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Rick Nowels
Birth name Richard Wright Nowels Jr.
Born (1960-03-16) March 16, 1960 (age 58)
Palo Alto, California, United States
Origin San Francisco, California, United States
Occupation(s) Record producer
Instruments Guitars, keyboards, bass
Years active 1980s–present
Associated acts Stevie Nicks, Belinda Carlisle, Lana Del Rey, Adele, Madonna, Marina and the Diamonds, Nelly Furtado, Cee-Lo Green, John Legend

Richard Wright Nowels Jr., better known as Rick Nowels, (born March 16, 1960) is an American songwriter and record producer.[1] He is a multi-instrumentalist and has written with, or had his songs recorded by a number of artists including Lana Del Rey, Adele, Kesha, Marina and the Diamonds, Lykke Li, Jamie xx, Brandon Flowers, Madonna, Cee-Lo Green, Sia, Dido, New Radicals,[2] Rod Stewart, Nelly Furtado, John Legend and Andre 3000, Tiesto, Santana, Tupac Shakur, Fleetwood Mac, Belinda Carlisle, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell and Stevie Nicks.[3]

Nowels co-wrote the title track for Celine Dion's album Falling into You which won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1997.[4] Additionally, Nowels co-wrote the track "White Flag" for Dido which won the 2004 Ivor Novello Award for International Hit of the Year.[5]

Selected hits[edit]

  • Summer Bummer - Lana Del Rey
  • Groupie Love - Lana Del Rey
  • Love Is Holy - Kim Wilde
  • To Be Human - Sia f/ Labrinth
  • Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey f/ The Weekend
  • Lost In Your Light - Dua Lipa f/ Miguel
  • Love - Lana Del Rey
  • Good To Love - FKA Twigs
  • High By The Beach - Lana Del Rey
  • Loud Places - Jamie XX f/ Romy
  • West Coast - Lana Del Rey
  • Gunshot - Lykke Li
  • Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey
  • I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li
  • I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) - Lykke Li
  • Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey
  • Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix) - Lana Del Rey
  • Cry Baby - Cee Lo
  • Green Light - John Legend f/ Andre 3000
  • The Game of Love - Santana f/ Michelle Branch
  • You Get What You Give - New Radicals
  • White Flag - Dido
  • The Power of Goodbye - Madonna
  • Little Star - Madonna
  • In God’s Hands- Nelly Furtado
  • Soon We’ll Be Found - Sia
  • Fallin’ For You - Colbie Caillat
  • Standing Still - Jewel
  • Inner Smile - Texas
  • Life Is A Rollercoaster - Ronan Keating
  • I Turn To You - Mel C
  • Body Soul - Anita Baker
  • Rooms on Fire - Steve Nicks
  • I Can’t Wait - Stevie Nicks
  • One and One - Robert Miles
  • Hunter - Dido
  • Tears from the Moon - Conjure One f/ Sinead O’Connor
  • I Drive Myself Crazy - N’Sync
  • Sky - Sonique
  • Sexual (Lil Da Di) - Amber
  • The Consequences of Falling - K.D. Lang
  • Scream If You Want To Go Faster - Geri Halliwell
  • Falling Into You - Celine Dion
  • Northern Star - Mel C
  • Sand In My Shoes-Dido
  • Love One Another - Cher
  • Heaven Is A Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle
  • Circle In The Sand - Belinda Carlisle
  • Nobody Owns Me - Belinda Carlisle
  • Leave A Light On - Belinda Carlisle
  • Runaway Horses - Belinda Carlisle
  • La Luna - Belinda Carlisle
  • (We Want) The Same Thing - Belinda Carlisle
  • Life Your Life Be Free - Belinda Carlisle
  • Do you feel like i feel - Belinda Carlisle
  • You'Re Nothing Without Me - Belinda Carlisle
  • In Too Deep - Belinda Carlisle
  • California ( Golden State of Mind) - Belinda Carlisle feat Brian Wilson
  • A Prayer For Everyone - Belinda Carlisle


Rick Nowels has worked with many people, such as Lykke Li and Lana Del Rey. Others are listed below.

