四季 – 冬からの編曲 / arr. Sarah Class) (River of Dreams)
  5. ベネディクトゥス (Karl Jenkins) (Benedictus)
  6. ヒネ・エ・ヒネ (マオリ族の子守歌 / arr. Sarah Class) (Hine e Hine)
  7. ダーク・ワルツ (Author Frank Musker / arr. Sarah Class) (Dark Waltz)
  8. マイ・ハート・アンド・アイ (TVドラマ「ラ・ピオーヴラ」主題歌) (My Heart and I)
  9. イン・トゥルティナ (オルフ:カルミナ・ブラーナからの編曲) (In Trutina)
  10. ビート・ユア・ハート (サー・ジョージ・マーティン / Giles Martin) (Beat of Your Heart)
  11. アクロス・ザ・ユニバース・オブ・タイム (Sarah Class) (Across the Universe of Time)
  12. ヘヴン (Frank Musker / Ronan Hardiman) (Heaven)
  13. 嵐が丘 (Kate Bush / arr. Sarah Class) (Wuthering Heights)
  14. .メアリー・ディド・ユー・ノウ? [ボーナス・トラック] (Mary Did You Know?) (bonus track)
  15. .アメイジング・グレイス (arr.サー・ジョージ・マーティン) (「白い巨塔」主題歌)[ボーナス・トラック] (Amazing Grace) (bonus track)[5]

International version[edit]

  1. Pokarekare Ana
  2. Never Say Goodbye
  3. Who Painted the Moon Black
  4. River of Dreams
  5. Benedictus
  6. Hine E Hine
  7. Dark Waltz
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. My Heart & I
  10. In Trutina
  11. Beat of Your Heart
  12. Across the Universe of Time
  13. Heaven
  14. Wuthering Heights



Chart data from the BBC and

Year Chart Position
2003 UK Classical # 1
2003 UK Pop entered as # 8
2003 UK Top Albums entered as # 7 ended as # 24
2003 New Zealand Pop Charts Stayed # 1 for 18 weeks
2003 Australia Pop Charts entered as # 7
2003 Australia Classical Charts entered as # 1
2003 HMV Classical Charts entered as # 1
2003 Hong Kong and Singapore Top 40 Pop Charts entered as # 6
2004 US Billboard's Top 200 entered as # 70
2004 US Billboard Top Heatseekers Peaked at # 13
2004 Crossover chart entered as # 2
2004 Internet chart entered as # 34

Sales and certifications[edit]

Country Certification
(sales thresholds)[1]
New Zealand 12x Platinum
United Kingdom Double Platinum
Australia Platinum
Hong Kong Gold

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