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The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life
The Trump Card book cover.png
Author Ivanka Trump
Country United States
Language English
Genre Self-help
Publisher Touchstone
Publication date
October 2009
Pages 256
Awards 9781439155646

The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life is a 2009 book by Ivanka Trump.[1]

It is written as a self-help book aimed at helping women achieve success in work and life. In this book, Trump portrays her privilege and wealthy upbringing as a handicap, citing as an example the fact that she was unable to set up a lemonade stand as a child because the neighborhood she lived in was so posh that it had no foot traffic, which forced her to be innovative and sell lemonade to the family's household staff instead. She says that her looks and youth made people take her less seriously and underestimate her, while her family's background in the real estate field made people overestimate her knowledge and competence in the field - she cites these examples to make the point that her privilege was a disadvantage for her. The book is peppered with quotes and advice from various well-known acquaintances of hers, such as Roger Ailes and Andrew Cuomo. She says that she was catcalled by workers on her father's construction sites, and advises women to ignore such benign behavior that comes with the territory, and separate it from real sexual harassment.[2]


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