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Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy logo.svg
Samsung Galaxy (rear).jpg
From Left To Right: the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and the Galaxy Note 8
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Type Smartphone, Tablet, Phablet
Release date 29 June 2009; 9 years ago (2009-06-29)
Operating system Android (from 2015)
Windows 10 (Galaxy TabPro S & Galaxy Book)
System-on-chip used Samsung Exynos
Qualcomm Snapdragon
Intel Core (for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S)
Other processors (Spreadtrum, NovaThor, MediaTek, Broadcom)
Input Touch screen, stylus

Samsung Galaxy (previously stylized as Samsung GALAXY that has been used until 2015, It now has been stylized as SAMSUNG Galaxy) is a series of mobile computing devices designed, manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. The product line includes the Galaxy S series of high-end smartphones, the Galaxy Tab series of tablets, the Galaxy Note series of tablets and phablets with the added functionality of a stylus, and the first version of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, with later versions dropping the Galaxy branding.

Samsung Galaxy devices use the Android operating system produced by Google, usually with a custom user interface called Samsung Experience (formerly called as TouchWiz). However, The Galaxy TabPro S is the first Galaxy-branded Windows 10 device that was announced in CES 2016

Every Galaxy devices starting from the S2 up to present devices comes with a file transfer app (Called Smart Switch) pre-loaded, with no app icon.

Model numbers[edit]

Samsung smartphones (front)

Since September 2013, model numbers of devices in the Samsung Galaxy series are in the "SM-xxxx" format (excluding the Galaxy J SC-02F). Previously, from 2009 until September 2013, the model numbers were in the "GT-xxxx" format.

  • GT-Nnnn0 – mainstream Note model (Old type of model number)
  • SM-Nnn0 – mainstream Note model (New type of model number)
  • GT-Pnn00/10 – mainstream Tab model (Old type of model number)
  • SM-Tnn0/1 – mainstream Tab model (New type of model number)
  • GT-Snnn0 – mainstream model
  • GT-Snnn2/ SM-Gnnn/DS / SM-Gnnn/DD SM-Gnnn2 Dual-SIM "Duos" model
  • GT-Snnn5/GT-Nnnn5/GT-Pnnn5/GT-Innn5/SM-NnnnF/SM-Tnn5/SM-GnnnF – 4G/LTE model
  • SM-Wnnn – Windows model (i.e., Galaxy Book)



Samsung Galaxy Note Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy S (Super Smart) Series[edit]

* Main Flagship

Samsung Galaxy A (Alpha) Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy C Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy J (Joy) Series[edit]

  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge [2017, January]
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 V [2017, March]
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime [2017, April]
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017) [2017, October]
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) [2017, June]
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) [2017, June]
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) [2017, June]
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro [2017, June]
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Max [2017, June]
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt [2017, July]
  • Samsung Galaxy J7+ (also known as Samsung Galaxy C8) [2017, September]
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro (2017)

Samsung Galaxy E (Elegant) Series[edit]

The Galaxy E line was quickly replaced by the Galaxy C and Galaxy A series

Samsung Galaxy Core / Galaxy Grand Series[edit]

The Galaxy Core/Grand series is a line of mid-range devices released between 2013 and 2015. It includes the Core and the Grand, which were separate lines until the release of the Grand Prime, the successor to the Core Prime and the Galaxy Core Series.

The line was mainly replaced by the Samsung Galaxy J series starting from 2015.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy Mini Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy Ace Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy On Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy R Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy Y Series[edit]

The first device in the Samsung Galaxy Y series was the Samsung Galaxy Y, which was released in 2011. In 2013, its successor, the Samsung Galaxy Young, was released. That was then succeeded by the Samsung Galaxy Young 2, which was released in 2014.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Series[edit]



Samsung Galaxy Book[edit]

The Samsung Galaxy Book series is a line of 2-in-1 PCs running Windows 10. The first (and currently only) device in the series, the Samsung Galaxy Book, was released in 2017 as a successor to the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S from 2016.

Samsung Galaxy View Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Series[edit]

Samsung Galaxy Note Series (Tablet)[edit]

Media player[edit]


Galaxy Camera[edit]

Galaxy NX[edit]


Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch running Android 4.3, on September 4, 2013. The Galaxy Gear was Samsung's only smartwatch to feature "Galaxy" branding; later Samsung smartwatches use the Samsung Gear branding.

In a software update, Samsung replaced the operating system of the Galaxy Gear from Android to Tizen.


