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Samsung SPH-i550
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Compatible networks CDMA
Availability by country N/A
Predecessor SPH-i500
Form factor Clamshell
Operating system Palm OS 5.4
Memory 96 MB
Removable storage Secure Digital
Display 320 X 320 px, 65,536 color
External display 128 x 96 px OLED
Rear camera 3.15 MP

The Samsung SPH-i550 smartphone is the Palm OS-based planned successor to the clamshell style SPH-i500. The SPH-i550 has a high-res 320x320 internal screen and an external OLED display. The camera takes 1 MP stills and can record video. A built-in MP3 player is controlled by external buttons without having to open the phone.


  • Palm OS Garnet (5.4)
  • MX1 CPU with 64 MB ROM / 32 MB RAM
  • CDMA1x
  • Clamshell form factor with dual displays, supports handwriting recognition
  • 320 x 320 pixel, 2.3 inch, 65,536 color display (internal)
  • OLED 128 x 96 pixel display (external)
  • 3.15-megapixel digital camera with a LED flash
  • Supports streaming media (VOD)
  • MP3/MPEG4 player, controlled by external buttons without having to open the phone
  • Web browser
  • Infrared remote transmit
  • Secure Digital (SD) memory expansion slot

A unique feature of the i550 is that all programs and data are stored in non-volatile flash memory so that a hard reset of the Palm device will not cause information loss.

As of April 2005, Sprint Corporation has cancelled plans for the SPH-i550. The i550 is offered by any carrier in the United States. Just weeks after Sprint canceled the phone, it was announced that the SCH-i539, a Palm OS-based smartphone by Samsung that is very similar to the i550, was available in China. The i539 is nearly identical to the i550, except that it uses a CDMA Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM), which is similar in function to a GSM SIM card.

Evidence on the Samsung Website indicates that a carrier in Mexico is in trials with the i550. The devices being tested all have the Sprint logo.

A petition asking Sprint to release the i550 was created but there has been no response from Sprint yet.

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