Title Year Artist(s) Album Credits Written with Produced with
"Lydia!" 1981 Marty Balin Balin Co-writer Marty Balin -
"I Can't Wait" 1985 Stevie Nicks Rock a little Co-writer/co-producer Stevie Nicks, Eric Pressly Jimmy Iovine
"Sister Honey" Producer - -
"The Nightmare" - -
"If I Were You" Co-writer/producer Stevie Nicks -
"Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?" Producer - -
"Just Lust" 1986 Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Good Music Co-writer Terry Abrahamson -
"Spirit of Love" Laura Branigan Touch Ellen Shipley, Billy Steinberg -
"Heaven Is a Place on Earth" 1987 Belinda Carlisle Heaven On Earth Co-writer/producer Ellen Shipley -
"Circle In The Sand" Ellen Shipley -
"I Feel Free" Producer - -
"Should I Let You In?" - -
"World Without You" - -
"I Get Weak" - -
"We Can Change" Co-writer/producer Charlotte Caffey -
"Fool For Love" Producer - -
"Nobody Owns Me" - -
"Love Never Dies" Co-writer/producer Charlotte Caffey, Thomas Caffey -
"Heart Wars" Jennifer Rush Heart Over Mind Co-writer Desmond Child -
"Big Time For Love" John Waite Rover's Return John Waite -
"Perfect View" 1989 The Graces Perfect View Co-producer - Ellen Shipley
"Time Waits For No One" Producer - -
"Leave a Light On" Belinda Carlisle Runaway Horses Co-writer/producer Ellen Shipley -
"Runaway Horses" Ellen Shipley -
"Vision of You" Ellen Shipley -
"Summer Rain" Producer - -
"La Luna" Co-writer/producer Ellen Shipley -
"(We Want) The Same Thing" Ellen Shipley -
"Deep Deep Ocean" Producer - -
"Valentine" - -
"Whatever It Takes" Co-writer/producer Ellen Shipley -
"Shades of Michaelangelo" Producer - -
"Rooms on Fire" Stevie Nicks The Other Side Of The Mirror Co-writer Stevie Nicks -
"Long Way to Go" Stevie Nicks, Charles Judge -
"Two Kinds of Love"
(with Bruce Hornsby)
Stevie Nicks, Rupert Hine -
"Ooh My Love" Stevie Nicks -
"What Does It Take?"
(featuring Belinda Carlisle)
Then Jerico The Big Area Producer - -
"Reeling" - -
"Where You Lie" - -
"Sugar Box" - -
"Helpless" - -
"Lay Down Your Guns" 1990 Jimmy Barnes Two Fires Co-writer Jimmy Barnes -
"Live Your Life Be Free" 1991 Belinda Carlisle Live Your Life Be Free Co-writer, Producer Ellen Shipley -
"Do You Feel Like I Feel?" Ellen Shipley -
"You Came Out of Nowhere" David Munday David Munday
"You're Nothing Without Me" Writer, producer - -
"I Plead Insanity" Co-writer, co-producer David Munday, Kushla Prasad David Munday
"Emotional Highway" Co-writer, producer Ellen Shipley -
"Love Revolution" Writer, producer - -
"World of Love" Producer - -
"Love Is Holy" 1992 Kim Wilde Love Is Co-writer, producer Ellen Shipley -
"A Miracle's Coming" Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde -
"I Won't Change The Way That I Feel" Kim Wilde -
"Unwanted Child" Jennifer Rush Jennifer Rush Co-writer, producer Ellen Shipley -
"Vision of You" Ellen Shipley -
"Body and Soul" 1994 Anita Baker Rhythm of Love Co-writer Ellen Shipley
"You Never Love The Same Way Twice" Rozalla Look No Further Dave Munday, Lamont Herbert Dozier -
"Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind" Stevie Nicks Street Angel Sandy Stewart -
"Falling Into You" Marie Claire D'Ubaldo Marie Claire D'Ubaldo Co-writer, co-producer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg Billy Steinberg
"My Father's Eyes" Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg Billy Steinberg
"No Turning Back" Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg Billy Steinberg