Samsung Galaxy Beam[edit]

Smart speakers[edit]

In August 2018, Samsung unveiled the Bixby-powered Galaxy Home smart speaker.[1]

Release history[edit]

Date Model name Model number(s)
August Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • SM-N960x
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018)
  • SM-T590 (Wi-Fi); SM-T595 (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
  • SM-T830 (Wi-Fi); SM-T835 (LTE)
July Samsung Galaxy J8 (2018)
  • SM-J800x
Samsung Galaxy On6
  • SM-J600G (India)
June Samsung Galaxy A8 Star
Samsung Galaxy A9 Star
  • SM-G8850
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018)
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018)
May Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)
  • SM-A600x
Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018)
  • SM-A605x
Samsung Galaxy J4 (2018)
  • SM-J400x
Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018)
  • SM-J600x
April Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo
  • SM-J720x
March Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018)
  • SM-G611x
February Samsung Galaxy S9
  • SM-G960x
Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • SM-G965x
January Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro (2018)
  • SM-J250x
Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)[2]
  • SM-A530x
Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018)
  • SM-A730x
October Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017)
  • SM-J200G (India and Indonesia)
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active
  • Upcoming release
September Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017)
  • SM-T380 (Wi-Fi)
    SM-T385 (4G/LTE)
Samsung Galaxy C7 (2017) /C8
Samsung Galaxy J7+
  • SM-C710x (J7+/C7 2017)
    SM-C8000 (C8)
August Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • SM-N950x
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active
July Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE)
  • SM-N935x
June Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)
  • SM-J727x (US version), SM-J730x (Global version)
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)
  • SM-J530x (Global version), SM-J530Y (Pro version with 32GB Storage)
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)
  • SM-J327x (US version), SM-J330x (Global version)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (2017)
  • SM-J730x (for South East Asia & India)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max
  • SM-G615x
March Samsung Galaxy S8
  • SM-G950x
Samsung Galaxy S8+
  • SM-G955x
Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro
  • SM-C5010
February Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • SM-T820 (Wi-Fi)
  • SM-T825 (3G/LTE)
January Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)
  • SM-A720x
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
  • SM-A520x
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)
  • SM-A320x
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro
  • SM-C7010
November Samsung Galaxy J1 mini Prime/Galaxy V2 (Indonesia)
  • SM-J106F (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime
  • SM-G532F (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan)
  • SM-G532M (Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Australia, New Zealand)
  • SM-G532G (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan)
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
  • SM-C900F
September Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016)
  • SM-A810x
Samsung Galaxy On5 (2016)
  • SM-G570x
Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016)
  • SM-G610x
Samsung Galaxy On8 (2016)
  • SM-J710 (India)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
  • SM-G610F (India)
  • SM-G610M (Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Brazil)
July Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime
  • SM-G570F (India)
  • SM-G570M (Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Brazil)
Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • SM-N930x
June Samsung Galaxy S7 Active
Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro
  • SM-J310F
May Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)
  • SM-T585
Samsung Galaxy C5
  • SM-C5000
Samsung Galaxy C7
  • SM-C7000
April Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)
  • SM-J5109
  • SM-J510F
  • SM-J510FN
  • SM-J510H
  • SM-J510G
  • SM-J510MN
  • SM-J510Y
  • SM-J5108
  • SM-J510K
  • SM-J510L
  • SM-J510S
  • SM-J510UN
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)
  • SM-J7109
  • SM-J710F
  • SM-J710FN
  • SM-J710H
  • SM-J710MN
  • SM-J710FQ
  • SM-J710K
  • SM-J710K
  • SM-J710GN
March Samsung Galaxy J3
  • SM-J3109x
  • SM-J320F
  • SM-J320G
  • SM-J320P
  • SM-J320M
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0
  • SM-T280 (Wi-Fi)
  • SM-T285 (LTE/Wi-Fi)
Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016)
  • SM-A9100 (China)
  • SM-A910F (South East Asia)
February Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini
  • SM-J105B
  • SM-J105DS (Dual-SIM)
  • SM-J105F (4G LTE Indonesia Only)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • SM-G935F (International)
  • SM-G935FD "Dual-SIM" (Europe, India, Southeast Asia)
  • SM-G9350 (China, Hong Kong)
  • SM-G935A (AT&T US)
  • SM-G935V (Verizon US)
  • SM-G935U (Unlocked US)
  • SM-G935S (SKT Korea)
  • SM-G935K (KT Telecom Korea)
  • SM-G935W8 (Rogers/Bell Canada)
  • SC-02H (Japan NTT DocoMo)
Samsung Galaxy S7
  • SM-G930F (International)
  • SM-G930FD "Dual-SIM" (Europe, India, Southeast Asia)
  • SM-G9300 (China, Hong Kong)
  • SM-G930A (AT&T US)
  • SM-G930V (Verizon US)
  • SM-G930AZ (Cricket US)
  • SM-G930S (SKT Korea)
  • SM-G930K (KT Telecom Korea)
  • SM-G930W8 (Canada)
January Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)
  • SM-J120F
  • SM-J120M
Samsung Galaxy TabPro S
Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016)
  • SM-A9000
December Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)
  • SM-A7100, SM-A710F, SM-A710FD, SM-A710M, SM-A710Y
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)
  • SM-A5100, SM-A510F, SM-A510FD, SM-A510M, SM-A510Y
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
  • SM-A310F, SM-A310M
November Samsung Galaxy View
Samsung Galaxy On7
October Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace
Samsung Galaxy Active Neo
  • SC-01H
Samsung Galaxy On5
Samsung Z3
September Samsung Galaxy J2 ▪ SM-J200F (UAE, Turkey)

