Sandgate Flyover

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Sandgate railway overpass, with Kooragang bound coal train passing underneath.
A — Rail Flyover at Sandgate Old Arrangements
B — Rail Flyover at Sandgate Alterations
C — Rail Flyover at Sandgate Final (as built) November 2006

The Sandgate Flyover is a grade separated railway flyover located in Sandgate, New South Wales. Its purpose is to allow coal trains to and from the Port of Kooragang to proceed without obstructing intersecting traffic to and from Sydney, as well as local Newcastle –-Maitland, etc., trains.

With the old at-grade junction, 60 coal trains per day each way had to cross from the Coal Lines over the Main Lines to reach the branch line to the port of Kooragang Island. The main lines also carry about 60 trains per day each way.

With the new flyover, the Main Lines are raised over the junction of the Coal Lines to the Kooragang branch, so that the conflict between 60 Branch trains and 60 Main trains is eliminated. The new junction is improved by having 60 km/h (37 mph) turnouts, which is an improvement over the old 25 km/h (16 mph) turnouts.

The flyover was brought into service ahead of schedule according to an ARTC press release dated 14 November 2006. The project cost was A$80 million comprising $60 million for the structure and track, $6 million for rail and sleepers, $10 million for signaling and communications, and $4 million for project management.

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