"Sleeping With An Angel" 1995 Real McCoy Another Night Co-writer Billy Steinberg -
"Naked and Sacred" Chynna Phillips Naked and Sacred Co-writer, co-producer Chynna Phillips, Billy Steinberg Billy Steinberg
"Remember Me" Chynna Phillips -
"Crossing The River" The Devlins Batman Forever Soundtrack Billy Steinberg, Colin Devlin Billy Steinberg, Garry Hughes, The Devlins
"In Too Deep" Jenny Morris Salvation Jane Writer, Producer - -
"In Too Deep" 1996 Belinda Carlisle A Woman and A Man Writer - -
"California" Co-writer Billy Steinberg, María Vidal -
"Remember September" Ellen Shipley -
"Love in the Key of C" Writer - -
"My Heart Goes Out to You" Co-writer Anders Bagge, Allen Rich -
"I Wouldn't Be Here If I Didn't Love You" Stolen Hearts OST Writer, Producer - -
"Sex Will Keep Us Together" Divinyls Underworld Co-writer Christina Amphlett, Ellen Shipley -
"One & One" Robert Miles featuring Maria Nayler Dreamland Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg -
"Falling Into You" Celine Dion Falling Into You Co-writer, co-producer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg Billy Steinberg
"The Power of Good-Bye" 1997 Madonna Ray of Light Co-writer Madonna -
"To Have and Not to Hold" Madonna -
"Little Star" Madonna -
"One & One" Edyta Gorniak Edyta Gorniak Co-writer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg -
"If I Give Myself (Up) To You" Co-writer Billy Steinberg, K Tonio -
"Naked Without You" Roachford Feel Co-writer Andrew Roachford, Billy Steinberg -
"Intimacy" The Corrs Talk on Corners Co-writer, co-producer Neil Giraldo, Billy Steinberg Billy Steinberg
"Naked and Sacred" Maria Nayler - Co-writer Chynna Phillips -
"L'Éclat De Nos Cœurs" Native Couleurs De L'Amour Co-writer Laura Mayne, Billy Steinberg, Pascale Hospital -
"Intimacy" Meja Seven Sisters Co-writer Neil Giraldo, Billy Steinberg -
"You Get What You Give" 1998 New Radicals Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too Co-writer Gregg Alexander -
"Thinking Of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)" *NSYNC The Winter Album Co-writer Allan Rich, Ellen Shipley -
"I Was Thinking Of You" The Tuesdays The Tuesdays Co-writer C. Forbes, Billy Steinberg -
"Open Mind" Des'ree Life Co-writer, co-producer David Munday, Des'ree David Munday, Des'ree
"Get A Life" Des'ree Des'ree
"Naked Without You" Taylor Dayne Naked Without You Co-writer Andrew Roachford, Billy Steinberg -
"I Have Always Loved You" No Mercy More Co-writer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg -
"Time" Des'ree Supernatural Writer, producer - -
"Everytime It Rains" Ace of Base Cruel Summer Co-writer Billy Steinberg, Maria Vidal -
"The Heart's Lone Desire" Matthew Marsden - Co-writer, co-producer Billy Steinberg, Greg Fitzgerald, John Reid Greg Fitzgerald
"Will You Be With Me?" Maria Nayler Will You Be With Me? / Love Is The God Co-writer Billy Steinberg, Martika -
"Northern Star" 1999 Melanie C Northern Star Co-writer Melanie C -
"I Turn to You" Co-writer, co-producer Melanie C, Billy Steinberg Rob Playford
"If That Were Me" Co-writer, producer Melanie C -
"Closer" Co-writer Melanie C, Billy Steinberg -
"Feel the Sun" Melanie C -
"A Prayer for Everyone" Belinda Carlisle A Place on Earth: The Greatest Hits Billy Steinberg, Marie Claire D'Ubaldo -
"Anywhere But Here" K.D.Lang Anywhere But Here OST Co-writer K.D.Lang
"Naked Without You" Joe Cocker No Ordinary World Co-writer Andrew Roachford, Billy Steinberg -
"Loving You" Me & My Let The Love Go On Co-writer Billy Steinberg, Susanne Georgi, Pernille Georgi -