▪ SM-J200Y (New Zealand, Taiwan)

▪ SM-J200G (India, Indonesia)

▪ SM-J200H (South Africa, Kazakhstan)

▪ SM-J200M (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil)

August Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
  • SM-G928A
  • SM-G928AZ
  • SM-G928D
  • SM-G928F
  • SM-G928FD
  • SM-G928I
  • SM-G928K
  • SM-G928L
  • SM-G928P
  • SM-G928PZ
  • SM-G928R4
  • SM-G928R7
  • SM-G928S
  • SM-G928T
  • SM-G928T1
  • SM-G928TR
  • SM-G928V
  • SM-G9280
  • SM-G9288
  • SM-G9289
Samsung Galaxy A8
  • SM-A8000, SM-A800F, SM-A800I, SM-A800S, SM-A800Y
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • SM-N9200, SM-N920C, SM-N920T, SM-N920A, SM-N920I, SM-N9208
Galaxy S5 Neo
  • SM-G903F, SM-G903W
July Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 Lite
  • SM-G318H
Samsung Galaxy V Plus
June Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
  • SM–G890A
Samsung Galaxy J5
  • SM-J500F (India)
  • SM-J500H (Russia)
  • SM-J500M (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile)
  • SM-J500G (Philippines, Thailand)
Samsung Galaxy J7
  • SM-J700F (India)
  • SM-J700H (Russia)
  • SM-J700M (Colombia, Argentina, Chile)
  • SM-J700T (T-Mobile Prepaid USA)
  • SM-J700P (Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA)
April Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • SM-G925A
  • SM-G925AZ
  • SM-G925F
  • SM-G925I
  • SM-G925K
  • SM-G925L
  • SM-G925P
  • SM-G925PZ
  • SM-G925R4
  • SM-G925R7
  • SM-G925S
  • SM-G925T
  • SM-G925T1
  • SM-G925TR
  • SM-G925V
  • SM-G9250
  • SM-G9258
  • SM-G9259
Samsung Galaxy S6
  • SM-G920A
  • SM-G920AZ
  • SM-G920D
  • SM-G920F
  • SM-G920FD
  • SM-G920I
  • SM-G920K
  • SM-G920L
  • SM-G920P
  • SM-G920PZ
  • SM-G920R4
  • SM-G920R7
  • SM-G920S
  • SM-G920T
  • SM-G920T1
  • SM-G920TR
  • SM-G920V
  • SM-G9200
  • SM-G9208
  • SM-G9209
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3
February Samsung Galaxy J1
  • SM-J100H
  • SM-J100F
Samsung Galaxy E5
Samsung Galaxy A7
  • SM-A700F
  • SM-A700FD
  • SM-A700FQ
  • SM-A700H
  • SM-A700K
  • SM-A700L
  • SM-A700M
  • SM-A700S
  • SM-A700X
  • SM-A700YD
  • SM-A700YZ
  • SM-A7000
  • SM-A7009
  • SM-A7009W
Samsung Galaxy E7
  • SM-E700H
January Samsung Z1
December Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015)
  • SM-A500F
  • SM-A500F1
  • SM-A500FQ
  • SM-A500FU
  • SM-A500G
  • SM-A500H
  • SM-A500HQ
  • SM-A500K
  • SM-A500L
  • SM-A500M
  • SM-A500S
  • SM-A500X
  • SM-A500XZ
  • SM-A500Y
  • SM-A500YZ
  • SM-A5000
  • SM-A5009
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015)
  • SM-A300F
  • SM-A300FU
  • SM-A300G
  • SM-A300H
  • SM-A300HQ
  • SM-A300M
  • SM-A300X
  • SM-A300XU
  • SM-A300XZ
  • SM-A300Y
  • SM-A300YZ
  • SM-A3000
  • SM-A3009
November Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • SM-G360BT
  • SM-G360H
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  • SM-N915G
  • SM-N9150
October Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • SM-N910G
Samsung Galaxy Young 2
  • SM-G130H
September Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • SM-G850F
  • SM-G850FQ
  • SM-G850K
  • SM-G850L
  • SM-G850M
  • SM-G850S
  • SM-G850W
  • SM-G850Y
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
  • SM-G530BT
  • SM-G530F
  • SM-G530FQ
  • SM-G530FZ
  • SM-G530H
  • SM-G530M
  • SM-G530MU
  • SM-G530P
  • SM-G530R4
  • SM-G530R7
  • SM-G530T
  • SM-G530W
  • SM-G530Y
  • SM-G5306W
  • SM-G5308W
  • SM-G5309W
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • SM-G360BT
Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2
  • SM-G110B
Samsung Galaxy Mega 2
  • SM-G750F
August Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Plus
  • SM-G350E (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Ace 4
  • SM-G313F (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3
