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The Man In The Bowler Hat
Studio album by Stackridge
Released February 1974 (UK)
Recorded July - September 1973
Genre Power pop, progressive rock[1]
Length 35:20
Label MCA Records
Demon Records (CD re-issue)
Angel Air (CD re-issue)
Producer George Martin
Stackridge chronology
The Man In The Bowler Hat
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[2]

The Man In The Bowler Hat is the third album by the British rock group Stackridge. The album was produced by George Martin at AIR Studios, London and released in the UK by MCA Records. This was their highest charting album, peaking at number 23 in the UK Albums Chart.

A different version of the album was released by Sire Records in the US and Canada under the title Pinafore Days. The US album removed two songs and replaced them with two others (produced by Tony Ashton) from the UK version of the next Stackridge album Extravaganza. Although the front cover was the same, the jacket photos were changed to show the Extravaganza lineup. Pinafore Days was the only US chart entry for Stackridge, reaching number 191 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Track listing[edit]

All songs credited to Andy Davis, Smegmakovitch[3] except where noted.

Side one[edit]

  1. "Fundamentally Yours"
  2. "Pinafore Days "
  3. "The Last Plimsoll "
  4. "To the Sun and the Moon" (Mutter Slater, Peter Denman)
  5. "The Road to Venezuela"

Side two[edit]

  1. "The Galloping Gaucho"
  2. "Humiliation" (James Warren)
  3. "Dangerous Bacon" (Warren, Smegmakovitch)
  4. "The Indifferent Hedgehog" (Davis, Graham Smith)
  5. "God Speed the Plough" (Wabadaw Sleeve)[4]

Track Listing: U.S. version "Pinafore Days", Sire Records SASD-7503[edit]

All songs credited to Andy Davis, Smegmakovitch except where noted.

  1. "Fundamentally Yours"
  2. "Pinafore Days"
  3. "The Last Plimsoll"
  4. "Spin 'Round The Room" (Rod Bowkett, Lucy Vernon)
  5. "The Road To Venezuela"
  6. "The Galloping Gaucho"
  7. "Humiliation" (Warren)
  8. "Dangerous Bacon" (Warren, Smegmakovitch)
  9. "One Rainy July Morning" (original title: "Highbury Incident (Rainy July Morning)") (Davis, Slater, Bowkett)
  10. "God Speed The Plough" (Sleeve)

Bonus tracks on the 1996 CD re-issue on Demon Records[edit]

  1. "Do the Stanley" (single) (Davis, Warren, Slater, Crun Walter)
  2. "C'est la Vie" (b-side) (Davis, Warren)
  3. "Let There Be Lids" (first released in the UK compilation album Do The Stanley) (traditional)


Additional personnel
  • George Martin - production, orchestration and piano on "Humiliation" and "The Indifferent Hedgehog"

Other credits[edit]

  • Bill Price - engineering
  • John Kosh - cover design
  • John Swannell - cover photography
  • AIR London - studios
  • Big Ben Music/Christchurch Music - publishing


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