"Sexual" Amber Amber Co-writer Billy Steinberg, Marie Claire D'Ubaldo -
"Above the Clouds"
"Love One Another"
"I Have Always Loved You" Enrique Iglesias Enrique Co-writer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg -
"Bless You Child" 2000 Bette Midler Bette Co-writer, co-producer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg Don Was
"Inner Smile" Texas Texas - The Greatest Hits Co-writer Gregg Alexander, Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri -
"He'll Come Home" Rita Time for Peace Co-writer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg -
"Sky" Sonique Hear My Cry Co-writer, co-producer Sonique Thunderpuss
"Whatever Turns You On" Devin Here On Earth OST Co-writer, co-producer Gregg Alexander Gregg Alexander
"Girl In Tears" MyTown MyTown Co-writer, co-producer Billy Steinberg, Danny O'Donoghue, Marc Sheehan Billy Steinberg
"Life Is A Rollercoaster" Ronan Keating Ronan Co-writer, co-producer Gregg Alexander Gregg Alexander
"Heal Me"
"Fuoco Nel Fuoco" Eros Ramazzotti Stilelibero Producer - -
"Più Che Puoi" (duet with Cher)
"The Consequences Of Falling" K.D.Lang Invincible Summer Co-writer, co-producer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg -
"I Wonder What It Would Be Like" Melanie C Never Be The Same Again Melanie C, Billy Steinberg Billy Steinberg
"Be Free" 2001 Live Element Be Free Co-writer Chris Malinchak, Greg Bahary, J. Garcia, Ellen Shipley -
"I Miss You" Stevie Nicks Trouble In Shangri-La Co-writer, co-producer Stevie Nicks -
"Erase Her" LFO Life Is Good Co-writer, co-producer Rich Cronin Wayne Rodrigues
"Dandelion" Rich Cronin, Wayne Rodrigues
"Standing Still" Jewel This Way Co-writer Jewel -
"I Won't Walk Away"
"This Way"
"Love One Another" Cher Living Proof Co-writer, co-producer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg Chris Cox, Wayne Rodrigues
"Scream If You Wanna Go Faster" Geri Halliwell Scream If You Wanna Go Faster Co-writer, Producer Geri Halliwell -
"Shake Your Bootie Cutie" Geri Halliwell, Gregg Alexander
"Strength Of A Woman" Geri Halliwell
"Destiny" Calling Co-writer Geri Halliwell Wayne Rodrigues
"I Can't Deny It" Rod Stewart The Story So Far: The Very Best
of Rod Stewart
Co-writer Gregg Alexander -
"Yes" Amber Yes Co-writer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg -
"The Game Of Love" Featuring Michelle Branch 2002 Santana Shaman Co-writer Gregg Alexander -
"Tears From The Moon" Conjure One featuring Sinead O'Connor Conjure One Co-writer Kyoto Peggy Baertsoen, Billy Steinberg -
Lunascape Reflecting Seyelence
"Never Such A Long Time" Lamya Learning From Falling Writer - -
"Lift Me Up" Olivia Newton John with Darren Hayes 2 Co-writer, co-producer Darren Hayes Charles Fisher
"Sleep with me" Edyta Górniak Perła Co-writer Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg -
"I Love It When We Do" Ronan Keating Destination Co-writer, co-producer Gregg Alexander Gregg Alexander
"Love Won't Work (If We Don't Try)"
"Come Be My Baby"
"Lovin' Each Day"
"My One Thing That's Real"
"Time for Love"
"Blown Away"
"As Much As I Can Give You Girl"
"Pickin' Me Up" Gregg Alexander, Ronan Keating
"Creepin' Up on You" Darren Hayes Spin Co-writer, Producer Darren Hayes -
"I Can't Ever Get Enough of You"
"Like It or Not"
"What You Like"
"Think Positive" Maria Montel Think Positive Co-writer Billy Steinberg, Maria Montell -
"Hard Candy"
"When You Say You Love Me" Clay Aiken Measure of a Man Co-writer, Producer Darren Hayes -
