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Samsung Economic Research Institute
Hangul 삼성경제연구소
Hanja 三星經濟硏究所
Revised Romanization Samseong gyeongje yeon-guso
McCune–Reischauer Samsŏng kyŏngje yŏn'guso

Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) is a private-sector think tanks in South Korea, covering diverse areas that range from the nation's high-tech front to research on issues and trends shaping East Asian economic and business environment. It was established in 1986 as part of Samsung Life Insurance.[1]


  • Jul. 1986 Established as an affiliated center of Samsung Life
  • Apr. 1991 Incorporated as Samsung Economic Research Institute
  • Oct. 1993 “SERI Club”a membership-based information service started
  • Oct. 1996 Opened Internet homepage
  • Nov. 2004 Opened, an English website for a global audience
  • Mar. 2006 Samsung Economy Research Institute Beijing Office (SERIChina)’s official website opened
  • Jun. 2010 Opened a mobile website <>, the first for Korean private think tank


  • President : Lim Dong-Sung
  • President : Jung Ku-Hyun
  • President : Chung Ki-Young
  • SERICeo Committee : No JaeBum
  • SERIWorld Committee : Han Jooyeon
  • SERIChina : Park KiSoon
  • Senior vice president and director of Economic Policy Department : Min Seung-Kyu
  • Vice president and director of Global Studies Department : Hwang In-Seong
  • Senior vice president and director of human resources & Organization Research Department : Chung Kweon-Taek
  • Vice president and director of Financial Industry and Strategy Department : Kwon Soon-Woo
  • Senior vice president and director of Industry and Strategy Department I : Kim Jae-Yun
  • Vice president and director of Industry and Strategy Department II : Kim Eun-Hwan
  • Senior vice president and director of Planning & Coordination Department : Lyu Han-Ho, Lee Bum-Il
  • Vice president and director of Corporate Citizenship Research Department : Shin Hyeon-Am

Research areas[edit]

  • Management strategy research
  • Research coordination
  • Knowledge management office
  • Public policy research
  • Technology & industry research
  • Human resources research
  • Macroeconomics research
  • Global studies


  1. ^ "연구소 연혁". Retrieved 2006-12-17. 

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