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Rose Tico
Star Wars character
Rose Tico Star Wars.png
Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico in
The Last Jedi (2017)
First appearance The Last Jedi (2017)
Created by
Portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Resistance Maintenance Worker
Affiliation Resistance
  • Paige Tico (sister)
Homeworld Hays Minor

Rose Tico is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. Introduced in the 2017 film Star Wars: The Last Jedi, she is portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran.[1] A maintenance worker for the Resistance, Rose teams up with Finn on a secret mission to Canto Bight before being captured by the First Order, and fights in the film's climactic battle.


Tico was born on Hays Minor, a cold planet distant from its sun in the Otomok System. After her planet was polluted and destroyed by the First Order, Rose and her older sister Paige were smuggled out of Otomok as refugees by their parents. As a parting gift they gave Rose and Paige both teardrop shaped medallions of Haysian ore, gifts both sisters cherished. The Tico sisters found their way to D'Qar and met with General Leia Organa to join the Resistance. Paige was trained as a gunner and pilot for the Resistance's StarFortress Bomber Squadron, while Rose, also working on the bombers, was valued for her mechanical skills, creating an energy signal masking device known as a baffler. After several successful supply runs to the planet Atterra Bravo, Rose was moved from her sister's Cobalt Squadron and posted on the flagship Raddus as a maintenance worker under Vice Admiral Holdo.[2]


The Last Jedi (2017)

After her sister Paige is killed during the evacuation of D'Qar, Rose first appears in the escape pod bay of the flagship Resistance Star Cruiser Raddus, timidly approaching Finn as he attempts to board an escape pod. Both idolizing and then questioning Finn on his presumed desertion, she stuns him with a handheld taser, intending to turn him in. After realizing that the First Order was likely using a tracking device aboard their flagship Supremacy, she and Finn devised a plan to disable the device and allow the Raddus to escape into Hyperspace.

Upon meeting with Poe Dameron, with advice from Maz Kanata, Rose, Finn and BB-8 first set off on an unauthorized mission to the casino city of Canto Bight to find a skilled code-breaker that can help them obtain access to the tracking device on the Supremacy. Once on Canto Bight, Rose reveals to Finn the dark underpinnings of the lavish casino city, with the city's inhabitants making fortunes selling weapons to both sides of the war. After being arrested by the Canto Bight Police, Rose and Finn encounter DJ, a slicer who releases them from prison. Rose then frees a stable of Fathiers who then stampede throughout the city, wreaking havoc, while Finn and Rose ride one of the beasts out of the city. Riding towards their ship, now destroyed by the Canto Bight Police, they again run into DJ, accompanied by BB-8, who comes to their rescue aboard a stolen vehicle.

DJ agrees to help Rose and Finn after she gives him her Haysian Ore pendant as payment. They board the Supremacy undetected and don First Order officer uniforms, sneaking through the ship until they reach the tracking device. Using Rose's pendant, DJ is able to open the panel leading to the device, but he betrays them, selling them out to the First Order for a higher price. Rose and Finn are taken to Captain Phasma for execution but saved by BB-8 aboard a rogue AT-ST, which began firing upon the troops in the hangar bay. Upon the Supremacy's destruction, the three board a stolen First Order shuttle heading to regroup with the Resistance forces on the planet Crait.

Joining Finn and Poe in the Battle of Crait, Rose pilots an old V-4X-D ski speeder in an attempt to take out the First Order's Superlaser siege cannon before it can destroy the door to the old Rebel Alliance base. With most of the speeders destroyed by the First Order and the rest deciding to retreat, Rose prevents Finn from making a suicide run against the cannon, crashing her speeder into his, knocking him off course and saving his life. Badly injured, Rose tells Finn that they had to fight for what they love, before kissing him and falling unconscious from her injuries. Finn brings the unconscious Rose on board the Millennium Falcon as the Resistance makes its final escape from Crait.


Rose appears in the animated Disney micro-series, Star Wars Forces of Destiny. In the episode Shuttle Shock, she and Finn work together in order to navigate themselves around a storm of giant Jellyfish-like creatures in order to reach Canto Bight.[3]

Other media

Rose and her sister Paige appear in the 2017 novel Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron by Elizabeth Wein.[2] The novel takes place shortly before The Last Jedi (partially during the events of The Force Awakens), and provides details on the Tico sisters' backgrounds.

Rose Tico was added to the mobile game Star Wars: Force Arena, as part of a new update in late 2017 that introduced sequel era content to the game.[4] She is a summonable unique assistant for any Light Side squad led by Finn.

Rose Tico later became a playable character in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes,[5] and was introduced to the game in early 2018 in a special event called "Spark of Resistance". She is classified as a Resistance "attacker" that can stun enemies and grants advantages to Resistance squads facing against First Order squads.


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