"Sweet Temptation" Jewel 0304 Co-writer Jewel -
"Yes You Can"
"Believer" Jennie Löfgren Meant To Be Co-writer, co-producer Jennie Löfgren, Billy Steinberg Anders Herrlin, Jennie Löfgren
  • Anders Herrlin
  • Producent:Jennie Löfgren
"Meant To Be" Jennie Löfgren, Billy Steinberg
"This Day" Jennie Löfgren, Billy Steinberg, Rob Playford
"Sleep" Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Billy Steinberg -
"Everybody Finds Out" 2003 Fleetwood Mac Say You Will Co-writer Stevie Nicks -
"Inferno High Love" Kelli Ali Tigermouth Co-writer, co-producer Kelli Ali Kelli Ali
"Teardrop Hittin' The Ground" Kelli Ali Kelli Ali
"Keep On Dreaming" Kelli Ali Kelli Ali, Wayne Rodrigues
"Angel In L.A." Kelli Ali Kelli Ali
"Here Comes The Summer" Kelli Ali Kelli Ali, Marius De Vries
"Fellow Man" Kelli Ali, Wayne Rodrigues Kelli Ali, Wayne Rodrigues
"Queen Of The World" Kelli Ali Kelli Ali
"Wings In Motion" Kelli Ali Kelli Ali
"The Infinite Stars" Kelli Ali Kelli Ali, Marius De Vries
"Kids" Kelli Ali Kelli Ali
"Tigermouth (Hidden Track)" Kelli Ali Kelli Ali
"Believer" Atomic Kitten Ladies Night Co-writer Billy Steinberg, Jennie Löfgren -
"On The Horizon" Melanie C Reason Co-writer, co-producer Gregg Alexander, Melanie C Gregg Alexander
"Action" Holly Valance State of Mind Billy Steinberg, Tom Nichols, Holly Valance Billy Steinberg, Tom Nichols
"White Flag" Dido Life For Rent Dido Armstrong, Rollo Armstrong Dido Armstrong, Rollo Armstrong
"Sand in My Shoes" Dido Armstrong
"Do You Have a Little Time?" Dido Armstrong, Mark Bates
"This Land Is Mine" Dido Armstrong, Rollo Armstrong
"Closer" Dido Armstrong, Rollo Armstrong
"When You Say You Love Me" 2004 Human Nature Walk The Tightrope Co-writer, Producer Darren Hayes -
"Meant to Be" Billy Steinberg, Jennie Löfgren
"Mi Abbandono A Te" Laura Pausini Resta In Ascolto Co-writer, co-producer Madonna John Themis
"If It's Too Late" Natalia This Time Co-writer Gregg Alexander, Kara DioGuardi -
"Dance" Shaznay Lewis Open Co-writer, co-producer Shaznay Lewis, Wayne Rodriques Wayne Rodriques
"Never Felt Like This Before" Co-writer, Producer Shaznay Lewis -
"Just Hold On" 2005 Texas Red Book Co-writer, co-producer Johnny McElhone, Sharleen Spiteri Johnny McElhone
"Hypnotic" Craig David The Story Goes... Co-writer, Producer Craig David -
"One Last Dance"
"Just Chillin'"
"Even God Can’t Change The Past" Charlotte Church Tissues and Issues Co-writer George O'Dowd, John Themis -
"In God's Hands" 2006 Nelly Furtado Loose Co-writer, co-producer Nelly Furtado Nelly Furtado
"Chick Fit" All Saints Studio 1 Co-writer, Producer Shaznay Lewis -
"A Teardrop Hitting The Ground" The Veronicas The Secret Life Of... Co-writer, co-producer Kelli Ali Stuart Price
"Nervous in the Light of Dawn" Leigh Nash Blue On Blue Co-writer Billy Steinberg, Matt Slocum -
"My Idea Of Heaven" Billy Steinberg
"Everytime It Rains" Sean Ensign Finally Billy Steinberg, Maria Vidal
"Jealous Girl" Nana Tanimura Say Good-bye Cathy Dennis
"Put Your Arms Around Me" 2007 Sandra The Art Of Love Sinead O'Connor
"Runaway" Nelly Furtado Te Busqué Nelly Furtado
"I Can't Wait" Young Divas New Attitude Stevie Nicks, Eric Pressly
"Green Light" John Legend Evolver Andre Benjamin, Fin Greenall, James Ho, John Stephens
"My Heart Can't Change" 2008 Taylor Dayne Satisfied Gregg Alexander Gregg Alexander
"Music In My Soul" Sandi Thom The Pink & The Lily Sandi Thom -
"Next Plane Home" Daniel Powter Under The Radar Daniel Powter -
