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The Rolling Stones British Tour 1963
Tour by The Rolling Stones
Start date 29 September 1963
End date 3 November 1963
Legs 1
No. of shows 60
The Rolling Stones concert chronology

The Rolling Stones' 1963 British Tour was the first Rolling Stones concert tour. The tour commenced on 29 September and concluded on 3 November 1963. They performed two shows at every date.

Tour band[edit]

Tour set list[edit]

Songs performed include:

  • "Poison Ivy"
  • "Fortune Teller"
  • "Come On"
  • "Money"
  • "Route 66"
  • "Roll Over Beethoven"
  • "Talkin' 'Bout You"
  • "Bye Bye Johnny"
  • "I'm a King Bee"
  • "You Can Make It If You Try"
  • "Honest I Do"
  • "Can I Get a Witness"
  • "You Better Move On"
  • "Memphis Tennessee"
  • "Beautiful Delilah"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
29 September 1963 London England New Victoria Theatre
1 October 1963 Odeon Theatre
2 October 1963 Regal Theatre
3 October 1963 Southend-on-Sea Odeon Theatre
4 October 1963 Guildford Odeon Theatre
5 October 1963 Watford Gaumont Theatre
6 October 1963 Cardiff Wales Capital Theatre
8 October 1963 Cheltenham England Odeon Theatre
9 October 1963 Worcester Gaumont Theatre
10 October 1963 Wolverhampton Gaumont Theatre
11 October 1963 Derby Gaumont Theatre
12 October 1963 Doncaster Gaumont Theatre
13 October 1963 Liverpool Odeon Theatre
16 October 1963 Manchester Odeon Theatre
17 October 1963 Glasgow Scotland Odeon Theatre
18 October 1963 Newcastle upon Tyne England Odeon Theatre
19 October 1963 Bradford Gaumont Theatre
20 October 1963 Hanley Gaumont Theatre
22 October 1963 Sheffield Gaumont Theatre
23 October 1963 Nottingham Odeon Theatre
24 October 1963 Birmingham Odeon Theatre
25 October 1963 Taunton Gaumont Theatre
26 October 1963 Bournemouth Gaumont Theatre
27 October 1963 Salisbury Gaumont Theatre
29 October 1963 Southampton Gaumont Theatre
30 October 1963 St Albans Odeon Theatre
31 October 1963 London Odeon Theatre
1 November 1963 Rochester Odeon Theatre
2 November 1963 Ipswich Gaumont Theatre
3 November 1963 London Hammersmith Odeon



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