About Mashpedia

Mashpedia is a Video-Encyclopedia. It blends together relevant sets of videos from Youtube with information from Wikipedia, creating an ideal audiovisual/text content rich-page for any topic. Mashpedia is an effective medium to find and explore online videos about almost any topic.

By pairing two of the most prominent content sites in the web, Mashpedia topic pages aim to tell the whole story, provide a bigger picture about any given topic.

Using Mashpedia is simple: You enter your search topics/keywords and within seconds you are presented with a full video content dashbord with multiple views and options.

Mashpedia allows brands, businesses and people to promote their own videos, through our PROMOTED VIDEOS service, broadcasting their videos to geographically-targeted audiences to help them connect with potential users and customers in a engaging and effective way.


How is it different from YouTube?

YouTube is the world's largest video platform in the world. Mashpedia builds on top of the YouTube open platform to provide a service focused on surfacing the very best YouTube videos for any topic. Mashpedia extends YouTube functionality adding a clear value to its users.

Here's a list of the main differences between Mashpedia and YouTube


Mashpedia aims to become the world's most popular interface for searching, browsing and viewing videos. Our purpose is to facilitate people to harness the power of video to enrich their lives by discovering new interesting things, develop their talents, connecting with great opportunities and feeding their curiosity.

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