"Soon We'll Be Found" Sia Some People Have Real Problems Sia -
"Fallin' For You" 2009 Colbie Caillat Breakthrough Co-writer, co-producer Colbie Caillat John Shanks, Ken Caillat
"Runnin' Around" Ken Caillat
"Break Through" Co-writer -
"It Stops Today" Co-writer, co-producer Ken Caillat
"Don't Hold Me Down" Co-writer -
"Never Let You Go"
"Leave A Light On For Me" Erik Grönwall Erik Grönwall Ellen Shipley
"Hang On" 2010 Weezer Hurley Rivers Cuomo
"Unbreakable" Dennis Blonde Joss Stone
"Plague Of Love" Katie Melua The House Katie Melua
"I Love You Forever" Jewel Sweet and Wild Jewel
"Satisfied" CeeLo Green The Lady Killer Thomas Callaway
"Cry Baby"
"Standing Right In Front Of You" Keith Urban Defying Gravity Keith Urban
"Thank You"
"I Follow Rivers" 2011 Lykke Li Wounded Rhymes Co-writer Lykke Li, Bjorn Yttling
"Youth Knows No Pain"
"Love Out of Lust"
"Sadness Is a Blessing"
"Brixton Briefcase" featuring CeeLo Green Chase & Status No More Idols Co-writer, co-producer CeeLo Green Chase & Status
"In Love With The World" Aura Dione Before the Dinosaurs Co-writer, co-producer Aura Dione Devrim Karaoglu
"Into the Wild" Co-writer, producer Aura Dione -
"Masterpiece" Co-writer, co-producer Aura Dione, Devrim Karaoglu Devrim Karaoglu
"Recipe" Aura Dione
"Before The Dinosaurs" Co-writer, producer Aura Dione -
"Before I Let You Go" Colbie Caillat All Of You Co-writer Colbie Caillat
"What If" Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves
"Dream Life, Life" Colbie Caillat
"Living In The Moment" Jason Mraz Love Is A Four Letter Word Co-writer, co-producer Jason Mraz Joe Chiccarelli
"The World As I See It"
"Believers (Arab Spring)" 2012 Nelly Furtado The Spirit Indestructible Co-writer/producer Nelly Furtado Bob Rock, Nelly Furtado
"End of The World" Co-writer/vocal producer Nelly Furtado Fraser T Smith
"Play" Co-writer/producer Nelly Furtado, DK DK
"American" Lana Del Rey Paradise EP Elizabeth Grant, Emile Haynie Emile Haynie
"Cola" Elizabeth Grant DK
"Body Electric" Elizabeth Grant Dan Heath
"Nineteen Again" Ronan Keating Fires Gregg Alexander Gregg Alexander, Dean Reid
"Get Back to What Is Real" Gregg Alexander Gregg Alexander, Dean Reid
"Will You Ever Be Mine?" Gregg Alexander Gregg Alexander, Dean Reid
"Bubblegum Bitch" Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart Marina Diamandis Dean Reid
"Homewrecker" Marina Diamandis -
"The State of Dreaming" Marina Diamandis, Devrim Karaoglu Devrim Karaoglu
"Valley of The Dolls" Marina Diamandis, Devrim Karaoglu Devrim Karaoglu
"Hypocrates" Marina Diamandis Devrim Karaoglu
"Summertime Sadness" Lana Del Rey Born to Die Co-writer/co-producer Elizabeth Grant Emile Haynie
"Dark Paradise" Elizabeth Grant Emile Haynie
"Lucky Ones" Elizabeth Grant Emile Haynie
"West Coast" 2014 Ultraviolence Co-writer Elizabeth Grant -
"Shades of Cool" Elizabeth Grant -
"Sad Girl" Co-writer/vocal producer Elizabeth Grant Dan Auerbach
"Black Beauty" Elizabeth Grant Paul Epworth
"Guns and Roses" Co-writer/producer Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Lee Foster
"Is This Happiness" Co-writer Elizabeth Grant -
"Gunshot" Lykke Li I Never Learn Lykke Li, Bjorn Yttling -
"Silver Line" Lykke Li, Bjorn Yttling, Greg Kurstin -
"Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone" Lykke Li, Bjorn Yttling -
"Heart of Steel" Lykke Li, Bjorn Yttling -
"Untangled Love" 2015 Brandon Flowers The Desired Effect Brandon Flowers -
"Loud Places"
(featuring Romy)