July Samsung Galaxy Core 2
  • SM-G355H
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
  • GT-S5500
  • GT-S5430
June Samsung Galaxy Core
  • SM-G386F (LTE)
May Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
  • SM-C115
Samsung Galaxy Ace Style
  • SM-G310
April Samsung Galaxy S5
  • SM-G900
  • SM-G900FD (dual-SIM/LTE)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo
  • GT-I9303I
March Samsung Galaxy Win 2
January Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
  • SM-N7500 (3G model/Samsung Exynos chip/international)
  • SM-N7502 (dual-SIM)
  • SM-N7505 (4G/LTE model/Qualcomm Snapdragon chip/international)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo (GT-I9060)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Lite
December Samsung Galaxy Win Pro (SM-G3812)
Samsung Galaxy J (SGH-N075)
Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (GT-S7582)
Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus (GT-S7580)
November Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (SM-G7100)
  • SM-G7102 (dual-SIM)
October Samsung Galaxy Star Pro (GT-S7260)
  • GT-S7262 (dual-SIM)
Samsung Galaxy J (SC-02F)
Samsung Galaxy Express 2 (SM-G3815)
Samsung Galaxy Round (SM-G9105)
Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite (GT-S7390)
  • GT-S7392 (dual-SIM)
Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite (GT-S6790)
Samsung Galaxy Light (SGH-T399)
Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (SM-G3500)
  • SM-G3502 (dual-SIM)
September Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • SM-N9000 (3G model/Samsung Exynos chip/international)
  • SM-N9002 (dual-SIM)
  • SM-N9005 (4G/LTE model/Qualcomm Snapdragon chip/international)
Samsung Galaxy Gear
  • SM-V700
July Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9190)[3]
  • Galaxy S4 Mini (I9195, LTE)
  • Galaxy S4 Mini (I9192, dual-SIM)
June Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (GT-I9295)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C1010)[4]
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (GT-S7270)[5]
  • GT-S7272 (dual-SIM)
  • GT-S7275 (LTE)[6]
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo (GT-S5310)
  • GT-S5312 (dual-SIM)
May Samsung Galaxy Star (GT-S5280)
  • GT-S5282 (dual-SIM)
  • GT-S5283 (triple-SIM)
Samsung Galaxy Core (GT-S8262)
  • GT-i8262D
Samsung Galaxy Y Plus (GT-S5303)
Samsung Galaxy Win (GT-I8550)
  • Galaxy Grand Quattro (GT-I8552, dual-SIM)
April Samsung Galaxy Mega
  • GT-I9150 (5.8")
  • GT-I9152 (5.8", dual-SIM)
  • GT-I9200 (6.3")
  • GT-I9205 (6,3", LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Fame (GT-S6810)
  • GT-S6810P (NFC)
Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500)
  • GT-I9505 (LTE)
  • GT-I9506 (LTE+)
March Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 (GT-S7710)[7]
Samsung Galaxy Young (GT-S6310)
  • GT-S6312 (dual-SIM)
January Samsung Galaxy Grand (GT-I9080)
  • GT-I9082 (dual-SIM)
Samsung Galaxy S II Plus (GT-I9105)
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus (GT-S5301)
November Samsung Galaxy Discover TracFone (SGH-S730G)
  • Samsung Galaxy Discover (GT-S730M, Canadian market)
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (GT-I8190)[8]
October Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro (SGH-I547)
  • Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE (SGH-i547C, Canadian market)
Samsung Galaxy Express
  • SGH-I437
September Samsung Galaxy Rush
Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G
Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • GT-N7100 (3G model/Iinernational)
  • GT-N7102 (dual-SIM)
  • GT-N7105 (4G/LTE model/international)
Samsung Galaxy Reverb
Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (SPH-L300)
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos (GT-S5302)
