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Scab may refer to:


Infections and infestations[edit]

  • Apple scab, an apple tree (genus Malus) fungal disease caused by Venturia inaequalis
  • Black scab, a potato fungal disease caused by Synchytrium endobioticum
  • Common scab, a plant bacterial disease caused by Streptomyces species.
  • Fusarium head blight, a fungal disease of plants, e.g., grain crops (especially wheat and oats), golf course grass, caused by the several species of Fusarium
  • Pear scab, a pear fungal disease caused by Venturia pirina or Fusicladium pyrorum
  • Poinsettia scab, a spot anthracnose disease caused by Sphaceloma poinsettiae
  • Powdery scab, a disease of the skin of potatoes caused by the protozoa Spongospora subterranea
  • Sheep scab, a skin disease of sheep caused by the mite Psoroptes ovis


  • Strikebreaker, a pejorative term for a person who works despite strike action or against the will of other employees

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