Jamie xx In Colour Jamie Smith, Romy Madley Croft, David Matthews, Tony Sarafino -
"High by the Beach" Lana Del Rey Honeymoon Co-writer/producer Elizabeth Grant, Kieron Menzies Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Music To Watch Boys To" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Honeymoon" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Terrence Loves You" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"God Knows I Tried" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Freak" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Art Deco" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Burnt Norton (Interlude)" Producer - Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Religion" Co-writer/producer Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Salvatore" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"The Blackest Day" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"24" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Swan Song" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" Producer - Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Magnetised" 2016 Tom Odell Wrong Crowd Co-writer/producer Tom Odell Tom Odell, Jim Abbiss
"Still Getting Used to Being On My Own" Co-writer Tom Odell -
"Unwravelling" Melanie C Version of Me Melanie Chisholm -
"Wicked Love" Foxes All I Need Louisa Rose Allen, Maureen McDonald -
"Good to Love" FKA Twigs Non-album single Co-writer/Producer Tahliah Barnett, Cy An FKA Twigs
"Lost in Your Light
(featuring Miguel)
2017 Dua Lipa Dua Lipa Co-writer Dua Lipa, Miguel Pimental -
"Love" Lana Del Rey Lust for Life Co-writer/producer Elizabeth Grant, Benjamin Levin, Emile Haynie Lana Del Rey, Emile Haynie, Benny Blanco, Kieron Menzies
"Lust for Life"
(featuring The Weeknd)
Elizabeth Grant, Abel Tesfaye, Karl Sandberg Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid, Max Martin
"13 Beaches" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid, Mighty Mike
"Cherry" Producer - Lana Del Rey, Tim Larcombe, Dean Reid, Kieron Menzies
"White Mustang" Co-writer/producer Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid
"Summer Bummer"
(featuring ASAP Rocky & Playboi Carti)
Producer - Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet
"Groupie Love"
(featuring ASAP Rocky)
Co-writer/producer Elizabeth Grant, Rakim Mayers Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid
"In My Feelings" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid
"Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid
"God Bless America and All the
Beautiful Women in It"
Elizabeth Grant Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid, Metro Boomin, Lana Del Rey
"When the World Was At War
We Kept Dancing"
Elizabeth Grant, Dean Reid Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid
"Beautiful People Beautiful Problems"
(featuring Stevie Nicks)
Elizabeth Grant, Justin Parker, Stephanie Lynn Nicks Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid
"Tomorrow Never Came"
(featuring Sean Lennon)
Elizabeth Grant, Sean Ono Lennon Lana Del Rey, Sean Lennon
"Heroin" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid, Mighty Mike
"Change" Elizabeth Grant Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies
"Get Free" Elizabeth Grant, Kieron Menzies Lana Del Rey, Kieron Menzies, Dean Reid
"Hunt You Down" Kesha Rainbow Kesha Sebert -
"To Be Human"
(featuring Labrinth)
Sia Wonder Woman OST Co-writer Florence Welch -


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