Subi Reef

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Subi Reef
Disputed island
Other names:
Zhubi Reef
Chinese: 渚碧礁; pinyin: Zhǔbì Jiāo
Tagalog: Zamora
Vietnamese: đá Xu Bi
Subi Reef, Spratly Islands.png
Landsat 7 Image (April 2000)
Location of Subi Reef
Location of Subi Reef
Location South China Sea
Coordinates 10°54′48″N 114°03′43″E / 10.9133°N 114.062°E / 10.9133; 114.062Coordinates: 10°54′48″N 114°03′43″E / 10.9133°N 114.062°E / 10.9133; 114.062
Archipelago Spratly Islands
Administered by
People's Republic of China
Claimed by
People's Republic of China
Republic of China (Taiwan)

Subi Reef 10°54′48″N 114°03′43″E / 10.9133°N 114.062°E / 10.9133; 114.062, also known as Zhubi Reef (Chinese: 渚碧礁; pinyin: Zhǔbì Jiāo; Tagalog: Zamora; Vietnamese: đá Xu Bi) is a reef in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea located 16 miles (26 km) southwest of Philippine-occupied Thitu Island.

It is occupied by the PRC, and claimed by ROC, Vietnam and the Philippines.

It currently falls under the jurisdiction of Nansha islands, Sansha city, Hainan province, China.

Topography and features[edit]

The atoll measures 5.7 km along its longer southwest-northeast axis, and is up to 3.5 km wide. Its total area including the lagoon and rim of the reef measures 16 km², and the lagoon is up to 22 meters deep.[1]

Naturally above water only at low tide, it surrounds a huge lagoon. The People's Republic of China has constructed a 4-story building, a weather observation station with doppler weather radar, wharfs, and a helipad in the area. A buoyed channel guides ships to the inner lagoon which is 3.7 kilometers in diameter.[2][3][4][5]


There are 200 Chinese troops on the reef.[6]

Ownership disputes[edit]

The reef is occupied and controlled by China (PRC)[6] and claimed by Taiwan (ROC), the Philippines, and Vietnam. In July 2012, a large fleet of 30 Chinese fishing vessels arrived at the reef from Hainan.[7][8] In April 2015, a Philippine Navy aircraft patrolling near the reef received "aggressive action" from a Chinese ship.[9]

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