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Ukrainian Sea Guard
Ukrainian Sea Guard emblem.svg
Country  Ukraine
Type Coast guard
Role Coastal defense, maritime law enforcement
Part of SBGS (2003–present)
Colors Blue, Yellow
Anniversaries 28 May
State Border Guard Service of Ukraine LTG Viktor Nazarenko
Racing Stripe Ukrainian Sea Guard racing stripe.svg
Ensign Sea Guard Ensign of Ukraine (dress).svg
Jack Sea Guard Jack of Ukraine(1993-).svg
Penant Ukrainian Navy Pennant of Coast Guard.svg

Ukrainian Sea Guard (Ukrainian: Морська охорона, Mors’ka Okhorona; full name Морська охорона Державної прикордонної служби України, Sea Guard of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine) is the coast guard service of Ukraine, subordinated to its Border Guard Service.[1]

Sea Guard vessels bear the Морська охорона inscription on their boards.

Ukrainian Sea Guard is the local successor of the Soviet Border Troops Naval Units that have been similarly responsible for coast guard tasks. However, there were some interchanges in units, ships and personnel between Sea Guard and the Ukrainian Navy.[clarification needed]

Service persons of the Sea Guard wear either the black uniform similar to Ukrainian Navy, but decorated with some green elements (traditional for border guard), or a common uniform of the Border Guard.


The Sea Guard operates four sea guard detachments: in Balaklava, Odessa, Izmail and Kerch; a sea guard cutters division in Mariupol; a special-purpose sea guard cutters division in Yalta; and a riverine Dnieper sea guard cutters division in Kiev. Sea guard administration is split between the Azov-Black seas regional administration in Simferopol and the Southern regional administration in Odessa.

Squads of Marine Security[edit]

  • Kerch Squad of Marine Security (from the Cape of Mehanom across the strait of Kerch and the Sea of Azov to administrative border between Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions)
  • Yalta Squad of Marine Security (special assignment)
  • Sevastopol Squad of Marine Security (Main base in Balaklava)
  • Odessa Squad of Marine Security (Southern regional administration)

Battle fleet[edit]

Major vessels, list is incomplete.[2]

Class Photo Type Ships Origin Commissioned Note
Warships (1 in service)
Pauk Григорій Куроп'ятников (прикордонний корабель).jpg Anti-submarine corvettes BG-50 Hryhoriy Kuropyatnykov Soviet Union Yaroslavl 1984
Fast attack crafts (8 in service)
Stenka BG57 Patrol boat 2012 G2.jpg Patrol boat BG-32 Donbas
BG-57 Mykolaiv
BG-63 Pavlo Derzhavin
BG-62 Podillya
Soviet Union Almaz 1982
Shmel River gunboats BG-81 Lubny
BG-82 Kaniv
BG-83 Nizhyn
BG-84 Izmayil
 Soviet Union 1972
Zhuk 1400M (Grif) Boat U170 Skadovsk 2012 G1.jpg Patrol gunboat BG-100 508
BG-101 525
BG-102 Obolon
BG-103 511
BG-104 512
BG-108 517
BG-109 Nemyriv
BG-110 Liubomyr
BG-111 Odesa
BG-115 523
BG-117 Vatutinets
Soviet Union/Ukraine More ?
Zhuk 1400A (Gurzuf) Balaklava 91.jpg Patrol gunboat BG-54 Kryvyi Rih Soviet Union Batumi 1989[3] Possibly lost to Russia
Orlan Patrol gunboat BG-200 Balaklava Ukraine More 2012 [4]the boats are intended to replace the Zhuk-class patrol boats.[5]
UMS 1000 Patrol cutters 7 boats Ukraine Kiev 2015 series of small patrol cutters developed by the UMS boats
Kalkan Patrol cutters BG-305
Ukraine More ?
Kalkan-P Patrol cutters BG-10 Ukraine Mykolaiv 2006
Katran Patrol cutter BG-820  Soviet Union 1994 Possibly lost to Russia
Chaika Patrol boats BG-01 Krym[6] Soviet Union Almaz 1978
Auxiliary ships (3 in service)
Grafenau[7] Command ship BG-80 Dunai Nazi Germany Linz 1942 Supposedly decommissioned in 2011; transferred to Izmail Naval Lyceum
Baba Hasan Schooner BG-59 Oniks  Turkey
Celik Schooner BG-58 Ametyst  Turkey


Class Photo Type Ships Origin Laid down Note
Koral Patrol boat Ukraine More 2012 status uncertain; the boats were intended to replace Stenka-class patrol boats.[5]

Decommissioned, sold, destroyed[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Origin Commissioned Decommissioned
Battle ships (2)
Pauk Pauk 1 BG52 Balaklava.jpg Anti-submarine corvettes BG-52 Hryhoriy Hnatenko
BG-51 Poltava
Soviet Union Yaroslavl 1987
Both ships were ready to be decommissioned and were left in Balaklava after the Russian annexation of Crimea;[8] their fate is unknown
Battle cutters (11)
Stenka BG57 Patrol boat 2012 G2.jpg Patrol boats BG-56 Volyn
BG-60 Zaporizka Sich
BG-31 Bukovyna
BG-30 Heroyi Kerchi
BG-61 Odesa
Soviet Union Almaz ?
2014 (c)
Muravey Anti-submarine hydrofoil ??
BG-55 Halychyna
Soviet Union
Ukraine More
Zhuk 1400M (Grif) Boat U170 Skadovsk 2012 G1.jpg Patrol cutters BG-119
BG-118 Arabat
BG-116 Darnytsia
Soviet Union/Ukraine More ?
2014; BG119 and BG118 were destroyed near Mariupol by the Russian forces; BG116 was immobile since 2012
Zhuk 1400A (Gurzuf) Balaklava 91.jpg Patrol cutters BG-53 Lviv Soviet Union Batumi 1989[9] Lost to Russia


From 2012 to 2014 there were, plans are to build 39 small guard ships of different classes, including 6 Korall-class[10] and 8 Orlan-class ships. From 2015 onward, there are plans to build a multipurpose guard ship, with displacement around 1000 tons, which can carry one helicopter.[4][11]


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