August Samsung Galaxy S Duos (GT-S7562)
  • Galaxy S Duos (GT-S7568, China Mobile TD-SCDMA)
  • Galaxy Trend (S7560M, single-SIM)
  • Galaxy Trend II Duos (GT-S7572, different camera, 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU, Chinese market)
July Samsung Galaxy Stellar (SCH-I200)
May Samsung Galaxy Ch@t (GT-B5330)
Samsung Galaxy Appeal (SGH-I827)
Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300)[9]
  • Galaxy S III (I9305, LTE)
April Samsung Galaxy S Advance[10]
  • Galaxy S II Lite[11]
Samsung Galaxy Rugby (GT-S5690M)[12]
March Samsung Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300)[13]
Samsung Galaxy Rugby Smart (SGH-i847)[14]
February Samsung Galaxy Beam i8520[15]
Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS (GT-S6102)
Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 (GT-S6500)[16]
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160)[16]
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 x (GT-S7560M)
January Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500[L/T/W])[17]
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (GT-B5510)[18]
  • GT-B5512(B)
November Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250)[19]
October Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Stratosphere[Note 1][20]
August Samsung Galaxy Xcover (S5690)
Samsung Galaxy Precedent[21]
Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)[Note 1][22]
Samsung Galaxy M[Note 1][22]
Samsung Galaxy W (I8150)[Note 1][22]
Samsung Galaxy R (I9103)[Note 1][24]
Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-i9001)[Note 1][25]
June Samsung Galaxy Z[26]
Samsung Exhibit 4G (SGH-T759)[27]
May Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)[28]
April Samsung Galaxy Neo[31]
Samsung Galaxy Pro[32]
Samsung Galaxy Prevail (SPH-M820)[33]
March Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570)[34]
Samsung Galaxy Gio (GT-S5660)[34]
February Samsung Galaxy SL (GT-I9003)[36]
Samsung Galaxy Fit (S5670)[34]
Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830, GT-S5830i)[37]
October Samsung Galaxy 551[Note 1][39]
August Samsung Galaxy U[40]
Samsung Galaxy 5[41]
July Samsung Galaxy 3
June Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)[45]
November Samsung Galaxy Spica[51]
June Samsung Galaxy[52]
  • GT-I7500
  1. ^ a b c d e f g Eighteen of the table entries were mentioned in Dan Rowinski's "A Brief History of the (Samsung) Galaxy" article. The remaining six were already listed in this article prior to a revision.

"Over the Horizon"[edit]

"Over the Horizon", Samsung's signature sound for its smartphone devices, is initially the only music stored in the music library of any new Samsung smartphone. Initially developed in 2011, by a team headed by Joong-sam Yun, Senior Designer at IT & Mobile Communications, the highly recognizable, distinctive jingle can be used as a ringtone, as a sound when the phone turns on or off, as well as a basic notification alert for messages. According to the Samsung Newsroom, "this musical arrangement is not just an audio file stored in the phone. Rather, it is a brand sound of Samsung Galaxy devices." While the basic composition of the six-note tune has not changed since its inception, various versions have been introduced as the product line evolved. Moreover, the song has been covered by various popular artists who have released their own arrangements and remixes of the song, such as Quincy Jones, Icona Pop, and various K-Pop artists.[54] In Samsung's U.S. registration of the trademark for the sound, it is described as "the sound of a bell playing a B4 dotted eighth note, a B4 sixteenth note, an F#5 sixteenth note, a B5 sixteenth note, an A#5 eighth note, and an F#5 half note."[55]

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